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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Badge: delegate S.N.Y.V.F. Hicksville NY Oct. 1908 1908 INV.10585
Coach ca. 1770 1911.25
Opera glasses ca. 1900 INV.7740
Stone fragment 1500-1700 INV.5703.1
Colt New Army and Navy Revolver, Standard Model 1895 1895 1945.41a
Dolls' house chair 1920-1960 1982.62s
Cannon ball 1750-1800 X.256
Button 1888-1898 1935.99q
Model 1842 U.S. Percussion Musket 1849 INV.5648
Bomb shell fragment 1800-1865 X.255a
Button 1880-1892 1935.99r
Bomb shell fragment 1800-1865 X.255b
Hat cord 1860-1890 INV.8290
Barshot:5lb.square head type 1760-1783 1947.585
Medal: 275th anniversary of Staten Island 1936 1936.601
Medal Honoring Major General G.K. Warren ca. 1864 1966.70
Cast of medal:Robert Fulton,1809-1909 1909 INV.2550
Cast of medal:NY to Albany,Clermont trip 1909 INV.2551
French Heroes Fund Medal 1918 INV.5359
Holland Society Plaquette ca. 1911 INV.4781
Medal w/ ribbon: N.Y.-Brooklyn, the 8th Wonder 1941.548
International Philatelic Exhibition Souvenir Medal 1913 INV.4826
Medal: Abraham Lincoln Republican Candidate 1860 1860 INV.3752
Philadelphia Centennial Exposition Souvenir Medal 1876 INV.3697a
Ribbon 1900 1039
Medallion in case: Adam J. Slemmer 1861... INV.3605
Andrew Jackson Indian Peace Medal 1831 1966.133
Marquis de Lafayette Commemorative Medal 1789 or later 1947.316
Piece of national flag volunteer from Mexico, in envelope ca. 1846 242
Envelope w/ seal: George A. Marie, Esq. Librarian NYHS INV.4594A
Seal in box ca. 1909 INV.6552
Sugar cutter 1790-1840 1945.578
Button 1880-1893 1935.99s
Bottle fragments (29) 1760-1783 INV.5802.52-80
Cannon ball: 5 1/4 lbs. 1730-1758 1935.109
Buttons 1890-1898 1935.99t-u
Collection of Arrowheads (3) 1500-1700 1906.17a-c
Button 1888-1898 1935.99v
Whale's tooth 1920-1960 1941.773a
Ladle ca. 1850-1900 1943.43
Matchbox 1800-1850 INV.7652
The Circle of Friends of the Medallion 6th Issue 1912 INV.5449
Colonel George Croghan Military Medal After 1840 1942.6
The Society of Medalists 3rd Issue 1931 INV.5536
The Society of Medalists 7th Issue 1933 INV.5540
Medal w/ribbon: Centennial Abraham Lincoln MCMlX INV.3756
James A. Garfield Presidential Medal 1881 INV.3853
Medallion w/ribbon: General U.S Grant INV.3858
Sash w/pin: Reception to the Presid. and the V.P. of the US ca. 1897 INV.1958
Medal: Newburgh, Services Rendered in W.W 1917-1918... INV.4935
Saviors of the Liberty of the World Medal 1919 INV.4936
Medal: Robert A. Van Luyck ... 1898 INV.5064
Medal church war cross INV.5349
Captain James Lawrence Naval Medal After 1840 INV.5370
Medal: Port Smith, R.I. 1638-1938 INV.3346
Snuffbox ca. 1800-1830 1931.31ab
Wine glass fragment 1760-1783 INV.5806.1
Brace or bitstock 1850-1900 1937.1399ab
Miniature Furniture, Semi-Circular Chest with Inlaid Top 1980 1983.37d
Snuffbox with lid 1800-1825 1944.156ab
Snuff box w/lid 1800-1825 1931.14ab
Medallion: Hebrew Technical Institute... 1912 or later 1948.497
Snuffbox with lid ca. 1812-1820 1931.20ab
Snuff box w/lid: Jenny Lind portrait 1840-1850 1943.159ab
Snuff box: inlaid 1800-1830 INV.7671
Snuff box: shell-shaped w/figure reliefs 1800-1850 INV.7678
Snuffbox 1800-1900 1946.188
Windup toy 1870-1900 INV.4514a-c
Folding hoof pick: stone remover 1880-1910 1953.302
Sesquicentennial International Exposition Official Souvenir Medal 1926 INV.3347
Medallion: Joseph Pancoast...1805 INV.3351
Lieutenant William Burrows Naval Medal 1817-1880 INV.3272
Medal in Box: Pan American Expo 1901 ... 807
Medal: Centennial Inauguration ...Washington INV.3413
Medal: Washington Memorial Chapel,Valley Forge P.A 1976 or later INV.3425
100th Anniversary of American Independence Medal 1876 INV.3430
Medal w/ribbon &Pin:James G.Harbourd,Rep.Nat'l Conv.1932 INV.3445
Medal: Southern Railway System Centennial... INV.3561
"The Stourbridge Lion" Commemorative Plaquette 1929 1952.422
Skirt 1942-1946 1946.37d
Medal w/ribbon: Anniv. Dinner Sons of St. Patty INV.3485
Medal w/ribbon: Unveiling of John of Arc INV.3488
New York Crystal Palace Exhibition Advertising Medal 1853 1947.269
New Jersey Civil War Veteran Medal 1946.230
Medal w/ribbon: Commorate 13th Reg. to Yorktown 1941.737
Medal w/ribbon: Robert A. Van Wyck 1941.488
Needle case 1790-1840 INV.9773ab
Single barrel shotgun:...Portland Maine...Aug.1st.1880 1890-1920 1953.121
Cylindrical container w/rectangular slot in side 1880-1950 INV.13949
Pan ca. 1904 INV.1138
Pull toy (roosters) 1850-1900 INV.5236
Squeak toy (tiger) 1875-1900 INV.8145
Whistle 1850-1900 INV.8133
Semi-mechanical bank 1925-1940 1998.41
Pull toy (bird) 1850-1875 INV.8186
Toy figurines: pioneer and infantrymen, rural life figures 1870-1910 INV.9184
Collection of 2 figures & a plant 1870-1910 INV.9173
Richter's Comet Blocks ca. 1902 INV.8080
Collection of carved animals (11) 1850-1900 INV.8194
Collection of palm trees: 3 1870-1910 INV.9176
Medal: Manhattan Club Reception June 12,1907,Sammy Tilden... 1877 1945.97
Medallion: Major General Edmund P.Gaines INV.3884
General Motors 25th Anniversary Medal 1933 1943.344
Rhode Island Revolutionary War Medal 1779 INV.4742
Medal:1853 Le 15 Auot Anniversaire Fe'te de Emperuer INV.4869B
Medal:Victoire De Magenta Gagnee Le 4 Juin 1859 INV.4869C
Medal: Die Fur Ihre -1813 und 1814 (iron cross) INV.4161D
National Museum of Mexico Centennial Medal 1925 INV.5549
Medal: 2 lions w/ shield INV.4595
Grover Cleveland Presidential Campaign Medalet 1888 1941.534
Medal: Hudson Fulton Celebration... INV.4414
Medal in envelope: St. Patricks Cathedral New York 1879 INV.4620
St. Louis World's Fair Commemorative Plaquette 1904 1936.12
Dinner bell 1862 1941.796
Hard Times token ca. 1837 1991.1
Soldiers (672) 1870-1910 INV.9164
Textile processing tools (12) 1750-1850 Z.991a-L
Pull toy (cow) 1880-1920 1965.13
Doll in plaid scarf 1900-1930 INV.10909
Doll scarf: black w/cherry pattern 1925-1950 INV.10936
Doll w/beaded hat 1920-1960 INV.10926
Doll w/embroidered dress 1860-1880 INV.10818
Doll's pocketbook 1840-1880 INV.11017
Doll: ethnic girl w/black dress 1930-1940 INV.10982
Doll: girl in blue dress on stand 1860-1900 1937.1209
Doll: pilgrim boy 1930-1940 INV.10916
Doll: Slavic dancer 1900-1940 INV.10833
Schuyler Colfax INV.6596
Plaster mold for medallion, in container; in pieces 1825-1925 INV.4036
Medal w/ribbon: Grant and Colfax INV.6921
Medal: for President Theodore Roosevelt INV.6938
Manly Medal 1790 1947.307
Medal in box: Britannian 1797 2 pence 1797 INV.10247
Badge and 2 lapel pins in box INV.10240
Alsace Medal ca. 1914 INV.10230
Medal: discus thrower INV.10231
U.S. Treasury Award Medal 1945-1975 INV.10223
Libertas Americana Commemorative Medal 1781 or later INV.10657
Medal in envelope: Africa INV.10690
John Stewart Military Medal 1780 INV.10755
Ribbon ca. 1906 INV.1717
4 badges: Lincoln Memorial INV.1720A-D
Fire Engine of Nereid Engine Co. No. 1, Wakefield, New York. 1889-96 1933.34
Button 1700-1850 INV.6288.12
Doll 1920-1960 INV.10930
Doll 1920-1960 INV.10904
Whirligig 1875-1900 INV.8181
Carved cluster of sheep 1850-1900 INV.8208
Cannonball 1760-1783 INV.6404.1
Jumping jack 1850-1900 INV.8065
Rocking horse 1850-1900 1956.45
Part of doll shoes 1880-1910 INV.10903
Squeak toy (hen and chicks) 1875-1900 INV.5278
Soldiers on accordion rack 1840-60 INV.8741
Toy: water well with buckets 1860-1890 INV.9940
Peter Coddle's Trip to New York ca. 1890 1992.12.13
Commemorative ribbon ca. 1836 INV.1722
Badge w/pin & button: Closing Day INV.1726
Wyoming Historical & Geological Society Commemorative Medal 1908 INV.5560
Medal: Battle and Masssacre of Wyoming July 3 1778 1878 INV.5561
Medallion: ...20th Anniversary of the 29th Street House ... 1909 INV.3503
Marshal Foch Commemorative Medal 1921 INV.3539
Medal w/ribbon and pin: Sons of the Revolution, 1883 INV.3550
Medallion in case: Centennial Celebration 1883 1942.482[dup]
Medal: Pan American Exposition Buffalo, N.Y. ... INV.12838
Medals (2) 1906 1943.118ab
Carnegie Corporation Medallion 1936 1943.135
Card stand ca. 1850 1945.204
Apple parer 1800-1830 1937.1338
Apple parer ca. 1800-1830 1945.170
Loom accessory 1750-1850 N-203
sley or reed (loom accessory) 1750-1850 N-198
drill ca. 1825 1954.34
Bellows 1800-1850 1944.191
Miniature Furniture, Small Table with Inlaid Top ca. 1983 1983.37L
Miniature Furniture, Six Dining Room Chairs ca. 1983 1983.37q-v
Ship model ca. 1946 1946.177
Box 1850-1900 INV.8606
Fragment of ship model 1900-1915 INV.1108
Toy butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.9686
Button 1891-1898 1935.99w
Token: Huylers 20; 133 W.42 St. ca. 1890 INV.4650
Token: 1813 Nottingham penny INV.10227
2 tokens: Food Ration Tokens 1944-1945 INV.4261.1
Coin: Georgious Vd. G. Britt. Onr: Rex F. Dl 1931; 1,2,3,4, 1939.203a-d
Token: Temperance ten dollars to King Alcohol.... 1945.154
Collection of 10 coins INV.13710.1-10
Coin: Georgius Dei Gratia Rex, 1723 INV.13720
Collection of 3 coins: English 1/2 pennies George ll INV.13724
Token: John Debellis, New York, Good for 5 cent drink pool 1900-1941 INV.13729
Coin: Sing Sing Prison, one 1900-1943 1943.305
Hard Times token: W.P. Haskins Troy, NY, 1834 1834 INV.13753
Hard Times token: Union Steam Washing, N.Y. 1837 1837 INV.13763
Coin: half dollar, Charter of Albany 1686, 1936 1936.619
Coin: half dollar, Charter of Albany 1686, 1936 1936.620
Coin: half dollar, Illinois State Centennial, 1918 1927.121
Coin: half dollar, Missouri Centennial 1821-1921 1924.146b
Coin: half dollar, Missouri Centennial 1821-1921 1924.146a
Coin: half dollar, California's Diamond Jubilee, 1925 1925.152b
Coin: half dollar, Huguenot-walloon Tercentenary, 1924 1924.150b
Coin: half dollar, State Of Alabama Centennial, 1919 1924.147a
Brass object 1760-1783 INV.5716.1
Still bank After 1893 1961.60
Powder horn 1758 X.179
Aiguillette 1860-1900 INV.8008
Button 1860-1865 1935.99x
The New Game of Illustrated Proverbs ca. 1880 2000.705
Happy Families Card Game ca. 1880 2000.708
Fire Engine Picture Puzzle ca. 1880 2000.713
Coin: half dollar, Texas Independ. Centennial, 1934 1935.3b
Coin: half dollar, Battle of Bennington 1777-1927 ca. 1927 1927.127a
Coin: half dollar, Fort Van Couver Centennial, 1925 1925.154a
Coin: half dollar, Long Island Tercentennial 1936 1936.533b
Coin: half dollar, Long Island Tercentennial 1936 1936.533a
Token/coin: Lucky Penny Pocket Piece, Pan-Amer. Expo.1901 1936-1943 1940.231
Coin: Carol lll. D.G. HISP. ETIND. R. 1800 1955.13
Coin: Gold Dutch, 1739, Hollandia 578
Collec. of 2 coins: Autori Connec. Inde et Lib, 1787 INV.13876ab
Col.of 8 coins: Pennies/Centimes INV.13922
Colt New Line 30 Caliber Revolver 1874 1941.582
Allen & Wheelock Large Frame Pocket Revolver, Early Model 1857-1858 1951.322
Manhattan Pepperbox Pistol 1856-1860 1968.18
Allen & Thurber Pocket-Sized Worcester Pepperbox Revolver 1847-1854 1941.600a-d
Spur 1860-1865 INV.8353
Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver, Third Model 1850-1860 1951.324
Shoe buckle in envelope 1750-1800 1921.29a
Ceramic fragment bowl base 1770-1810 1921.37g
Creamware fragment lid 1770-1810 1921.37m
Earthenware creamware fragment 1770-1810 1921.37b
Ceramic fragment bowl base 1770-1800 1921.37f
Hill's Alphabet Blocks ca. 1875 2000.727
Battle of Marne Medal 1915-1919 1948.586
Smith & Wesson Model Number Three Second Model Single Action Revolver 1872-1874 1939.508a
Spurs (2) 1855-1863 1931.86bc
Belgian single shot 22 caliber and holster 1952.28ab
Mauser machine pistol with back stock and case 1953.125ab
Powder flask w/strap 1856 INV.7444
Hat 1942 1946.44d
White hat 1942 1946.42c
Garrison cap 1946 1946.173e
Hat cover 1942-1946 1946.57h
Garrison cap 1940-1945 1945.515e
Clay pipe doll 1870-1890 1954.96
Garrison cap 1942-1946 1946.58c
Whale's tooth 1860-1867 1949.19
Powderhorn 1850-1865 1951.510
Democratic National Convention Button with Donkey Pendant 1924 INV.4053
Stamp in box 1850-1900 INV.4664a-c
Clock 1860-1880 INV.250
Powder horn 1750-1800 1971.113
Badge INV.5134
Badge INV.5135
Badge INV.5150
Badge INV.5151
Badge INV.5158
Badge ca. 1990 INV.5164
Button stud INV.5315
Pin on card in box: Journee du Poilu 1915 INV.5369
Badge INV.5383
Badge INV.3369
Badge INV.3374
Pin: Washinton & Lee, Univ. Virginia A.D 1782 ca. 1930 INV.3412
Badge 1941.470
Badge INV.3674
Badge INV.3675
Badge in Box INV.3797
Collection of Campaign Buttons INV.3906A
Button INV.4103
Button INV.4104
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4120
Ribbon fragment After 1848 INV.4353.FR.1
Badge 1935.140
Badge 1941.32
Badge in case INV.4902
Badge in case 1920-1940 1945.500
Badge 1906.10
Pin: Americna Legion Auxilary on card INV.13788
Badge INV.4393
Badge INV.4396
Badge INV.4423
Miter with case 1850-1900 916ab
Badge: ...Veteran Fireman's Association...September 1887 1887 INV.10376
Badge: Delegate 59th Annual Conv., Firemen's Assn...1931 INV.10455
Badge: Delegate F.A.S.N.Y. 27th Conv...Aug. 15-18, 1899 ca. 1899 INV.10462
Badge: Delegate, 38th Annual Conv., Watertown...Aug.16-19... 1910 INV.10738
Badge: Firemen's Assoc. of City of New York, Sept. 6, 1897 1897 INV.10381
Badge INV.4444
Badge INV.4706
Badge INV.4712
Badge INV.4716
Erie Canal Celebration Medal 1826 1939.416
Erie Canal Celebration Medallion 1826 1941.404
Medal 1900-1901 INV.4812E
Badge INV.4864K
Button 1941.565
Button 1940.739
Button 1940.737
Button 1941.427
Badge INV.4387E
Badge INV.4387F
Badge INV.4387G
Badge INV.4389
Badge: 100% duty medal 1907-1931 INV.4390
Ribbon badge: Welcome Veteran Fireman's Assn...San Fran...Oct. 1893 ca. 1893 INV.10730
Badge: Hartford V.V.F.A...Veteran Firemen...Sept. 12, 1895 ca. 1895 INV.10482
Ribbon badge: Southern NY Volunteer Firemen's Assn Newburgh NY 1918 ca. 1912 INV.10638
Badge: V.F.A. INV.10458
Ribbon badge: Veteran Firemen of N.Y., Sept. 21 and 22, 1887 1887 INV.10385
Ribbon badge: Vol. Firemen's Assn. City of NY, 27th Annual Conv.... 1899 INV.10476
Badge: Volunteer Firemen's Assn., City of New York 1885-1895 INV.10493
Badge:...Firemen's Association of NY...Oct. 15, 1891 1891 INV.10384
Badge:...Reception to Veteran Firemen's Assn...N.Y...1887 ca. 1887 INV.10484
Badge:delegate, N.Y.S.Firemens convention Aug.20,21,22 1918. INV.10864
Badge:delegate,28th. firemens ass'n,...Aug.15-18,1916 1916 INV.10868
Book of by-laws:...assoc. of Exempt Firemen...1868 INV.9254
Button w/ribbon: Vol. Firemen's Assn., City of N.Y... 1880-1920 INV.10466
Fire helmet frontpiece: Jackson 1850-1900 INV.9026
Andrew Johnson Presidential Medal 1865 1966.121
Centennial of Washington's Inauguration "Federal Hall" Medalet 1889 1940.293
Sleigh ca. 1890 1941.918ab
Badge INV.4720
Badge INV.4722
Badge INV.4702[dup]
Badge INV.4129
Badge INV.4130
Badge INV.4131
Badge INV.4133
Medal ca. 1911 INV.4134
Badge INV.4136
Button w/ribbon INV.4137
Button ca. 1910 INV.4141
Unveiling of the Memorial to B. F. Stephenson Ribbon 1909 INV.4145
Case INV.4148A
INV.4149A INV.4149A
Ribbon: ...KUV Committee INV.4149E
Badge w/envelope 1866 1946.381
Badge w/tag INV.4172
Badge 1946.21
1st Annual Convention, Essex County, New Jersey; 1931 INV.4596B
Badge INV.4596C
Fire helmet frontpiece: Maspeth 1850-1900 INV.9139
Fire helmet frontpiece: Niagara hose 1850-1900 INV.8942
Fire helmet frontpiece: protection 1850-1900 INV.9106
Fire helmet frontpiece: protection 5, B.A. 1850-1900 INV.8920
Fire helmet frontpiece: steamer 1850-1900 INV.9136
Fire helmet frontpiece: VI 1850-1900 INV.9058
Fire helmet frontpiece: 52 1850-1900 INV.9055
Fire helmet: NY Exempt Association, JR 1854-1860 INV.8857
Ribbon: Coney Island for...1893 INV.10566
Ribbon: Guest, Exempt Firemen's Ben. Fund Sept 1902 1902 INV.10606
Ribbon: Queens INV.10589
Star badge: Volunteer W.G.H. 1850-1880 INV.12076
Strap handle with clasp 1840-1880 INV.8983
Sword hilt in envelope 1600-1800 1940.872
Stamp 1850-1880 INV.12815a
Sword blade fragment excavated at a British Revolutionary War camp 1760-1775 INV.5924.19
Jacknife excavated at a British Revolutionary War camp 1760-1775 INV.5924.20
Snuffbox 1760-1800 1937.1263
Badge INV.4596H
Badge w/ medal 1912 INV.4653.4
Badge w/medal INV.4653.5
Campaign button: If I were 21 I'd Vote for Willkie 1940.577
Campaign button: No! No! A Thousand Times No! 1940.534
Campaign button: For President - Wendell L. Willkie 1940.602
Campaign button: If I were 21 I'd Vote for Willkie 1940.537
Campaign button: No New Deal, We Want a Square Deal INV.6661
Campaign button: The Constitutionalists, No Third Term INV.6665
Roosevelt, He's Good Enough for My Buck INV.6669
Two Good Terms Deserve a Rest INV.6675
We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.578
Campaign button: There is no Indispensable Man 1940.539
With Willkie We Won't Need Relief 1940.719
Campaign button: Peace! Willkie its Wonderful 1940.758
Campaign button: My Friends But Not My Subjects 1940.561
Collection of buttons: clean house w/ Dewey INV.7129
Collection of buttons: Roosevelt ILGWU INV.7132
Collection of buttons: Dewey Warren INV.7133
Button: Dewey 1940.745
Badge 1940.571
Collection of buttons: Willkie and McNary INV.7257
Door knob ca. 1860 1941.788
Piece of wood from steamship "W.C. Redfield" ca.1865 1941.828
Wood fragment from steamer "Osceola" 1880-1900 1941.850
Baton ca. 1861-1923 1941.884
Trigger guard for musket 1750-1775 INV.8664
Shaker box 1870-1920 1950.199a.1-2
Collection of misc. gun parts 1750-1860 INV.8668
Model of the "Mary Powell" 1947 1957.139
Pipe bowl: lion 1810 ca. 1810 INV.8452
Collec. of 3 coins:2 Rosa Americana(Perry)1822-23; 1 twopens 1822-1823 INV.13878a
Sword sheath 1850-1870 INV.8448
Fan 1880-1910 1934.143
Button 1997.6.18
Pin-back button 1995 1997.6.19
Button 1960-1961 1997.6.20
Collection of buttons: Willkie Second Million INV.7260
Pins INV.7267
Campaign button: The White House Under New Management 1940.796
Button 1940 1940.797
Campaign button: Lets Give Franklin Unemployment... 1940.789
Campaign button: Perhaps Roosevelt Is All You Deserve 1940.612
Campaign button: Roosevelt and Relief, Willkie and... INV.7274
Campaign button: Roosevelt Goodbye, Hello Willkie 1940.804
Campaign button: Russias Fishing Boats...Now INV.7276
Button ca. 1980 INV.7277
Campaign clip: La Guardia 1941.1076
Button: Willkie 1940.831
Button: Democrats and Republicans for Willkie 1940.841
Button: Our Next President Wendell L. Willkie 1940.633
Button 1952-1956 INV.6846
Badge: Oneida 11 1890-1930 INV.12063
Button: McGovern INV.7067
Button: President Nixon INV.7073
Button: McGovern President '72 INV.7074
Button: McG INV.7076
Button: Me and McG INV.7077
Pipe bowl: stag 1800-1900 INV.8461
Pipe stem: beaded 1850-1925 INV.8557
Pipe ca. 1930-1960 INV.7891
Pipe w/sticker 1850-1900 INV.7695
Pipe: gooseneck with hunting scene 1800-1900 INV.8385
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1022
Snuff bottle 1825-1875 1938.326a
Plaque: Lindbergh 1927 INV.1792
Sliced Flowers ca. 1880 1992.12.20
Spectacles and case 1880-1900 Z.1740ab
Box 1750-1780 INV.12800
Parasol: black and tan w/carved handle and tassel 1850-1880 1941.621
Parasol: black and tan w/carved handle w/floral motif 1850-1880 1947.38
Badge in box 1941.525
Badge in box 1941.526
Campaign button: Reelect our President...FDR 1940.492
Campaign button: for President...Roosevelt INV.6447
Campaign button: Willkie for President 1940.497
Campaign button: Elect Justin to congress INV.6449
Campaign button: Willkie for President INV.6604
Campaign button: ...Dick Gregory President... INV.6609
Campaign button: Kefauver the Winning Democrat INV.6623
Campaign button: Harry S. Truman for President INV.6624
Campaign badge: Willkie for President INV.6638
Pin: Adlai 1952 or 1956 INV.6750
Button: Inauguration ... Eisenhower INV.6792
Button: Kefauver the winning Democrat INV.6793
Button: Lancon/Knox INV.6718
Badge w/ribbon and pin 1899 INV.4756
Medal 1898 INV.4757
Badge w/ribbon and pin INV.4765
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4770
Badge w/ribbon & pin 1898 INV.4777a
Badge INV.5477
Abraham Lincoln mourning ribbon 1865 INV.5478
Bayonnet, model '42 U.S. 1820-1860 INV.7441
Tobacco shredder/nutmeg grater ca. 1700-1800 INV.747
Axe handle ca. 1902 Z.3133
Polo saddle ca. 1900 INV.7437
Polo saddle w/tag 1900 INV.6335
Eagle Head ca. 1812 1942.191
Darning egg: green 1900-1950 INV.11742
Needle case 1840-1880 INV.9802ab
Needle case 1840-1880 INV.9814ab
Needle case 1800-1840 INV.9815ab
Military button 1775-1783 INV.5716.52
Lensed instrument 1850-1880 1940.854ab
Fan; oriental genre scenes in relief 1820-1870 INV.13838
Parasol: black and white w/carved handle and tassel 1860-1890 INV.8346
Parasol: black w/ crook handle 1870-1900 INV.8408
Parasol: crimson w/lace trim and bow on cane handle ca. 1880 INV.8401
Parasol: white w/orange 1850-1880 1941.622
Roll bag w/13 button pockets 1855-1900 INV.11416
Umbrella: black w/ twisted handle 1830-1880 1941.1101a
Wig: long dark brown hair 1870-1920 INV.12178
Wig: red hair, netted lining 1830-1880 INV.12176
Master Commandant Oliver H. Perry Naval Medal 1817-1880 INV.13683
Sword sheath 1870-1900 INV.8624
Writing tablet with accessories ca. 1889 INV.8547a-f
Pin 1864 INV.6584
Campaign button w/pin: photo of McClellan INV.6585
Campaign button: photo of McClellan INV.6586
Campaign button: photo of McClellan INV.6587
Campaign button: photo of McClellan INV.6588
Campaign button w/pin: Union Liberty INV.6589
Campaign button w/pin: Blue border w/stars INV.6590
Campaign ribbon 1896-1908 1941.460
Ribbon INV.6705
Campaign ibbon INV.6709
Ribbon INV.6712
Ribbon: Clay & Freylunchuysen, The Working Man INV.6716
Campaign button: a profile on the button not identified INV.6691
Badge: faithful service 8 years 1900-1940 1948.43a
Badge INV.4731
Ribbons 1903 INV.10597ab
Force Franklin Out at Third 1940.708
Black child figurine 1850-1900 INV.11503
Miniature candle cup 1900-1930 1959.91
Miniature cake pan 1875-1925 INV.9902
Collection of (3) brushes and a comb 1830-1880 INV.11558a-d
Collection of 10 chickens and roosters in box 1875-1950 1971.98a-j
Collection of 2 knitted dresses: aqua, white 1875-1915 INV.11546
Miniature buckets, mugs, and strainers 1875-1925 INV.9907
Miniature platters (3) 1900-1925 INV.10005


Creative: Tronvig Group