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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Ribbon or badge 1900 INV.3031
Badge INV.3035
Badge INV.3038
Side saddle with tag ca. 1903 INV.6337
Ribbon: Rescue/2/ Where Danger Lurks There You Will Find Us 1880-1920 INV.2834
Ribbon 1940.888
Button INV.2200
10 buttons on paper w/document, ref. to Willkie ca. 1940 INV.2201.1
Button INV.2204A-C
Badge INV.5183
2 buttons + docum. INV.2207A-C
Badge INV.5187
4 pins, ribbon w. pin in box INV.2210A-G
Button 1942.120
Button INV.2211
Badge INV.5184
Collection of Buttons: Americanism Roosevelt INV.5186
Badge INV.5188
Button w/ribbon INV.5189
Badge in box INV.5192
Badge in box INV.5193
Badge fragment INV.5316
Badge in box INV.5195
Badges INV.5196
Button INV.2632
Button INV.2633
Pin: La Guardia 1915-1919 INV.2321
Pin: National Tuberculosis Association symbol INV.2323
Pin: Member Liberty Loan Committee INV.2324
Pin: Bizaar 1916 INV.2325
Button INV.2328
Button INV.2333
Button 1941 INV.2342
Badge INV.2332
Button INV.2334
Button 1950-1970 INV.2335
Button ca. 1950 INV.2337
Button ca. 1950 INV.2338
Button INV.2527
Button INV.2528
Button INV.2529
Button INV.2530
Button INV.2532
Button INV.2533
Button INV.2534
Button INV.2535
Badge INV.3048
Badge INV.3049
Buttons w/Pin & Button INV.3102A-C
Republican League Ribbon ca. 1900 1941.13
Republican League Member Ribbon ca. 1900 1941.12
Ribbon 1900 INV.3107
Book binding fragments INV.3108
Badge w/medal INV.3112
Ribbon w/Pins: Reporter North & South American News Agency INV.3117
Pin w/ribbon & Bear: Sept.1897 N.A.L.C. of U.S. INV.3126
Ribbon 1896 INV.3137
Pin: New York State w/ship INV.2636
Pin w/ribbon: Judge INV.2637
6 pins w/flag and button: INV.3139A-F
Badge INV.3140
Badge INV.3141
Badge INV.3142
Button: W.C. Loomis INV.2547
Button INV.1978G
Badge INV.2024
Badge INV.1982A
Badges INV.5198
Badge 1907 INV.5310
Badge INV.5311
Button stud INV.5324
I.D. tags INV.5314
Button stud INV.5319
Badge INV.5320
Lapel clip INV.5323
Badge INV.5325
Pin: Commissioner Workers' Compensation INV.5326
Badge INV.5329
Badge INV.5344
Envelope INV.5341A
Badge on card INV.5341B
Badge in box INV.5341C
Badge in box INV.5341D
Pins INV.5345a
Pins INV.5346
Button INV.2537
Button INV.2538
Button INV.2539
Button INV.2540
Button INV.2542
Button INV.2543
Button INV.2544
Button INV.2545
Button INV.2546
Ribbon badge: Visit to Hoboken 1888 INV.2136
Badge INV.2138
Ribbon 1890 INV.2141
Badge: 2 buttons on docu.:O'Dywer/Lehman INV.2171
Ribbon badge: Alantic Fire Co. 1892 INV.2145
Ribbon badge: Alabama Fire Comp. 1892 INV.2146
Badge INV.2147
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.2149
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.2167
Badge INV.2169
Badge INV.2170
Ribbon ca. 1889 INV.2560
Badge INV.2557
Badge INV.2558
Button INV.2548
Button INV.2549
Button INV.2602
Button INV.2603
Button INV.2604
Button 1896 INV.2606
Button INV.2608
Button INV.2609
Button INV.2610
Button INV.2611
Button INV.2612
Button INV.2613
Button INV.2614
Button INV.2615
Button INV.2617
Button: Vote Slate INV.2618
Button: Mac Arthur INV.2620
Button ca. 1900 INV.2621
Button: Wm. Sulzer INV.2622
Button INV.2623
Button: Rockefeller INV.2624
Button: Case INV.2625
Button INV.2626
Ivy leaf from Jenny Lind's home 1922 1945.264
Medal: Worlds Col. Expedition INV.1983
Badge INV.2016
Button stud INV.5351
Pin: Ast.Alderman,Eugene Durning INV.1771
Badge on card and bar pin in box INV.5353A-C
Badge in case INV.5354
Button 1941.1061
Button 1941.1069
Button 1940.738
Button 1940.1090
Button 1941.38
Third Liberty Loan 1940.245
Button 1940.743
Button 1941.39
Button 1941.1073
Button 1920-1950 1941.1074
Button 1941.1075
Button 1941.1080
Button 1941.1081
Button 1941.371
Button 1941.438
Button 1941.439
Button 1941.440
Button 1942.125
Button 1941.1082
Button 1941.1084
Ribbon 1862 INV.2563
Ribbon ca. 1904 INV.2567
Ribbon late 19th - early 20th century 1940.922
Republican County Committee Ribbon 1850-1900 INV.2300
Ribbon 1899 INV.2570
Badge INV.3079
Ribbon INV.3095
Ribbon ca. 1896 1940.927
Ribbon ca. 1916 INV.2569
Ribbon INV.2571
Badge INV.2573
Badge INV.2574
Badge INV.2576A
Badge INV.2585
Ribbon ca. 1902 INV.2586
Pin: NY Evening Mail... INV.1775
Pin: Pro Patria Armamus Veteran INV.4951
Abraham Lincoln National Day of Mourning Ribbons 1865 INV.2873
Mourning ribbons 1865 INV.2874
National Day of Mourning Abraham Lincoln Ribbons 1865 INV.2876
Ribbon 1942.193
Button: Lefkowitz INV.2627
Button INV.2628
Button INV.2629
Button INV.2630
Pin: Leaf INV.2641
Button INV.2642
Button INV.2643
Button INV.2644
Button INV.2645
Button INV.2647
Button INV.2649
Button INV.2700
Button INV.2701
Button INV.2702
Button INV.2703
Lapel clip INV.2704
Watch FOB: Members badge INV.2706
Clip INV.2716
Pin: American flag INV.2026
Box with image of Jenny Lind 1850-1860 1945.306
Jenny Lind Commemorative Medal 1848 1945.186b
block plane 1850-1900 1942.430
Clip w/Chain on Ring ca. 1850 1945.180
Bust 1945.312
Seal impression in box ca. 1860 1977.34a.1-2
Pipe 1850-1875 1945.247b
Pin: GW 1789-1889 INV.4979
Pin: Pro Patria Et Gloria INV.4976
Button INV.4983
Jenny Lind Commemorative Medal 1850 1945.193
Button 1941.1088
Button 1941.1089
Button 1941.1092
Button 1941.1093
Button 1941.1094
Button 1941.1070
Button 1941.1072
20 pcs. of Red Cross memorabilia in box (buttons,badges,etc) INV.2777
Buttons INV.2779
2 Badges INV.2784AB
International Naval Rendezvous and Review Ribbon 1893 INV.2781
Ribbon:Lundy's Lane INV.2783
Ribbon 1939.521
Ribbons (4) INV.2791.1-.4
2 Ribbons INV.2797
Bookmark ca. 1880 INV.2799
Ribbon ca. 1881 1941.244
4 Ribbons 1865 INV.2884
Commemorative ribbon After 1852 INV.2887
National Day of Mourning Abraham Lincoln Ribbons 1865 INV.2889
National Day of Mourning Abraham Lincoln Ribbons 1865 INV.2890
National Day of Mourning Abraham Lincoln Ribbons 1865 INV.2891
National Day of Mourning Abraham Lincoln Ribbons 1865 INV.2892
Abraham Lincoln Mourning Ribbon ca. 1865 INV.2893
Abraham Lincoln Mourning Ribbons 1865 INV.2894.1-.2
Abraham Lincoln campaign ephemera ca. 1864 INV.2895
Commemorative ribbon with envelope ca. 1845 INV.2897.1
Ribbons (4) ca. 1900 INV.2898.1-.4
Badge INV.4994
Pin: The Philomathean Review INV.4996
Badge INV.5004
Ribbons 1800-1850 INV.2950
National Day of Mourning Abraham Lincoln Ribbons 1865 INV.2951
Pin w/tag: Portrait mounted from ribbon, INV.2177
Pin: Pro Patria Armanus Veteran INV.4955
Ribbon 1850-1900 INV.2301.1-.3
Pin w/ medallion mounted on ribbon: inscribed S.J.Baker 1940.206
Pin: Eagle w/shield INV.2027
Pin w/newspaperclipping flag, dated 1861 INV.2030
Bow w/pin INV.3127
Bow w/pin INV.3128
Bow w/pin INV.3130
Button INV.3133
Badge INV.1969
Ribbon ca. 1881 INV.1953
Button: for governor B.B.Odell jr. INV.1977A
Badge: Delegate NY Philad. June 19, 1900 ca. 1900 INV.1955
Badge INV.1956
Ribbon ca. 1889 INV.1960
Badge INV.1965
Badge w/medal INV.1967A
Badge w/medal INV.1967B
Bust 1945.314
Bust 1945.313
Bust 1945.279
Bust 1945.311
Bust 1945.310
Needle box 1850-1860 1945.265
Die 1880-1930 1974.10
Button INV.13834
Scent Box 1800-1875 INV.13835
Die 1800-1838 1925.65
Jenny Lind Commemorative Medal 1850 1945.192a
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.203c
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.202
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.197a
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.196a
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.197b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.199b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.199a
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.191b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.195a
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.191a
Whig Celebration Ribbon 1837 INV.2851
Ribbon: Sanitary INV.2853
Zelosophic Society Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.2856
5 Ribbons INV.2859.1-5
Button 1942.120[dup]
Tammany Hall Committee of Arrangements Mass Meeting Ribbon 1884 INV.2218
Campaign ribbon 1888 INV.2220
Badge INV.2253
Pin, feather on document, Red Badge of Courage INV.2258
Badge ca. 1893 INV.2260
Ribbon: Y.M.D.C. INV.2269
Reception and House Ribbon late 19th - early 20th century INV.2271
Button INV.2273
Buttons INV.2277ABC
Badge w/document INV.2284AB
Ribbon 1850-1900 INV.2954
Ribbon 1850-1900 INV.2955
Badge INV.2956
Badges/buttons (2) 1914-1920 INV.4950
Ribbon late 19th - early 20th century INV.2198
Button w/ribbon: Floor Comm./Republician Club INV.2302
Ribbon ca. 1905 INV.2983
3 buttons on card INV.1988
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.1989
Button:Bleakley INV.1990
Button INV.1991
Pin: Grant Monument 1941.246
3 buttons on card INV.1992
Ribbon Pin 1909 INV.4787
Ribbon pin ca. 1892 INV.4789
Ribbon ca. 1926 INV.4792
Badge INV.4993
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.4797
Pin: Grand Comandery, 1918 INV.4954
Badge INV.1968
Bagde w/medal INV.1970
Badge w/medal INV.1971
Badge INV.1975
New York INV.1976
Button INV.1979
Button INV.1978A
Button INV.1978B
Button INV.1978C
Button INV.1978D
Button INV.1978E
Badge INV.2019
Badge banner INV.2020
Badge INV.2022
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.189c
Buttons INV. 13827
Jenny Lind Commemorative Medal ca. 1848 1945.203b
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Plaquette After 1847 1945.252
Jenny Lind Commemorative Medal After 1887 1945.187b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.196b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.198b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.195b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.189a
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.189b
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.200
Token: Jenny Lind 1945.194b
Seal w/docu: General Society of Colonial Wars 1607-1775 1894 INV.4210
Badge INV.2958
Badge INV.2959
Badge INV.2961
Badge INV.2962
Badge INV.2963
Button INV.2965
Button ca. 1898 INV.2966
Pin w/medallion 1941.410
Ribbon ca. 1861 INV.3073
Ribbon ca. 1861 INV.3074
Badge INV.3075
Ribbon badge 1888 INV.2967
Badge 1949.322
Badge INV.2968
Badge 1940.34
Commemorative ribbon 1948 INV.2969
Centennial ribbon 1876 INV.2971
Button INV.4956
Button: We want Wilkie INV.4958
Button INV.4957
Insignia INV.4959
Button INV.4960
Button INV.4963
Button INV.4964
Button INV.4965
Button INV.4967
Button INV.4968
Button INV.4969
Pin: F(?) A.W. INV.4970
Badge INV.4982
Lapel clip INV.4975
Stoneware jar 1850-1870 1948.404
Badge INV.5005
Badge INV.2023
Badge w/document INV.1761
Buttons INV.2174A-G
Badge ca. 1929 INV.1697
Badge INV.1698
Cap badge 1860-1880 INV.1699
Badge w/tag 1850-1900 INV.1750
Badge INV.1754
Badge 1935 INV.1757
Badge w/document INV.1759
Badge 1968.5
Button INV.1866
Pin: American Protective League... 1950.287b
Pin: Special Deputy Sheriff 1936.426
Pin: Crossed Cannons INV.1915
Badge: Werner Co.1 1880-1910 INV.1776
Badge: Ass'n of Exempt Firemen... NYC 1910-1940 1943.72
Pin: Special Provost Marshall... INV.1773
Expenses diary ca. 1839-1840 INV.1158
Pin: Winchester INV.2511
Seal: good fellowship ca.1911 1945.345
The Great Seal of the State of New York 1777-1778 INV.3229
Pin: Columbian Celeb. 10/21/92 INV.2081
Button on card INV.2083
Ribbon 1904 INV.2086
Ribbon: red, white, blue INV.2089
Ribbon 1800-1900 INV.2090
2 pin badge backs INV.2093
Campaign button: profile on button not identified INV.6693
Campaign button 1896 1941.415
Ribbon 1800-1900 1941.754
Lapel button 1941.37
Medal: Mancock INV.6909
Button w/photo: Seymour INV.6912
Pin w/photo: photo not identified 483
Pin w/photo and tag: photo not identified INV.6911
Ribbon fragment INV.6913
Label INV.6914
Document: Grover Cleveland...Allan G. Thurman... ca. 1885 INV.6915
Campaign pin 1868 480
Badge INV.4920F
Badge INV.4920G
Badge INV.4920J
Badge in bag 1883 INV.12832
Badge in case INV.5396
Sash: champagne colored w/star & fringe INV.12228
Sash: Business Men's parade...1900... INV.12227
Pin: Bundles for American...1941, in box INV.12389
Badge & ribbon in box 1948.582
Badge in box 1948.580
Badge in box 1943.119
Badge 1943.143
Medal 1917 1943.141
Ribn w/butn attad: trench confort pockets commttee;button tr INV.13961
Button w/pin INV.13962
Button: Willkie for President 1940.774
Button: We Want Willkie 1940.952
Badge 1946.15
Badge 1946.17
Badge w/ medal 1946.18
Badge w/medal INV.4578
Pin: Lieut. G.J., USNR w/ photo 3064 1946.24
Badge 1946.19
Badge 1946.20
Badge 1946.16
Badge INV.4584
Ribbon: United War Work Campaign INV.4587
Ribbon 1940 INV.4590
Campaign button: Dictator? Not for Us INV.6655
American Labor Party INV.6659
Envelope INV.4596A
Badge INV.4596D
Badge INV.4596E
Badge INV.4596F
Collection of buttons: Stevenson INV.6729
Badge w/ribbon & pin INV.4600
Ribbon and medal: INV.4601
Envelope INV.4604A
Badge & ribbon, pin 1890 INV.4604
Brick 1750-1765 1938.229
Button INV.4607
Badge INV.4616
Badge w/pin INV.4617
Pin: ...John H.Rapp...Rescued Several Persons 1872-1922 INV.3914
Collection of campaign buttons: Wilkie For President INV.6398
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.825
Campaign button: Roosevelt For Ex-President 1940.617
Badge w/ribbon & pin 1943.235
Badge: souvenir Firemen's Convention 1880-1930 INV.10588
Badge att.to docu. 1331
Medal in box w/docu. 1898 1948.483.2
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4629
Button INV.4633
Pin w/cardboard: American flag INV.4634
Campaign pin 462
Pin w/photo 458
Button w/o pin: photo U.S. Grant; reverse side: S. Colfax 459
U.S. Grant INV.6918
Button w/photo: no identification INV.6920
Pin w/photo: Grant INV.6923
Campaign button: Willkie Contributor 1940.671
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.637
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.951
Campaign button: Willkie Minuteman 1940.840
For Good Roads INV.7004
Button 635
Button INV.6933
Coll. of 5 campaign buttons: photo of T. Roosevelt on each INV.6935
Button w/photo: The People's Choice, Roosevelt 659
Button w/photo: photo of Roosevelt and Fairbanks INV.6941
Pin w/photo: no identification; on back: 1904 INV.6942
Button w/photo: photo of Roosevelt and Fairbanks 657
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.6944
Button: Harrison and Reid INV.7207
Button: McKinley League, State of New York INV.6948
Collection of 5 campaign buttons: ea. has photo of 2 men INV.6949
Button w/photo: photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 641
Button w/photo: photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 640
Badge 951
Collection of three lapel buttons: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt INV.7002
Lapel button: w/photo of McKinley INV.7003
Pin: Watch-shape; Duber Watches..... INV.13964
Badge on card INV.12146
Pin-back button 1972 INV.12147


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