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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Badge: Halstad Manor Co. 1920-1940 1941.263
Button INV.1867
Medal: Lindbergh INV.1868
Pin on Card: NY to Paris INV.1869
Badge INV.1870
Pin: White Flower w/Black and Orange ribbon INV.1907
Pin w/medal: NY to Paris INV.1872
Pin: Pistol D INV.1923
Badge 1914-1918 INV.1925
Pin: US Merchant Marine INV.1920
Badge INV.1909
Porcelain fragment 1760-1783 INV.6100.458
Admiral Vernon "Porto Bello Taken" Commemorative Medal 1739 1945.8
Badge INV.1904
Pin: Castle INV.1919
Pin: US Merchant Marine INV.1917
Badge INV.1930
USMS Braids INV.1933A
Stamp in box 1805-1825 INV.4665a-c
Seal impression in box 1870-1900 INV.4663a-c
Seal: ....1768 Herrod... 1850-1900 INV.4206
Seal impression 1883 INV.4207
Seal impression 1850-1900 INV.4208
Seal on paper: Great Seal of the State of Tennessee,1796 1850-1900 INV.4214
Seal impressions (4) affixed to cardboard 1870-1900 INV.4212
Seal on paper: George's Society ... 1850-1900 INV.4213
Seal: Great Seal of the State of Tennessee,1796 1850-1900 INV.4215
Ribbon ca. 1875 INV.2982
Ribbon ca. 1896 INV.2984
Ribbon ca. 1863 INV.2986
Badge INV.3143
Ribbon ca. 1865 INV.3093
Badge INV.2990
Badge INV.2991
Badge 1933.138
Badge INV.5414
Badge INV.5120
Ribbon ca. 1860 INV.2996
Ribbon 1860 INV.2997
Badge INV.2999
Ribbon INV.3052
Badge INV.3053
Badge 1953.195n
Badge INV.3684
Badge 1861 1942.313
Badge INV.3691
Button 1936.501
Badge in box INV.3696
Badge in box 1941.738
Badge INV.5427
Badge in case w/ribbon in envelope 1935.497
Badge in case INV.5398
Badge INV.5402
Badge INV.5403
Pin: cross w/yellow gem stone 1942.44
Sharp Shooter Badge ca.1898 1945.53
Badge INV.5402[dup]
Pin: cross w/ yellow gem stone 1942.44[dup]
Badge 1945.53[dup]
Badge 1945.506
Badge w/ tag 221
Pin: Wm. McKinley... 1941.495
Badge 1945.439
Badge 1941.33
Button:...F.D Roosevelt INV.4934
Badge 586
Badge 1941.531
Badge and bar pin in box INV.5046AB
Badge INV.5051
Badge INV.5052
Buttons and pins INV.5053
Medal ca. 1927 INV.5054
Badge INV.5055
Badge INV.5056
Lapel clips INV.5060
Badge 1941.533
Badge INV.5063
Badge INV.5069
Badges INV.5070
Seal on paper: Colonial Secretary Jamaica ... 1850-1900 INV.4216
Seal on card: illegible 1850-1900 INV.4218
Seal impression 1865 INV.4219
Button INV.2740
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3860
Buttons INV.2288
Seal impression 1850-1900 INV.4222
Seal mold w/docu: insig. civi. imperi... 1890-1920 INV.4228
Seal impression affixed to cardboard 1800-1900 INV.4589
Seal of English Republic: 1655; w/ label: Pell papers...1892 ca. 1892 684
Stamp 1840-1870 1939.237
Musket worms (2) excavated at West Point 1760-1783 INV.5925.171-172
Pipe 1850-1900 1938.358
Seal stamp: D.P. 1825-1875 INV.4669
Seal stamp: (hexangonal)... 1870-1900 INV.4670
Seal stamp: face blank 1870-1900 INV.4672
Clothing button w/ ribbon: cadet USMA INV.4673
Seal stamp: (design face) 1830-1880 INV.4675
INV.3055 ca. 1861 INV.3055
Badge INV.3056
Badge INV.3058
Badge INV.3060
Badge INV.3061
Badge INV.3062
Ribbon ca. 1861 INV.3063
Ribbon INV.3064
Ribbon INV.3065
Ribbon ca. 1861 INV.3066
Ribbon ca. 1862 INV.3069
Badge INV.3071
Badge INV.3072
Ribbon ca. 1858 INV.3086
INV.3088A ca. 1825 INV.3088A
Badge INV.3088B
Pin INV.5416
Envelope INV.5422
Medal 1896 INV.5424
Medal 1929-1941 INV.5425
Envelope: Mexican Campaign, 1846, 1916; INV.5432
Revolutionary purse 1770-1790 188
Badge INV.5511
Badge INV.5529
Insignia INV.5514
Pin: shape of shield INV.5515
Bar pin INV.5517
Pin ca. 1898 INV.5518
Pin: shield shaped INV.5519
Pin: shield shaped INV.5520
Lapel stud INV.5522
Bar pin INV.5523
Pin: shield shaped INV.5524
Beam fragment from Dutch church 1700-1800 INV.1061
Badge INV.5084
Pin INV.5085
Badge INV.5090
Pin INV.5086
Badge INV.5092
Badge INV.5093
Badge INV.5094
Ribbon INV.5104
Buttons INV.5099
Buttons INV.5100
Badges INV.5101
Badges INV.5102
Badge INV.5116
Medal 1918 1945.156
Badge INV.5117
Badge INV.5110
Badge INV.5114
Seal stamp: (sun burst) 1830-1880 INV.4680
Seal stamp: I know that my redeemer lives. 1870-1900 INV.4684
Seal stamp:...touch 1870-1900 INV.4685
Seal stamp: souvenir Cherie 1870-1900 INV.4686
Seal stamp: Reponse s'il vous pliat 1870-1900 INV.4687
Seal stamp: (hexagonal core, amber, w/ eye impression) 1870-1900 INV.4688
Ice creeper excavated at West Point 1760-1783 INV.5925.194
Seal stamp: (goat w/ shield) 1775-1850 1942.147
Stamp 1837-1880 INV.4694
Seal stamp: seal face blank 1775-1875 INV.4851
Seal stamp: Wurttemberg Consulate ca. 1856 1946.72
Seal stamp: (initials) 1870-1900 INV.4855
Seal for wax w/handle: elephant design 1850-1900 INV.8308
Buttons INV.2290
Buttons INV.2291
Seal of the State of New York 1810-1860 INV.4037
Ribbon ca. 1902 1940.926
Badge INV.3077
Ribbon 1800-1900 INV.3097
Ribbon ca. 1876 INV.3099
Badge 1044
Badge INV.3145AB
Button 1897 1941.512
Badge INV.3154
Badge INV.3156
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2293
Buttons: Wilkie INV.2294
Buttons: Corsi INV.2295
Badge INV.2001
Badge INV.2000
Badge INV.2004
Badge INV.2008
Badge INV.2005
Badge INV.5527
Pin: MB INV.5528
Pin: MB INV.5530
Badge INV.5531
Badge INV.5532
Badge INV.3608
Badge 1941.469
Ribbon: ...GAR Atlantic City, Sept.1910 INV.3612
Badge w/tag INV.3610
Button: Meyner INV.2378
Button INV.2379
Button INV.2380
Badge 1946.227
Medal ca. 1912 1946.229
Badge in case 1942.510
Badge w/ribbon & medal w/other ribbon in case 1939.515
Badge INV.3616
Badge 1886 INV.3617
Document INV.3620
Envelope INV.3625A
Badge on card INV.3625B
Badge INV.3635B
Medal: (iron cross),1866 INV.4161C
Fireman's belt: "1st assistant" 1850-1900 INV.9236
Button INV.2466
Button INV.2468
Ribbon (fragment) INV.2439
Seal w/tag: Argencia Commercial del Ymperio Mexicano ca. 1867 INV.6307
Seal of the State of New York 1810-1860 INV.4044
Stamp: NY ... Mutual Assurance Co ca. 1800-1809 INV.4047
Seal: coat of arms sudwige 1850-1900 INV.4203
Seal: indistinguishable image 1850-1900 INV.4205
Bootmaker's sign 1820-1850 INV.7928
Ribbon INV.2442
Pin w/ flag: Long may it wave INV.2445
Button INV.2446
Flag patch INV.2449
Sealing press ca. 1917 1948.495
Sealing press ca. 1884 1948.491
Seal: heart design 1800-1875 INV.7782
Seal: peacock-H.G. 1830-1880 INV.7783
Sign fragment: XI 1800-1900 INV.8824
Badge INV.2014
Badge INV.2009
Badge INV.2011
Badge INV.2012
Badge INV.2013
Button: whigs of '76 and '34 INV.2717
Pin: sword INV.2721
I.D. tag INV.2722
Badge INV.2726
Button: MacArthur INV.2734
Button: Case INV.2735
Button INV.2736
Button INV.2737
Button INV.2738
Button ca. 1898 INV.2741
Pin: Schnorer Club INV.2742
Pin: Schnorer Club INV.2743
Pin: Eagle INV.2744
Pin: Oagna, Charta INV.2745
Button: Harriman, Roosevelt INV.2372
Badge INV.2757
Button 1914 INV.2760
Buttons INV.2761
6 buttons on cardboard INV.2767
Badge on card INV.3632B
Badge in box INV.3634
Boxtop INV.3635A
Badge INV.3635D
Badge INV.3635E
Medal w/ribbon INV.3635F
Pin: Jr.Daughters of Loyal legion on card 2399
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3859
Badge w/pin & ribbon 1941.422
Medal ca. 1897 INV.3862
Badge w/pin INV.3863
Medal ca. 1887 INV.3864
Badge w/pin & ribbon 1941.421
Ribbon badge: Firemen's Assn. Trenton, N.J. 1880-1920 INV.10481
Zachary Taylor Rosette Badge ca. 1848 INV.2872
Campaign medal w/pin 1872 INV.3872
Spectacles case 1800-1820 INV.7727
Waist belt buckle and clasp (2) 1860-1865 1926.98ab
Trade sign 1810-1850 1953.300
Circular plaque: J.L. Mott 1850-1900 INV.8955
Pin: Service INV.2495
Button INV.2497
Pin: 2nd War Fund INV.2499
Buttons (50) ca. 1940 INV.6302
Plastic case w/medal: Waldorf- Astoria, N.Y. INV.13629
Sword w/scabbard 1862 1922.2ab
Badge INV.2416
Bowl: Memorial of Sir Walter Scott 1900-1930 INV.13626
Folder w/flap closure 1875-1925 149g
Folder w/string closure 1880-1920 149f
Ash tray for New York's World Fair, 1939 1939 1940.472
8 pins and medals in box INV.2773
Buttons: Walker INV.2285
Buttons: Wagner INV.2286
Y. M. D. C. House Ribbon ca. 1870 or later INV.2296
Buttons INV.2297
Buttons INV.2298
Buttons INV.2299
Badges INV.2350
Buttons INV.2351
Lapel clips INV.2352
United behind the President INV.2353
Lapel Clips INV.2354
Buttons INV.2355
Lapel Clips INV.2356
Lapel clips INV.2357
Clips INV.2358
Badge w/pin 468
Badge in envelope INV.3874
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3877
Pin: Thy Kingdom Come INV.2512[dup]
Badge w/pin & ribbon 1935.95
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3878
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3879
Pin: Albany Grand Commandery, 1913 INV.4991
Souvenir ribbon 1877 INV.2860
Ribbon 1800-1900 INV.2862
2 ribbons INV.2863
2 ribbons INV.2865
Ribbon: Fire Company 1860-1920 INV.2869
Commemorative ribbon ca. 1856 INV.2870
Ribbons (3) INV.2871.1-.3
Ribbon ca. 1902 INV.2588
Badge INV.2589B
Badge INV.2590A
Badge INV.2590B
Toy armchair 1875-1900 INV.5225
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.12266
Brassard 1941-1946 INV.12299
Our next president Wendell Lewis Willkie ca. 1940 INV.14752
Fountain pen & seal of Herbert H.Lehman..St.Of N.Y.exec.chr. 1941 INV.7867
Book Slate + 2 Docu. 1867-1880 INV.1901
Buttons: McClellan INV.2359
Buttons (2) INV.2360
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2361
Buttons: Rockefeller/Keating INV.2362
Buttons INV.2365
Buttons INV.2366
Button INV.2368
Pin: Hernz Pickle INV.2369
Button: Harriman INV.2370
Button: Wagner INV.2371
Button: Widnall INV.2373
Button: Sullivan INV.2374
Button: Riegelman INV.2375
Button: Leibell INV.2376
Button ca. 1960 INV.2383
Button INV.2384
Button INV.2386
Button: Keating INV.2387
Button INV.2388
Button: Lyons INV.2390
Button: Morris INV.2391
Button INV.2392
Button INV.2393
Badge INV.2591A
Badge INV.2591B
Badge INV.2592A
Badge INV.2592B
Ribbon 1852 INV.1733
Button INV.2095
Ribbon w/pin back 1900-1920 INV.1737
Collection of buttons: New York State Governors INV.1738
Button w/ribbon INV.1739
5 buttons on paper INV.1740
Pin on card: U N ca. 1960 INV.1993
Pin on card: flag INV.1994
Button INV.1995A
Button INV.1995B
Button 1941.1057
Badge INV.1997
Button w/bullet INV.1999
Pin: keep them flying INV.2094
Button INV.2096
Button INV.1391
Button INV.2098
Button INV.2099
Sword 1880-1898 1933.123
Inkwell 1840-1870 1937.564
Sled 1850-1875 1941.916
Letter clip 1875-1900 1943.400
Sand caster 1770-1800 1945.517
Inkstand 1800-1860 1946.11
Pin w/photo 471[dup]
Lost Heir 1875 2000.650
Tobacco shop figure ca. 1880-1910 1938.321
Milestone ca. 1813 1957.238
Button INV.2394
Button INV.2395
Button INV.2396
Button: Dewey/Hanley INV.2397
Button INV.2398
Button INV.2399
Buttons INV.2450
Button INV.2451
Button INV.2452
Button INV.2453
Button INV.2454
Button INV.2455
Button INV.2456
Button INV.2457
Button INV.2458
Button: McCall INV.2459
Button ca. 1900 INV.2460
Buttons INV.2463
Buttons INV.2464
Button: Cherrelyn INV.2472
Button INV.1388
Button INV.1389
Button INV.1390
Button INV.1392
Button INV.1393
Pin: BL 84 INV.1395
Button INV.1397
Button INV.2100
Button INV.2101
Pin INV.2102
Button INV.2103
Button 1870-1880 INV.2104
Clip INV.2105
Button ca. 1920 1942.194
Button 1942.1095
Button 1941.1096
Button 1942.119
Button 1942.122
Button 1942.124
Badge: Vet. Firemens 1892 INV.2112
Badge: Guest ca. 1897 INV.2114
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.2119
Seal in envelope: ny marble cemetary 1900-1930 INV.12814
Milestone ca. 1802 1960.80
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.2426
Pin w/flag ribbon INV.2427
Ribbon: E.A.Kimball INV.2434
Badge INV.2652
Pins (8) INV.2655
Ribbon 1910 INV.2808
Button 1936-1939 INV.2473
Button INV.2475
Button INV.2476
Pin: American Defense Society INV.2520
Button INV.2480
Button: Palmer and Buckner INV.2481
Button INV.2482
Button INV.2483
Button INV.2484
Button INV.2485
Button INV.2486
Button INV.2488
Button INV.2489
Button INV.2490
Button INV.2493
Pin: Liberty in Spain 1937 INV.2513
Ribbon badge: Jefferson Association 1890 INV.2128
Ribbon badge: Jackson Hose 1880-1920 INV.2130
Badge INV.2134
Badge INV.2135
Ribbon: N.Y.S.F.A. Geo. Washington Hose Co. No. 1 Aug 1899 1899 INV.10608
Badge ribbon 1905 1940.904
Button w/ribbon 1901 1940.909
Pin w/ribbon 1941.10
Pin w/ribbon 2134
Badge INV.2843
Pompon 1860-1890 Z.2973
Badge INV.3007
Collection of broach, thimble and sewing guard 1775-1850 INV.12542
2 badges INV.2809AB
Ribbon: protection Engine Co. #5, Melrose N.Y., Sept. 6,1897 1897 INV.2813
Badge ribbon 1892 1940.879
Ribbon: Lockport Fire Dept. ca. 1895 1940.884
William Astor Chanler Democratic Association 5th Assembly District Badge 1899-1901 INV.2814
Button INV.2816AB
Button INV.2819
Pin w. ribbon: NY State Fish Game, and Forest League, 1916 INV.2820
Pin w. ribbon: Mr. O'Connor, New York, Dec. 2, 1926 INV.2821
Pin w. ribbon and button: NY State Fish Game Delegate INV.2822
Cordial glass 1960-1980 2000.83
Pin w. ribbon and medallion: Elmira 1908 INV.2825
Pin w/medal.:Grand Aerie Frat.order of Eagles,Aug.11-15,1908 INV.2826
Pin w/rib. and medallion: Frat.order of Eagles,Sept,1-5,1903 INV.2827
Plastic luggage tag 1950-1980 2000.79
Coffee mug 1970-1980 2000.82
Pin: Iceland/America INV.2519
Pin: W WII INV.2522
Women's National Republican Club Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.2313
Button 1910-1920 1941.483
Medal INV.2349
Button INV.2401
Button INV.2407
Badge INV.2316
Pin: Our Leader John A. Bolles INV.2322
Button INV.2411
Button INV.2412
Button 1941.268
Button 1941.1071
Button INV.2414
Buttons (2) 1941.494
Teaspoon ca. 1950 2000.76
Badge INV.2305
Button INV.2339
Republican County Committee Badge ca. 1920 INV.2309
Ribbon: Gen. Comm. NY Interstate Hudson River Bridge Assn. INV.2314
Republican County Committee's Captain Badge ca. 1900 INV.2315
Pin ca. 1900 INV.3008
Ribbon 1905-1910 INV.3011
Ribbon w/assorted Liberty loan & Red Cross buttons & pins 1880-1920 INV.3014
Badge INV.3015
Badge INV.3018
Badge INV.3019
Badge INV.3023
Badge INV.3025
Badge INV.3030
Pin: Invest! Liberty Loan INV.3029


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