Whist board

Whist board
Whist board
ca. 1905
Cardboard, paper, textile
box: 1 1/4 x 9 7/8 x 5 5/8 in. ( 3.2 x 25.1 x 14.3 cm )
Folding whist board in cardboard box covered with burgundy paper, with impressed inscription on lid; inside covered with black paper, with image of two players affixed to inside of lid, with inscription; cardboard board covered in burgundy textile with ridge at center, sides scored into three sections that fold out to reveal comments and directions pasted on; can be folded to support hand of cards or to lie flat, to fit in box.
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printed: in black on second piece of paper pasted to the inside of the board: "TWO-HANDED BRIDGE/WHIST PLAYED WITH DOUBLE DUMMY/CARD HOLDER/CPOYRIGHT, 1905/ by Gertrude Foster Wedderburn/CHEVY CHASE, MD. TO ENABLE TWO DEVOTEES OF/BRIDGE OR WHIST, DUPLICATE WHIST, OR WHIST TO PLAY THESE/FOUR-HANDED GAMES, THE/DOUBLE DUMMY CARD HOLDER/HAS BEEN INVENTED.....[directions continue ,with diagrams, onto next piece of paper] Patented Nov 28, 1905/Patent No. 805, 895 [at bottom]" printed: in black on first piece of paper pasted to the inside of the board: "DOUBLE DUMMY CARD HOLDER CO, CHEVY CHASE, MD.[three sets of comments, for example] I have used your card holder and consider it/very practical and I certainly recommend it where/ I can/ EBERHARD FABER/President of the American Whist League" embossed: on lid of box: "DOUBLE DUMMY/TWO-HANDED BRIDGE WHISTS BOARD/PLAYERS DO NOT SIT OPPOSITE/REG. U.S. PAT. OFF/DIRECTIONS INSIDE" printed: in black on piece of paper pasted to the side of the lid: "FOR /BRIDGE, WHIST, HEARTS,ETC./EACH SEES BUT ONE DUMMY HAND/PLAYERS DO NOT SIT OPPOSITE /DUMMY HANDS HELD IN REGULAR ORDER OF PLAY." embossed: on one side of board facing up: "DOUBLE DUMMY/TWO-HANDED BRIDGE WHIST BOARD/PLAYERS DO NOT SIT OPPOSITE/REG. U.S. PAT. OFF /DIRECTIONS INSIDE"
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