ca. 1865
Overall: 1/8 x 4 5/8 x 4 5/8 in. ( 0.3 x 11.7 x 11.7 cm )
Silver quatrefoil plaque (in the shape of a leaf with four leaflets) covered with engraved lists of names and central message; four square holes punched at tip of each leaflet to fasten plate to surface.
Credit Line 
Gift of Mr. J. L. Edwards
Object Number 
engraved: on plaque, center: "PRESENTED TO/Col. J. J. Morrison./16th New York Artillery/by the following/OFFICERS OF HIS COMMAND./January 1st 1865." engraved: on first leaflet: "T. J. STRONG Lieut. Col./F. W. Prince Major./C. E. Pearce Major./J. C. Hicks Major./J. L. Dodge Surgeon./H. F. Scheblindruessler, Chaplain." engraved: on second leaflet: "Captains/J. L. Green Co. B./A. Holms .. D./M. F. Sheppard .. G./M. Laughlin .. L./H. W. Fowler Co. C./O. W. Beach .. E./H. W. Peals .. I./W. R. Hedges. M." engraved: on third leaflet: "1st Lieutenants./F. H. Lawrence Co. C./N. S. Kenyon .. I./J. Smart .. K./A. Marqui[illeg.] .. L./A. M. C. Smith .. I./C. C. Caswell Co. D./L. Washburn .. I./J. L. Dudley .. L./C. M. Whiteside .. M./H. H. Oley .. F." engraved: on fourth leaflet: "2nd Lieutenants./C. Blomberg Co. D./F. A. Stoughton .. I./F. Upham .. L./J. H. Barker .. M./B. F. Davis Co. D./J. J. Potter .. L./E. M. Clayton .. M./John McNally/Sutler."
Gallery Label 
This plaque was found on the back of the frame for 1951.85, a U.S. Artillery flag.
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