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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Parasol 1880-1910 Z.1450
New-York Gallery of the Fine Arts ca. 1844 INV.5276
Fire Engine, Protection Engine Co. No. 5, Melrose, Morrisania, N.Y. 1857 1929.151
2 Minie Balls & 1 Buckle mounted on Wood: July 1,2,3,1863 INV.3408
Airplane w/photograph: ...Spirit of St.Louis INV.1862
Pin w/Airplane and tag: Capt. A. Lindbergh INV.1861
Cap: ...Lindbergh...33 1/2 hrs ca. 1927 INV.1788
Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Campaign Medal 1872 INV.3148
Button: w/photograph of Grant INV.3146
Officer's field jacket 1860-1865 1698
First Model Virginia Manufactory Musket 1806 INV.8659
Cross made from old flagstaff of the Confederate Congress 1940-1960 INV.3628a-d
Cap badge on block in envelope: 1 1840-1880 2381
Cartridge box w/strap 1864-1882 1941.1195
Lock plate assembly and hammer for percussion rifle 1862 INV.8660
Campaign button: We don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.579
Campaign button: We Want Roosevelt to Abdirate 1940.800
Campaign button: The Constitutionalists No Third Term 1940.566
Badge: Volunteer Firemens Association N.Y. City INV.12075
Campaign button: Edith Willkie for First Lady 1940.532
Campaign button: I am a Democrat for Willkie 1940.627
For President Will-[hanging key] 1940 1940.570
Campaign button: No Third Term Constitutionalists 1940.632
Campaign button: No Third Term the Constitutionalists 1940.636
Campaign button: No Third Term the Constitutionalists 1940.669
Campaign button: Republicans and Democrats for Willkie 1940.783
Campaign button: I am a Democrats for Willkie 1940.628
Campaign button: I am a Democrats for Willkie 1940.768
Button 1928 INV.6951
Medallion: Herbert C. Hoover for President 1928 INV.6955
Pin: NY Taft INV.6958
Campaign Button: Roosevelt No more Just Forget it 1940.526
Collection of Campaign Buttons: Hoover (pin) INV.6969
Campaign button: Papa they won't let me resign 1940.794
Campaign button: w/felt flower: Lardon GOP Knox INV.6979
Campaign button: Papa I wont to be a captain too 1940.659
Badge: Volunteers firemens Assoc New London, Conn. 1880-1920 INV.12067
Campaign button: For President Wendell L. Willkie INV.6999
Campaign button: If I were 21 I'd vote for Willkie 1940.653
Collection of 7 fences, 23 plants, 5 structures, 8 creatures 1875-1925 INV.9994
Tray 1890-1930 1946.222d
Miniature shovels (3) 1900-1930 INV.9904
Miniature cleavers (2) 1900-1930 INV.9479
Miniature container 1875-1925 INV.9900
Fragment of deck of U.S.S. Missouri 1935-1950 1972.3a
Portable game board set 1845 1932.152
Doll's coat 1900-1940 INV.11182
Doll's dress 1870-1930 INV.11168
Doll house furniture: round table 1920-1940 INV.8329
Doll house furniture: spindle bed w/mattress 1920-1940 INV.9549
Doll jacket: embroidered ca. 1895 INV.11140
Doll's nightgown 1870-1920 INV.11186
Doll's frock 1890-1940 INV.11164
Model of 100,000 Barrel Tanker 1936 1948.170
Chain Link 1943.310b
Mirror: Capt. Charles Lindbergh 1927 INV.1795
Badge Commemorating the Centennial of George Washington's Inauguration 1940.292
Plaque in Envelope w/Docu: Bartholdi Statue 1885-1890 INV.3908
Knife 1750-1820 Z.170
Fork 1859 1944.291
Coffin plate 1852 1939.392
Coffin plate 1825 INV.6562.3
Collection of shells (13) in bag 1850-1930 1935.99[dup]
Portfolio: monogram w/intials - ? 1872-1900 INV.12152
Flower from Henry Clay's coffin 1852 237
Collection of campaign buttons: Landon INV.7104
Collection of Campaign buttons: Roosevelt INV.7107
Collection of Campaign buttons/clips: Roosevelt INV.7109
Button 1920 INV.7112
Campaign Button: Out! Stealing Third 1940.711
Campaign Button: Our Next President Roosevelt INV.6984
Badge/Pin 1940.651
Campaign Button: If I where 21 I'd vote for Willkie 1940.655
Campaign Button: Papa I want to be Captain too 1940.751
Sure I'll Vote for Roosevelt ha ha ha ha ha 1940.705
Campaign button: Eleanor Start Packing ... 1940.759
Campaign button: My Friends,But Not My Subjects 1940.594
Campaign button: Roosevelt No More Just Forget It 1940.574
Campaign button: Two Good Terms Deserve Another 1940.693
East Side West Side Wants Willkie 1940.754
Button ca. 1932-1944 1940.558
Campaign button:For President Wendell L.Wilkie 1940.589
Campaign button: Don't Be a Jackass Follow the Eagle 1940.563
Campaign button: Wendell Will ... For Prosterity 1940.584
Ribbon Badge:We morn Protection 5 Engine Co... 1850-1900 INV.10859
Collection of campaign buttons: Wilkie INV.6397
Collection of campaign buttons: Wilkie Worker INV.6399
Document INV.7424
Doll's hat w/ostrich plume 1870-1920 INV.11049
Doll's hat: w/pink hat pin 1875-1950 INV.11493
Doll: boy in ethnic dress 1900-1950 INV.10998
Doll: carved wood 1800-1850 INV.10953
Doll: man 1850-1900 INV.1497
Doll: maroon dress w/lace trim 1850-1900 INV.11522
Winston Churchill 1950-1970 INV.11004
Dollhouse furn.: 2 drawer dresser 1920-1940 INV.9288
Dollhouse furn.: bird in birdcage 1920-1940 INV.9296
Miniature chamberstick and candle 1920-1940 INV.9351
Miniature garden set (3 pieces) 1920-1940 INV.9368
Miniature rake 1920-1940 INV.9369
Dollhouse furn: armoire 1920-1940 INV.9637
Dollhouse furn: baby grand piano 1920-1940 INV.9530
Dollhouse furn: bathtub 1920-1940 INV.9513
Miniature umbrella 1900-1940 INV.9400
Miniature mantle clock 1910-1930 INV.9397
Miniature goblets (4) 1920-1940 INV.9385
Chain Link 1943.310a
Washboard 1900-1950 1988.61
Gaiters (pair) 1915-1945 INV.11604ab
Jenny Lind Commemorative Medal 1847 INV.13813
Badge in case 1850-1930 882
Dog tag 1918 1937.33
Badge medal: India 1857-1858 INV.7351
Button: Labor's Candidate...Edward J. Gavegan INV.2055
Button: Labor's Candidate...Edward J. Gavegan INV.2057
Badge INV.2072
Pin: Van Wick INV.2084
Badge INV.2088
Badge INV.6696
Campaign ribbon 1884 INV.6697
Ribbon w/photo: Grover Cleveland (?) INV.6699
Ribbon with Photo of Woman late 19th century INV.6900
Pin w/photo INV.6901
Campaign button: Blaine and Logan INV.6902
Campaign button: Cleveland and Hendricks INV.6903
Lapel button: B. and L., 1884 1884 INV.6904
Ribbon: red, white and blue stripes INV.6908
Campaign pin 1868 466
Pin: for President, Horatio Seymour 1868 481
Pin w/photo: Grant INV.6917
Pin w/photo: U.S. Grant INV.6919
Pin w/photo: photo of Grant INV.6930
Saddle belt 1850-1925 INV.9650
Dollhouse furn: lounge 1920-1940 INV.9644
Dollhouse furn: medicine cabinet 1920-1940 INV.9516
Miniature pitcher 1900-1920 INV.9751
Dollhouse furn: settee 1920-1940 INV.9642
Dollhouse furn: table 1920-1940 INV.9512
Miniature urn 1910-1940 INV.9388
Dollhouse furn: wash stand 1920-1940 INV.9407
Miniature rug 1920-1940 INV.9604
Miniature plate with grapes 1920-1940 INV.9608
Fan w/floral design 1850-1900 INV.11567
Goggles 1910-1920 INV.7728
Dominoes (set) 1890-1920 INV.7872a-dd
Hat: black w/ostrich plume, pink inside 1875-1925 INV.11564
Hat: red w/ribbon and feathers 1875-1950 INV.11562
Delivery cart 1860-1880 X.531
Earthenware fragment 1760-1800 INV.5859.16
Tabouret that belonged to Asher B. Durand 1815-1850 1932.237
Seal w/tag: Argencia Commercial del Ymperio Mexicano ca. 1867 INV.6308
Ribbon 1889 INV.2428
Badge INV.2441
Pins INV.2444
Button: Grant monument inaugeral April 27, 1897 INV.2447
Ribbon Museum Accession
Ribbon: Old Timer's, Bronx INV.2818
Ribbon badge ca.1893 1940.890
Ribbon: We Mourn our Loss, Engine Co. 5 INV.2833
Button 1936 INV.2205a-c
Pin on card in box: Rocky Mountain Club INV.2208A-C
Badge INV.5312
Badge INV.5313
Pin on Card: ASPCA 1891 INV.5328
4 Badges 1865 INV.2785
Button INV.6931
Pin w/photo: Grant INV.6932
Button w/photo: no identification 648
Lapel INV.6934
Campaign button w/photo of T. Roosevelt INV.6936
Button 1904 INV.6937
Button INV.6939
Button INV.6943
Ribbon fragment: red, no inscription INV.6946
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 645
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 633
w/ photo of McKinley and Roosevelt ca. 1900 1058
Button: w/photo of McKinley and Roosevelt 660
Lapel button: w/photo of McKinley INV.7001
Badge INV.7011
Button w/photo: Maj. Wm. McKinley INV.7015
Button: We...McKinley Roosevelt INV.7018
Pin: w/photo of McKinley 1941.418
Button: w/photo of McKinley INV.7019
Pin: w/photo of Roosevelt and McKinley INV.7020
Pin-back campaign button 1900 INV.7026
Pin: w/photo of McKinley; eagle-shaped INV.7027
Collection of two lapel buttons: w/photo of McKinley INV.7028
Limberjack 1900-1950 INV.8063
Miniature fork and knife 1875-1900 INV.10302
Miniature parasol 1850-1900 INV.9875
Garrison cap ca. 1943 1946.377
Music box 1870-1890 1946.106
Ornate whistle w/ribbon 1800-1875 INV.11042
Pillow: light green 1875-1915 INV.11531
Miniature pitcher 1875-1900 INV.1479
Child's plate 1804-1830 INV.9970
Plate 1850-1860 INV.9730
Medal 1946.228
Revolutionary Soldiers Monument Ribbon 1894 INV.2788
Ribbon 1888 INV.2214
Badge ca. 1883 INV.2250
Button INV.2259
Pin on document: gift of Mary Louise Waters 1934 INV.2262
Society of Tammany or Columbian Order Ribbon 1887 INV.2265
Badge w/document 1941.1085
Badge INV.2006
Badge INV.2007
Stick pin w/document in 2 pieces: United Society INV.2750
9 buttons on cardboard INV.2766
Button 1960-1980 INV.2344
Button INV.2408
Button INV.2409
Pin: Helen Chapman NYCity American Library Assn. INV.2327
Lapel button: w/photo of Wm. McKinley 1941.496
Pin: w/photo of McKinley, Roosevelt INV.7032
Pin: delegate INV.7035
Pin shaped like insect inscribed: NYHS INV.7041
Lapel button w/impression of insect INV.7043
Lapel button: w/impression of insect INV.7047
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7180
Pin: w/photo of W.J. Bryan INV.7184
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7185
Pin: the only pebble on the beach INV.7186
Button INV.7208
Lapel button fragment INV.7210
Campaign Ribbon 1889-1893 1043
Ribbon 1888 INV.7218
Ribbon 1892 INV.7221
Tint-type photo of George B. McClellan INV.7314
Campaign ribbon 1896 INV.7198
Unattached Document INV.7201
Child's plate 1825-1875 INV.9990
Plate 1825-1850 INV.9965
Miniature face powder canister 1900-1930 INV.11540
Punch bowl 1880-1920 INV.9929
Saltcellar 1880-1920 INV.9939
Letter opener 1830-1930 INV.7823
Miniature set of dishes (23) 1850-1900 INV.10258
Miniature food molds (4) 1875-1900 INV.9700
Box 1825-1875 INV.9844ab
Miniature dust pan 1900-1920 INV.9186
Square textile piece w/lace trim 1875-1950 INV.11496
Square textile piece w/lace trim 1875-1950 INV.11495
Miniature shoe 1875-1900 INV.10297
Cannonball 1760-1783 INV.6481.1
Ribbon INV.2329
Button INV.2330
Button INV.2336
Button INV.2340
Document INV.2559
Ribbon ca. 1862 INV.2564
Badge INV.2568
Badge INV.2575
Badge INV.2576B
Badges (12) 1914-1920 INV.2582
3 Ribbons INV.2896
Badge 1940.212
Republican County Committee's Captain Badge 1928 INV.2303
Pin: Princeton Club Ninety Three INV.4778C
W.M. Ribbon late 19th - early 20th century INV.4790
Badge w/ribbon and pin INV.4791
Ribbon ca. 1925 INV.4794
Badge INV.4995
Badge INV.4998
Badge INV.5014
Pin 1900 1941.416
Campaign button w/image of unidentified politician 1940.374
Campaign button: Inauguration Herbert Hoover 1929 1940.377
Campaign button: Teddy Roosevelt INV.7375
Button 1928 1940.376
Ribbon 1896 INV.7392
Ribbon INV.7394
McKinley & Roosevelt New York Press 1941.36
Pin: w/photo of McKinley INV.7190
Pin w/ ribbon and photo INV.7194
Pin: agent NY military census INV.10408
Badge 1914 INV.10410
Badge INV.10243
Badge INV.10233
Ribbon 1800-1900 INV.10712
Pin: crossed-cannons insignia INV.10336
Pin: crossed-rifles insignia 1910-1919 INV.10337
Pin: eagle on a wheel INV.10341
Button INV.10342
Miniature pitcher 1825-1900 INV.9661
Miniature bowl 1800-1900 INV.9663
Lock of hair of Tadeusz Kosciuszko 1861 INV.53
Collection of hair in box ca. 1840-1845 INV.1162
Model 1917 U.S. Magazine Rifle 1918 1951.413
Badge INV.5019
Badge INV.5023
Badge INV.5036
Badge INV.4829
Badge in box INV.4838
Badge 1941.549
Badge 587
Badge 1953.195q
Badge INV.3609
Badge 1941.472
Badge INV.3615
Box top INV.3632A
Badge 2364
Medal ca. 1900 1941.547
Badge w/ribbon & pin 1942.294
Badge w/pin 1941.420
Badge w/pin INV.3865
Badge w/pin INV.3866
Badge w/pin INV.3869
Badge w/pin INV.3870
Tag: ...Hempstead...1915 1915 INV.10604
Ribbon: Flushing 1906 INV.10617
Badges INV.11447
Badge 1898 INV.3506
Badge 568a
Fireman's belt: Colum??? 1850-1900 INV.9130
Collection of campaign buttons: DULLES INV.3920
Badge INV.3938C
Badge INV.3938D
Medal INV.3938E
Badge INV.3938I
Button 1942-1952 INV.3939
Pin with ribbon: Cleveland and Hendrickes 1884 INV.3944
Button w/ribbon INV.4055
Button w/ribbon INV.4060
Ribbon ca. 1897 INV.4078
Badge INV.4083
Model of display case in box 1940-1950 INV.10815
Ribbon ca. 1876 1931.51
Button INV.1996
Badge: Centennial Inauguration of Washington 1889 INV.2133
Badge ribbon 1905 1940.883
Button w/ribbon: Lemuel E. Quigg for Congress INV.2836
Ribbon 1905 INV.3010
Badge INV.3012
Badge INV.3016
Badge INV.3017
Ribbon w/3 Buttons: For Mayor John Purroy Mitchel INV.3026
Badge INV.3027
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.3047
Badge: Hoboken Fire Dept. 2 1890-1930 INV.12071
Button INV.2616
Badge INV.2033
Florette INV.3132
2 bows w/ribbon and flag INV.3135AB
Seth Low Mayoral Campaign Button with Ribbon 1903 INV.4084
Medal ca. 1892 INV.4086
Campaign ribbon 1892 INV.4091
Ribbon 1894 INV.4098
St. Nicholas Society Ribbon Pin 1893 INV.4154
Badge INV.4157
Button: N.Y. State...Rockefeller for Governor INV.4183
Button: Dewey and Warren INV.4190
Advertising ribbon with document 1850-1890 INV.4260
Pin: G.A.R. INV.4271
Button 1952-1956 INV.4277
Button: N.A.A.P.A. Assoc. Against the Prohibition Amendment INV.4278
Badge INV.4283.5
Badge INV.4283.8
Veterans lapel button: V.S. Selective Service INV.4195B
Veterans lapel button: Selective Service U.S. INV.4195F
Badge INV.4310
Horse comb: No. 222 Warranted 1800-1850 INV.9651
Aiguillette 1900-1930 INV.8434
Medicine bottle with stopper 1850-1925 1948.282ab
Pin: War Service Shipbuilding INV.5118
Badge INV.5125
Badge in box INV.1748
Badge: Republican Nat. Convention, Delegate, St. Louis June ca. 1896 INV.1954
Button: for governor B.B.Odell jr. INV.1977B
Buttons INV.1766
Pin: American Protective League Secret Service 1950.287a
Pin on Card: ...Spirit of St.Louis INV.1871
Badge INV.1922
Medal 1940.243
Badge in Box INV.4933
Badge INV.4937
Badge INV.4939
Badge INV.4942
Badge 1943.263
Bar pin INV.5065
Pins: U.S. INV.5079
Pins: NY INV.5087
Badge INV.5108
Pin: Munitions Manufacturer 1914-1918 INV.5126
John Quincy Adams Indian Peace Medal 1825-1828 INV.11118
World War I Medal 1914-1919 INV.10213
Medal and ribbon in case: reception Prince Phillip...1960 INV.10214
Conquest of St. Christopher Medal 1666 INV.10780
7th Regiment Reception Ribbon ca. 1866 INV.1597
Medallion: N.B.C. 1926-1936 INV.4370
Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commemorative Medal 1882 INV.3352B
Collection of coins in box 1780-1820 INV.13781
Coin: CA 5 dollar: Gold piece, 1850 1850 INV.13782
Token: One cent, Steam-Boat Company 1815 ca. 1815 INV.13852
The Myriopticon Rebellion: A Historical Panorama ca. 1875 2000.756
Button: For Governor...Augustus Van Wick INV.4067
Red, white, blue ribbon with pin INV.4082
Campaign ribbon ca. 1885 INV.4095
Ribbon ca. 1884 INV.4254
Badge INV.4268
Badges (3) 1914-1920 INV.4275
Button INV.4295
2 buttons on card: Franklin D. Roosevelt; William B. Borah INV.4194
Badge INV.4920E
Badge INV.4920H
Canteen 1825-1875 INV.6427
Tobacco pipe 1880-1920 INV.5862.1
Cabinet - 1860 Treasury and Mint Medal 1860 1124
Presidency Relinquished Presidential Medal (Sansom Medal) 1806 or later 1125a
Valley Forge Centennial Medal 1878 1126
Valley Forge Centennial Commemorative Medal 1878 1127
Souvenir Pin with Pendant Medal ca. 1812 1945.440
John Ericsson Medal After 1889 1945.507
Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Medallion 1906 1942.235
Medal Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of Kingston, N.Y. 1908 1943.37
Fan 1853-1875 1937.3
New Haven Tercentenary Commemorative Medal 1938 1938.275
Necktie 1944 1946.41d
Necktie 1941-1942 1946.173d
Necktie 1942 1946.121c
hollow plane 1850-1900 1948.447
Trousers 1930-1940 1950.135d
Trousers 1942 1946.39b
Trousers 1940-1945 1946.42b
Trousers 1913 1950.299b
Uniform ornament 1957.227k
Waistcoat 1860-1875 1949.314b
The Historiscope Panorama and History of Americas ca. 1875 2000.757
Musket butt plate 1770-1790 INV.8657
Belt buckle 1855-1865 INV.8655
Sword sheath 1850-1870 INV.8449
Sword sheath 1850-1870 INV.8445
Sword sheath 1850-1870 INV.8444
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 Z.164
Lapel button insignia: Army, Honorable Discharge 1800-1900 INV.7499
NYCPD service stripe 1935-1945 INV.7489
Service stripe 1940-1945 INV.7488
Civilian medicinal canteen with document (SHOULD BE REMOVED AND STORED WITH SILVER COLLECTION) 1940-1960 INV.1054
Pitcher ca. 1750-1850 1920.112
Collection of archeological artifacts found at Fort Washington ca. 1775-1783 INV.5615
2 leather fragments: belt loops INV.11451
Ladle: Copenhagen 1870-1920 INV.8602
Plate: inscribed: L.B.S. 8th Co. 7th / N.Y.S.M. 970 1860-1865 INV.6416
Uniform fragment 1850-1900 INV.9006
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 20 1836-1883 INV.9243
Badge: 3rd V. Pres...Westchester Exempt 1901 1901 INV.10386
Badge: Delegate 35th Annual Conv., Firemen's Assn...NY, 1907 INV.10456
Badge: Delegate F.A.s of N.Y. August...1890 INV.10387
Badge: Delegate, 16th Annual Convention, Hudson Valley... 1905 INV.10737
Badge: NY Veteran Fireman's Assn...Oct. 3, 1888 1888 INV.10495
Ribbon badge: Secretary Assn. Exempt Firemen...New York 1880-1930 INV.10731
Badge: Veteran Fireman's Association 1880-1920 INV.10749
Badge: Vol. Firemen's Assn...Sept. 23-28th, 1907 1907 INV.10395
Lieutenant-Colonel William Washington Military Medal 1862 1177
Oath of Allegiance Commemorative Medal ca. 1861 1222
Cornelius Vanderbilt Presentation Medal 1865-1874 1225
Lieutenant-Colonel Francois Louis Tesseidre DeFleury Military Medal After 1880 1935.127b
Chile Internation Exposition prize medal 1875 1936.724
Medal. Monogrammed initials on one face, scene with two figures and cross in background with nearly illegible inscription on other. 1800-1850 1937.65
Medal 1925 1937.8
Arrowhead-Shaped Medal on Red Ribbon 1937.9
Fragments of plate (4) 1775-1800 INV.5859.8a-d
Frock coat 1898-1900 1945.502a
Key ca. 1775 1904.5a
Coat 1946.44e
Waist belt plate 1860-1865 1949.59
Waist belt plate 1855-1865 1944.121
Powder tester 1850-1900 1938.255
Powder horn 1800-1825 1946.322
Powder horn 1794 1963.129
Powder horn 1775-1825 1954.145a
Powder horn 1790-1850 1954.145b
Shot pouch 1830-1850 1950.71
Powder flask 1840-1870 1950.65
Powder flask 1840-1870 1942.442
Powder horn ca. 1860 1943.372
Powder horn 1780-1840 1954.147
Powder horn 1800-1850 1950.52
Powderhorn 1840-1865 1950.66
Bandoleer strap: white buckskin 1850-1870 INV.11449
Waist belt (2) 1860-1870 1953.177ab
Billfold 1940-1945 INV.11389
Bridle INV.11283
Chisel 1850-1900 Z.196
Shoulder straps (pair) 1860-1865 1918.56c,d
White hat 1928-1930 1950.33
The Home History Game 1909 2000.765
Bowl 1775-1810 INV.5943.40a-l
Ribbon badge: Westchester Exempt Firemen's Assn. 1880-1920 INV.10465
Badge:delegate,15th.Annual Convention,Oct.4,5,6,1910...L.I. 1910 INV.10861
Badge:delegate,S.N.Y. Volunteer Firemens Ass'n, June 1921... 1921 INV.10860
Ribbon Badge: guest exempt Firemen's Benevolent Fund Ass'n.N.Y.1899 ca. 1899 INV.10855
Collection of 6 badges on blocks in envelope: Morrisania FD 1840-1890 INV.9251
Collection of badges: in memorium Exempt Firemen's Ben...NY INV.10478
Fire dept. badge: Asst. F.F.H.F.D. 7, 1862 ca. 1862 INV.10313
Fire helmet frontpiece: 5 1850-1900 INV.9036
Fire helmet frontpiece: 58 1850-1900 INV.9109
Fire helmet frontpiece: 6 1850-1900 INV.9149
Fire helmet frontpiece: 63 1850-1900 INV.9039


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