Wig box

Wig box
Wig box
Wood, oak, pine, iron
Overall: 9 x 13 3/4 x 9 1/4 in. ( 22.9 x 34.9 x 23.5 cm )
Four-sided oak box with butt-joints reinforced with iron brads; lid cotter pin-hinged to rear board; lid originally nailed to sides and front; pine battens added at later date to repair crack in lid; iron pin and loop holds lid down to front board and added later.
Credit Line 
Presented by Sons of the Revolution, N.Y. State, through H.R. Drowne, April 21, 1925
Object Number 
painted: on exterior of lid: "a Wig Box/E B 28" written: on tag glued to lid interior: "Presented by Sons of the Revolution, N.Y. State, through H. R. Drowne, April 21, 1925." written: on tag glued to lid interior: "Wig box of Evert Banker, of 5 Wall St., NY City [probably 1728]" written: on card inside box: "Wig box of E. B. 28" [quotes theirs, underlined]/Evert Banker/5 Wall St., New York/made with handmade nails/tc - and possibly hand sawed boards./In it were found the letters/received from his son Abraham/. B. Banker - and old papers/of Christopher and Evert/Bancker. [probably box of 1728]" written: on second card inside box: "Old spun flax from/the Waldron family/of Kingston, N.Y./Mrs. Drowne's father was/Benjamin Waldron of/Kingston."
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