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Fort Putnam 1830 PR.221.2
Bayard Taylor 1854 PR.052.134.TAYB.PUT
We are Seven PR.022.1
Sisters PR.221.18
East River Morning PR.229.1.GBEAL.ERM
Print # 23, Butler's victims of Fort St. Philip 1863 PR.010.1.25
John Jay 1834 PR.221.34
Audubon's House Before 1864 PR.020.7.2
Fort Hamilton Polka Redowa 1852 PR.020.1.1
The New Zouave Drill. Choke Secession. (Three motions.) PR.117.7.aj89009
Banknote Sample PR.221.53
The Results of Abolitionism 1835 PR.068.26
Storming the Castle / "Old Abe" on Guard 1860 PR.010.1860.Storming
Music Band, Central Park, New York City PR.054.53.CPK.BND.M
Front View of St. Peter's Church with the intended steeple 1785 PR.McComb.4.70
The Democratic Platform 1856 PR.010.1856.6
The Body of the Martyr President, Abraham Lincoln 1865 PR.052.54
The Rebel States - - Alabama PR.117.4.STATES.CONF.1
Field Telegraph Station, n.d. PR.065.0771.0002
Artist Alfred R. Ward sketching, 1863 PR.065.0777.0001
Bank of Newburgh Bank Notes 1823-1824 PR.221.3
The Obelisk Presented to the city of New York by the Khedive of Egypt, and Erected in Central Park on the 9th of October, 1880 October 9th, 1880 PR.020.FF.9
United States Treasury Department License for Sugar Producer PR.031.56.SUGAR.US.LIC
Sancho Panza and the Duchess 1832 PR.221.19
Gathering Brush PR.229.1.GBEAL.GB
Print # 9, Election in Baltimore, November, 1862 1863 PR.010.1.11
Rev. Sylvester Larned PR.221.35
New York City: The Evacuation Day Centennial, November 26th, The Grand Marine Procession Passing up the East River 1883
The Lost Cause 1871 PR.068.19
The Soldier's Dream Home 1861 PR.117.7.aj89013
Dewitt Clinton (1769-1828) 1834 PR.221.56
The Constitutional Amendment! 1866 PR.068.13
Honest Abe Taking them on the Half Shell 1860 PR.010.1860.HonestAbe
Boat House, Central Park PR.054.53.CPK.BTHS.33
Three Arbuckle Coffee trade cards 1889 PR.031.10.Beverages
The Dis-United States. - A Black Business 1861 PR.068.7
We mourn our country's loss 1865 PR.052.55
The girl I left behind PR.117.7.WOMEN.21
All Over Now; Confederate sharp-shoot, 1863 PR.065.0793.0020
Bank of New Brunswick Bank Notes ca. 1824-1827 PR.221.4
Artistic Houses: being a series of interior views of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated homes in the United States 1883-1884 PR.
Havemeyers & Elder Sugar Refinery PR.031.56.SUGAR.HAV.1
The Dull Lecture 1828 PR.221.20
Lake, Central Park PR.229.1.GBEAL.LCP
Panorama of the Embarkation... PR.068.4
Rev. James Milnor D.D. PR.221.36
Advertising card for Clark's Cotton Thread
Battle of Sierra Gordo, April 17th & 18th 1847 Between Gen'l Scott & Santa Anna ca. 1845 PR.068.25
When thus our hosts go proudly forth, Let foes beware the spirit of the North! 1861 PR.117.7.aj89027
David Hosack (1769-1835) 1834 PR.221.57
Delmonico 1850 PR.020.80.5
The Rail Candidate 1860 PR.010.1860.Rail
Washington Arch 1923 / 1925 PR.007.2
City of Brooklyn, LI, taken from Rush St., 1855 1855 PR.020.FF.6
"The Nigger" in the Woodpile 1860 PR.010.1860.8
The Proclamation of Freedom 1865 PR.052.56
The Battle of Fair Oaks, VA May 31st 1862 PR.068.15
Union dead at Gettysburg, 1863 PR.065.0793.0055
$3 and $5 banknote samples PR.221.5
Artistic Houses: being a series of interior views of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated homes in the United States 1883-1884 PR.
Havemeyers & Elder Eagle Brand Granulated Sugar PR.031.56.SUGAR.HAV.TC
The Wife 1829 PR.221.21
Winter, Central Park PR.229.1.GBEAL.WCP
Manhattan Rifles! 1861-1865 PR.055.3.226
The Honorable Philip Hone, Mayor of the City of New York in 1826 ca. 1826 PR.221.37
North Interior View of the New York Post Office 1845 PR.020.FF.25
At the Battle of Palo Alto 1846 PR.068.24
A Fireman Zouave putting out secession PR.117.7.aj89031
Ma-Nuncue After 1826 PR.221.58
The Disapointed Abolitionists 1838 PR.010.1838.14
An Heir to the Throne, or the Next Republican Candidate 1860 PR.010.1860.Heir
Swinging in the Square 1912 PR.007.1
Havemeyer, Townsend & Co.’s Refined Sugars and Syrups for Sale Here PR.
The Fox Without a Tail 1861 PR.010.1860.2
Araham Lincoln 1864 PR.052.51
Death of Col. Edward D. Baker, at the Battle.... PR.068.18
The Ambulance Corps, n.d. PR.065.0800.0067
Portrait Vignettes and Oval Lathe-work ca. 1824 PR.221.6
Artistic Houses: being a series of interior views of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated homes in the United States 1883 - 1884 PR.
Havemeyers & Elder Sugar Refiners PR.031.56.SUGAR.HAV.BILL
The Falls of the Sawkill 1830 PR.221.22
(View of ) Central Park PR.229.1.GBEAL.CP
Confederate Fortifications, Yorktown, Va. ca. 1862 PR.065.814.0023
James Monroe 1835 PR.221.38
Advertising card for Clark's Cotton Thread
Major Gen'l Z. Taylor Before Monterey 1848 PR.068.27
The School of the Indiana Zouave PR.117.7.aj89018
John Trumbull (1756-1843) 1833 PR.221.59
Union & Liberty or Union & Slavery 1864 PR.010.1864.31
The Great Exhibition of 1860 1860 PR.010.1860.Exhibition
Fourth of July Crowd at American League Park PR.049.FF.BASEBALL.ALP
Bookplate of William Axtell De Peyster (1793-1856) ca. 1840 PR.006.1
North Eastern View of Charleston with North Eastern Railroad PR.020.FF.31
Freedom to the Slaves ca. 1865 PR.052.58
New York & Environs PR.020.FF.8
Panorama of Manhattan Island PR.020.FF.16
Camp Scene, Ft. Monroe, ca. 1862-1864 PR.065.0807.0002
Banknote Vignettes: Allegorical, Mythological and Historical Figures 1823-1827 PR.221.7
Artistic Houses: being a series of interior views of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated homes in the United States 1883 - 1884 PR.
R.L. & A. Stuart's Steam Sugar Refinery PR.031.56.SUGAR.STUART
Gipseying Party 1829 PR.221.23
N Amsterdam, ou N Iork in Ameriq ca. 1700 PR.020.FF.13
Brig. General Abram Duryée PR.052.40.Duryee
Catharine Maria Sedgwick (1789-1867) 1832 PR.221.39
Advertising card for Clark's Cotton Thread
Robert E. Lee and Staff: The Military medallion 1866 PR.164.11.104.LeeStaff
The Little Zouave 1861 PR.230.ff.LittleZ
Weehawken 1830 PR.221.60
City Hall, New York 1834 PR.020.63.1
Politicians measuring Lincoln's shoes March 5th 1864 PR.010.1864.Politicians
Bicycling for Girls 1896 PR.068.2
Le General Washington 1780 PR.052.2
J.W. Pennington PR.052.Box.103.Folder.PEC-PEP
Come in, and Prevent a "Draft" ca. 1863 PR.055.3.105
Head Quarters of La Fayette at the Battle of Brandywine PR.020.FF.17
C.S. soldier killed…Petersburg, VA, 1865 PR.065.0811.0014
Geometrical Lathe-work Proof PR.221.8
Minaret Turkish Cigarettes PR.031.111.AMER.MIN
Astor House ca.1853-1859 PR.020.65.1
Cover of The New-York Mirror 1831 PR.221.24
Hon. Abraham Lincoln 1861 PR.052.57
Gallant charge of Hawkins's Zouaves upon the Rebel Batteries on Roanoke Island March 1, 1862 PR.263.1.3.Gallant
Aaron Ogden (1756-1839) 1834 PR.221.40
James McCune Smith ca. 1850 PR.052.Medium.Folder.Smith.G-Z
Seat of War and Battles PR.068.23
The Hour of Victory 1861 PR.230.ff.Hour
Winnepiseogee Lake 1830 PR.221.61
Position of the Democratic Party in 1852 1852 PR.010.1852.13
Platforms Illustrated 1864 PR.010.1864.Platforms
Speedway, Central Park, New York City PR.054.53.CPK.ACT.SPD
The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown PR.068.34
National Theatre [playbill for September 1st, 1853] 1853 PR.055.06.Folder.1850s-Nationa
The Lincoln Statue PR.052.59
Richard Riker Esq. Recorder 1815-1819, 1821-23, 1824-38 PR.052.110.RICI.RIKER
Confederate soldiers laid out…[1864?] PR.065.0813.0007
Geometrical Lathe-work Proof PR.221.9
Group of Chicago Zouave Cadets PR.049.FF.MIL.CHIZOU
Broadway, N.Y. 1853 ca. 1898-1900 PR.020.FF.3
The White Plume PR.221.25
The Commander-in-Chief Conciliating the Soldier's Votes on the Battle Field 1864 PR.010.1864.28
Baxter's Zouaves Making a Road through the Woods in front of Yorktown May 10, 1862 PR.263.ff.MilLife.Baxt
Ariadne 1835 PR.221.41
J.W. Pennington PR.005.1
The Council of War PR.052.LincolnStaff.Med.Counci
Forward, Volunteers! ca. 1863 PR.055.03.ff.19.143
Geometrical Lathe-work Proof PR.221.62
Liberty, the Fair Maid of Kansas - in the hands of the "Border Ruffians" 1856 PR.010.1855.2
I Knew Him Horatio 1864 PR.010.1864.Horatio
New-York. 1849 PR.020.FF.14
Fraktur: Birth and Baptism certificate of Catharina König 1807 PR.022.10
The Fifteenth Amendment, Celebrated May 19th, 1870. 1870 PR.068.12
New York City Hall, front elevation 1802 PR.040.1
Albert Gallatin 1862 PR.052.53.GALLA.67981
Skirmishing, New River (1862)/J. Nep. Roesler PR.068.20
Annual Caledonian Ball PR.221.10
Collect Pond, 1802 1802 PR.086.1
Interior of a Dry Goods House PR.020.62.1
Sunday Morning 1869 PR.221.26
"Columbia Demands Her Children" 1864 PR.010.1864.30
Charge of the Black Horse Cavalry upon the Fire Zouaves at the Battle of Bull Run August 10, 1861 PR.049.ff.CW.Charge
Proposals by John Trumbull for Publishing by Subscription a Print of the Declaration of Independence PR.221.42
Reverend Samuel Cornish 1825 PR.052.1
The True Issue or "That's What's the Matter" 1864 PR.010.1864.35
Water Battery, Yorktown, Virginia PR.
Geometrical Lathe-work Proof PR.221.63
Rear View: United States Hotel, Saratoga Springs 1843 PR.020.FF.15
Running the Machine 1864 PR.010.1864.Machine
Manhattan View, Battery Park, Night 1980 PR.229.FF.HAAS.MVBP.NIG
Fraktur: Birth and Baptism certificate of Chonerath Jost 1808 PR.022.11
The Gallant Charge of the Fifty Fourth Massachusetts (colored) Regiment 1863 PR.068.14
This reminds me of a little joke 1864 PR.068.28
Fete to Lafayette 1824 PR.022.9
Yankee Volunteers Marching into Dixie/Bufford PR.068.21
Certificate of New-York Historical Society ca. 1821 PR.221.11
Tombs Prison -18[xx] PR.086.2
Les Modes Parisiennes PR.068.5
David Crockett ca. 1836 PR.221.27
A Bad Egg 1852 PR.010.1852.3
Tenth Regiment NY Volunteers (National Zouaves), Colonel McChesney Commanding, at their Late Quarters at Sandy Hook June 22, 1861 PR.049.ff.CW.Tenth
Declaration of Independence 1820-1823 PR.221.43
The Bombardment of Ft. Sumter, Charleston Harbor 1861 PR.068.9
The Old Bull Dog on the Right Track 1864 PR.010.1864.41
Fortifications Near Yorktown, Virginia PR.
Eagle Bank of Providence Bank Notes 1817-1820 PR.221.64
American Theatre, Bowery, New York 1895-1896 PR.020.FF.7
Miscegenation, or The Millennium of Abolitionism 1864 PR.010.1864.Miscegenation
Manhattan View, Battery Park, B. & W. 1980 PR.229.FF.HAAS.MVBP.BW
Fraktur: House Blessing ca. 1827 PR.022.12
Frederick Douglass. The Colored Champion of Freedom PR.052.Medium.Folder.Doo-Dq
Proclamation of Emancipation 1864 PR.068.29
Lafayette 1836 PR.052.FF.LAFAY.VIL
Battle of Fredericksburg, VA 12/13/1862 PR.068.16
Invitation to Erie Canal Celebration 1825 PR.221.12
Five Points - 1827 1827 PR.020.44.1
Die Zehn Wirthschafts Gebote [The Ten Commandments of the Barroom] 1875 PR.020.FF.22
Chas. Carroll of Carrollton 1835 PR.221.28
Print # 28, Cave life in Vicksburg during the Siege 1863 PR.010.1.30
The First Zouaves Preparing to Repel Cavalry PR.049.ff.CW.FirstZ
Declaration of Independence 1820-1823 PR.221.44
The Riots in New York: Conflict Between the Military and the Rioters in First Avenue 1863 PR.020.100.2
Puck Wants a 'Strong Man at the Head of the Government' - But Not This Kind 1880 PR.029.2
Wagon Train Near Yorktown, Virginia PR.
Specimen Sheet of Bank Notes 1824-1827 PR.221.65
The Balls Are Rolling - Clear the Track 1856 PR.010.1856.7
The Rail Splitter, or The White Man's Dream 1861 PR.010.1861.27
Chance Meeting 1940-41 PR.229.2.LEWIS.CM
Fraktur: Birth and Baptism certificate of Joseph Flor 1811 PR.022.13
Proclamation of Emancipation PR.068.8
Union Nomination: For President Abraham Lincoln 1864 PR.055.5.2NW
The Count de Rochambeau (As Marshal of France 1791) PR.052.114.ROCH.PATE
C.S.A ca. 1861-1865 PR.022.8
American Tract Society Certificate PR.221.13
Five Points, N.Y.C. - Baxter, Park & Work Sts. PR.065.0440.0001
Emancipation Proclamation. Allegorical Portrait of Abraham Lincoln 1865 PR.068.22
Cadwallader D. Colden Esq. 1825 PR.221.29
Print # 22, Gen's Stuart return from Pennsylvania 1863 PR.010.1.24
Charge of Duryée's Zouaves (Fifth Regiment New York Volunteers) at the Battle of Great Bethel June 29, 1861 PR.049.ff.CW.Fifth
Key to Declaration of Independence 1823 PR.221.45
Broadway, A.T. Stewart Dry Goods Store 1851 PR.020.FF.28
Our Indian Policy 1875 PR.029.1
Fort and Landing, Yorktown, Virginia PR.
New York Steam Sugar Refining Company's Team Refined Sugar for sale here PR.020.FF.27
Jim Crow PR.104.1
Abraham Lincoln, the Martyr, Victorious PR.052.48
An Interior View of the Crystal Palace 1853 PR.020.FF.12
Fraktur: Fall of Man (Adam and Eve) ca. 1820-1830 PR.022.14
The Merchants Exchange, New York 6/27/1846 PR.020.59.1
Senatorial Regiment, Colonel Anthony Conk. Strike for your altars and your fires! Strike till the last armed foe expires! Strike for the green graves of your sires! God and our Native Land! Recruits wanted for Co. I. ca. 1862-1865 PR.055.3.186
Louis 16th King of France PR.052.RI.LOUXVI.DU
Camp scene from photograph ca. 1861-1865 PR.022.4
Ladies Ticket of Admission to the Annual Caledonian Ball PR.221.14
Old House at Worth and Park Sts. 6205602 PR.065.0440.0002
Army Mittens Diagram ca. 1861-1865 PR.068.17
William Gaston 1834 PR.221.30
WHAT THINK YE OF C-O-N-G'S NOW?, 1790-3 1790-1793 PR.010.1790.3
Print # 24, Prayer in Stonewall Jackson's camp 1863 PR.010.1.26
The Civil War in America: The 4th Regiment of New York Zouaves Passing through Broadway on their Way to Embark for the War "Down South" ca. 1861 PR.049.ff.CW.4thReg
General Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) 1828 PR.221.46
The Riots in New York: Destruction of the Colored Orphan Asylum 1863 PR.020.100.3
"Let Us Have Peace" the Golden Anniversary April 4, 1915 PR.052.Med.GrantMufti.Peace
The Sunday World, June 7th PR.055-I.ff.18.501
Fulton St. near Fulton Ferry ca. 1880 PR.020.FF.30
The Great Republican Reform Party, calling on their Candidate 1856 PR.010.1856.13
Columbia's Noblest Sons 1865 PR.052.49
State Rights PR.117.2.FLAGS.CONF.11
The Audubon Estate on the Banks of the Hudson, Foot of 159th St. at Carmansville (for D.T. Valentine's Manual of the Council of the City of New York) 1865 PR.020.7.1
The St. George Society's Dinner at Delmonico's on 23rd April 1857 PR.020.66.1
Corcoran Legion Fifth regiment. Col. William McEvily. A few good men are wanted to fill up Capt. Wm. L. Monegan's company. This is a splendid opportunity for young men to join a Crack Regiment. ca. 1862 PR.055.3.189
New-York Historical Society Membership Certificate for General Lafayette PR.052.81.LAFAY2.NYHS
For Union 1861-1865 PR.022.7
The Works of the Right Honorable Lord Byron Vol. II 1817-1820 PR.221.15
Mrs. E. Kidder’s Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and Diarrhoea Cordial. Prepared and Sold by Herself, Wholesale and Retail, 100 Court Street, Boston. PR.031.126.DIG.KIDD
Brooklyn Sanitary Fair, 1864. Interior view of the Academy of Music, as seen from the Dress Circle 1864 PR.020.FF.5
Joel Barlow 1835 PR.221.31
New York City Colonization Society 1837 PR.031.series.2.medium.clubs.a
Print # 3, Writing the Emancipation Proclamation 1863 PR.
Bull Run PR.164.6.64.Bull
Musidora 1825 PR.221.47
Tammany Hall in Its Glory 1856 PR.020.100.1
President--Abraham Lincoln Vice-President--Hannibal Hamlin PR.022.3
"Churchills," Broadway and Forty-Ninth Street New York PR.054.51.REST.CHU
Transporting Grain from the Elevator to a Steam Ship for Foreign Export PR.020.71.1
A Proslavery Incantation Scene or Shakespeare Improved 1856 PR.010.1856.17
Last Offer of Reconciliation 1865 PR.052.50
Camp scene from photograph PR.117.3.CAMPSCENE.2
The Draft Riots in New York- The Battle in Second Avenue 1863 PR.020.100.4
The Assassination of President Lincoln, at Ford's Theater, Washington D.C. April 14th 1865 1865 PR.052.60
Lafayette at the Tomb of Washington. Mount Vernon Va. 1845 PR.052.FF.LAFAY.CI
[Train with Flag] ca. 1861-1865 PR.022.5
Atlantic Souvenir 1829 PR.221.16
The Old Kentucky Home 1876 PR.068.11
Continental Works, Green Point, Brooklyn, T.F. Rowland, Proprietor 1865 PR.020.FF.4
Morgan Lewis 1835 PR.221.32
Maiden Lane Pictorial Business Directory 1849 LIB.F128.65.M2.N5.1849
North East View of St. Louis from the Illinois Shore 1840 PR.020.FF.10
The Zouave Defender 1861 PR.117.7.aj89003
Lady of the Lake ca. 1818 PR.221.51
The Miscegenation Ball 1864 PR.010.1864.3
The peoples' candidate for president, Abraham Lincoln. PR.022.2
The Hippodrome, New York City 1907 PR.054.48.HIPP.1
Crouch & Fitzgerald: Manufacturers of Sample Trunks, Cases, etc. 1876 PR.031.72.Trunks
Southern Chivalry - Argument versus Club's 1856 PR.010.1856.4
President Lincoln at Home, Reading the scriptures to his son and wife 1865 PR.052.52
Wisconsin loayal to the union. PR.117.4.WISC.3
Interior View of the First Grand Hall of the Museum 1851 PR.020.FF.29
Architectural elevation ca. 1785 PR.McComb.1
DeKalb PR.052.34.DEH.DEK1
If I Cannot Fight, I Can Feed Those Who Do. ca. 1861-1865 PR.022.6
Anne Page, Slender and Shallow 1828 PR.221.17
Chinese Restaurant PR.229.1.GBEAL.CR
Union Prisoners at Salisbury N.C. 1863 PR.068.10
John Marshall LL.D. 1833 PR.221.33
The Audubon Estate on the Banks of the Hudson, Foot of 159th St. at Carmansville (for D.T. Valentine's Manual of the Council of the City of New York) 1865 PR.020.7.1
South East View of St. Louis from the Illinois Shore 1840 PR.020.FF.11
The Latest Zouave Drill. (All Up.) PR.117.7.aj89007
On His Mother's Picture PR.221.52
Havemeyers and Elder, sugar refinery PR.020.8.1
Life studies of the Great Army 1876 PR.002.Album383
The New York Sunday World 1895 PR.055-I.FF.16.545
The Duty of the Hour: to Save Her Not Only from Spain but from a Worse Fate 1898 PR.010.1898.10
St. Charles Theatre [playbill for Saturday, Dec. 16, 1843] 1843 PR.055.06.Folder.Minstrels
In Memoriam 1865 PR.052.53
Olde Abe PR.117.6.LINCOLN.15
Delaware Water-Gap 1830 PR.221.55
Catskill Mountains 1830 PR.221.1
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