Letters from Louise Mirrer

President and CEO of the New-York Historical Society

May 2014

Dear Friends,

In 2011, the New-York Historical Society completed a capital renovation that made our building more welcoming and better suited to enhancing visitors’ understanding of New York and American history. Now we’re ready to take the next step—a new permanent exhibition entitled New York Women In a New Light.

This exhibition will employ our magnificent collection of Tiffany lamps to tell the story of the women who designed and built them, and how their story mirrored the larger history of American women at the turn of the 20th century as they progressed toward full citizenship and the vote. The unsung creators of these lamps, including Clara Driscoll, along with many New York women who went on to widespread fame, were representative of the breakthrough of women in all aspects of American society at a remarkable time in history. This story has almost been lost. We want to shine a new light on it.

Beginning this summer, we will ready our Henry Luce III Center for the Study of American Culture for the installation of this permanent exhibition, which is sure to bring history to life for all generations. We can't wait to welcome you once it's complete.

With best regards,


Louise Mirrer

President &CEO

Creative: Tronvig Group