The Armory Atelier: A Special Opportunity for High School Students

The New-York Historical Society would like to share its rich art historical exhibitions with talented high school art students interested in pursuing advanced study in the visual arts and/or art history. Through this 10-week program, high school students create original works of art inspired by the techniques used by artists represented in the exhibition to be used in their senior art portfolios.

Here’s what we’re up to!

2013-14 Atelier students are focusing on the modernist techniques used in the exhibition The Armory Show at 100: Modern Art and Revolution open at New-York Historical from October 2013- February 2014. This exhibition is a retrospective of the groundbreaking Armory Show held in New York City in 1913. For the first time in one hundred years, one hundred works of art from the original exhibition are reunited celebrating the introduction of modern art to America and allowing the public to consider how the world has both changed and remained the same over this past century. Atelier students are employing the techniques used in the Armory Show to create their own artwork to be used in their senior art portfolios.

The Atelier program develops the skills and knowledge of a talented group of New York City high school art students, selected through a competitive application process. The program is developed for students who share a passion for the visual arts and/or art history and plan on advanced study. The ultimate goal of participation in the Atelier Program is the creation of work worthy of inclusion in students’ portfolios for their post-secondary applications.

The Armory Atelier includes:

  • Two-hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks running from mid-November, 2013 through March 2014.
  • Students will be paid an hourly rate based on minimum wage ($8.00 per hour).
  • All necessary art materials including a portfolio for completed artwork.
  • Culminating exhibition of student work

To receive a student application or for more information, contact:
Daniel De Santis, Visual Arts Specialist
212-873-3400 ext. 367

This program was made possible through a gift of Agnes Gund.

Creative: Tronvig Group