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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Badge INV.3368
Badge 1942.295
Badge INV.3370
Badge: Admiral Geo. Dewey...Olympia 1941.476
Badge 806
Badge 2025
Badge 1941.428
Badge INV.3377
Badge w/ medal: relief of Admiral Dewey 1941.474
Badge 1941.478
Pin INV.3378
Badge INV.4027
Two Good Terms Deserve Another 1940 1940.603
Campaign button: We Millionaires Want Willkie 1940.722
Roosevelt 1940.511
Campaign button: No Franklin the First 1940.523
Campaign button: De-thronement Day Nov 5. 1940.805
Campaign button: My Friends - Goodbye 1940.583
Campaign button: You Lose Franklin 1940.808
Campaign button: No No a Thousand Times No 1940.596
Campaign button: Heres Your Hat Frank... 1940.756
Campaign button: New Deal a Missing Deal 1940.704
Campaign button: He Will...Now 1940.666
Campaign button: There Is No Indispensible Man 1940.700
"Roosevelt" Hide at Hyde! INV.7269
Two Times Is Enough For Any Man 1940.709
Campaign button: Third Term Grab?... 1940.790
Pin-back campaign button 1940 1940.710
Campaign button: My Friends But Not My Subjects 1940.562
Campaign button: Third term Taboo 23 Skiddo 1940.806
Campaign button: Lets Swap Riders... 1940.716
Campaign button: Dictator? Not For Us INV.7270
No Fourth Term Either 1940.540
Campaign button: No More Fireside Chats... 1940.665
Campaign button: Roosevelt Gone with the Wind 1940.792
Campaign pin on document INV.6962
Campaign ribbon 1908 INV.6963
Campaign Button: The Friends of Franklin Roosevelt INV.6965
Campaign Button: Roosevelt INV.6966
Campaign Button: Roosevelt INV.6967
Collection of Campaign Button: for President F. D. Roosevelt INV.6968
Ell measure 1780-1820 643
Campaign Button/pin: Roosevelt INV.6970
Campaign Button: Win with Wilson INV.6972
Button ca. 1912-1916 1940.384
Campaign Button w/ribbons: Welcome -photo of Wilson c. 1918 INV.6973
Collection of Campaign Buttons: Win with Wilson INV.6974
Button stud INV.6977
Badge INV.3672
Badge INV.3673
Badge INV.4026
Button 1940 1940.781
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.696
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.513
Campaign button: Americanism Roosevelt 647
Campaign button: Every 1940.675
Campaign button: Willkie second million 1940.683
Pin-back campaign button 1940 1940.663
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.592
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.947
Campaign button: Thanksgiving Day Nov. 5 1940.551
Pin 1868 INV.7378
Hat w/flag ca. 1904 INV.7385
Campaign button w/flower trim design: Carry On Roosevelt INV.7384
Collection of political buttons on card INV.4057
For President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1940.752
Dewey & Bricker INV.7367
Campaign button: Re-elect Bill Green INV.7368
Ribbon 473
Badge 1941.258
Badge 1941.255
Ribbon: Democratic Candidates ... Tilden, Hendricks INV.7298
Shell w/photo: The Only Pebble on the Beach;photo: McKinley INV.7191
Badge w/ pin,ribbon & photo INV.7192
Photo from button/badge: McKinley INV.7193
Convention ribbon 1892 INV.7196
Pin INV.3379
Badge INV.3384
Badge on card 1941.477
Badge INV.3386
Ribbon with Pin: Admiral Dewey,Hero of Manilla INV.3387
Badge w/chain in case 1948.579ab
Wood fragment from ship "Tennessee" 1850-1864 INV.7565
Badges INV.3391B
Badges INV.3391C
Clip pin INV.3343
Badge INV.3324
Badge on card w/tag INV.3326C
Badge w/tag 1940 INV.3327
Badge INV.3332
Badge INV.3335
Pin: airplane prop INV.3339
Pin: U.S. INV.3340
Pin: NAFWA INV.3341
Pin: purple INV.3342
Badge INV.3278
Badge INV.3275
Badge INV.3276
Badge 1949.14
Campaign button: No Royal Family 1940.572
Campaign button: 8 Years Is Enough 1940.598
Campaign button: No More Fishing Trips... 1940.793
Roosevelt - Wallace INV.7273
Campaign button: For Walker Congress INV.7280
Campaign button: No More New Deal... 1940.609
Campaign button: Eleanor? No Soap 1940.555
We Women Want Willkie 1940.528
Campaign button: Willkie Not Royal But Loyal 1940.525
Pin-back campaign button 1940 1940.718
Campaign button: Learn To Say 1940.586
Campaign button: 99 Out Of 100 Want Willkie... 1940.809
Campaign button: Life Begins In 40 1940.944
Campaign button: Willkie For President 1940.712
Campaign button: photo of Willkie 1940.649
Campaign button: Wendell Pitching Franklin Out 1940.798
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.624
Collection of buttons: O! Dwyer INV.7275
Campaign button: Senator Javits INV.7278
Campaign button: Lindsay for Mayor INV.7279
Campaign button: Vote La Guardia... 1941.1078
Badge: NY State Fireman's Ass. 1895 ca.1895 1940.895
Badge 1941.252
Badge 1941.262
We want F.D.R. again 1940.698
Campaign button w/ribbon & elephant figurine: photo of Willk 1940.650
Campaign button: Reelect our President Franklin D. Roosevelt INV.6980
Campaign button: carry on with Roosevelt 1940.521
Carry on with Roosevelt 1940.522
Campaign button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.506
Campaign button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.500
Campaign button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.507
Campaign button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.503
We don't want Eleanor either 1940.753
Campaign button: Willkie or Bust 1940.657
Campaign button: Willkie or Bust 1940.658
Campaign button: Willkie or Bust 1940.656
Campaign button: Thanksgiving Day Nov 5 1940.599
Campaign button: Carry on with Roosevelt 1940.835
Campaign button: London GOP Knox 1940.382
Campaign button: Landon GOP Knox INV.7100
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.684
Button: Willkie for President 1940.861
Button: Willkie for President 1940.625
Button: We The People Need Willkie 1940.839
Collection of campaign buttons w/sun flower edge: Victory La INV.7101
Collection of campaign buttons w/sun flower edge: Landon GOP INV.7102
Collection of campaign buttons w/sun flower edge: Landon GOP 1940.749
Collection of campaign buttons w/sun flower edge: Landon GOP INV.7103
Campaign button: Image of Roosevelt F.D.R. 1941.251
Collection of Campaign buttons: Image of Roosevelt INV.7105
Ribbons ca.1844 INV.7417.1
Badge INV.10403
Pendant INV.10407
Ribbon INV.10248
Ribbon INV.10401
Ribbon INV.10402
Badge INV.10242
Badge ca. 1990 INV.10234
Badge in case INV.10217
Pin and badge INV.10219
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.10706
Pin ca. 1900 INV.10708
Ribbon ca. 1889 INV.10713
Button INV.10333
Button INV.3542
Ribbon w/medal: Republic Francaise 1914-1917 INV.3543
Ribbon w/medal & pin in box: Rebublique Francaise 1870 1943.41
Pin w/ribbon & medal in box: Office National du Tourisme INV.3548
Ribbon with mount ca. 1887 INV.10592
William Pitt Medal ca. 1766 INV.3336
Badge 1941.540
Badge 1945.499
Badge INV.3287
Button INV.3293
Button 1860-1870 1941.564[dup]
Badge 1941.545
Pin: Rock Island ca. 1910 1936.516
Pin: Woman's Roosevelt ...Service 1943.258b
Badge 1946.231
Badge 1939.256
Badge 1939.266
Badge 1939.255
Badge 1939.260
Badge 1939.259
Badge 1939.268
Campaign button: Marchi INV.7281
Campaign button: Win with Wagner INV.7283
Pin: American Insitute... INV.7292
sword% INV.7400
Pin INV.7401
Button INV.7402
Pin INV.7403
Button 1880-1900 INV.7404
Pin: 2 year INV.7405
Pin: 3 year INV.7406
Willkie and McNary 1940.623
Button: Willkie and McNary 1940.694
Button: Willkie 1940.829
Button: Willkie 1940.773
Button: Willkie 1940.950
Campaign button: Roosevelt INV.7106
Campaign button: We want FDR Again INV.7108
Button 1920 INV.7111
Pin: Elephent figurine INV.7113
Pin INV.7115
Golf ball 1941.1056[dup]
Coolidge and Dawes 1940.747
Button 1924 INV.7116
Campaign Button: For President Theodore Roosevelt INV.6983
Campaign Button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.510
Campaign Button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.501
Campaign Button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.499
Campaign Button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.508
Campaign Button: Roosevelt Wallace 1940.509
Campaign Button: We Want FDR Again INV.6981
Campaign Button: Image of Teddy Roosevelt 634
Campaign Button w/ribbon: Republican Committee man ... INV.6982
Campaign Button: Image of Teddy Roosevelt and unidentified.. INV.6986
Badge w/flag & ribbon: INV.6989
Campaign Button: Roosevelt 1940.763
Campaign Button: Image of Teddy Roosevelt 637
Tag w/string: Westchester County's John Sells 1915 1915 INV.10602
Ribbon w/button: Kings...W.H. Swartout for trustee INV.10621
Badge: annual inspection & parade S.F.D. Somerville NJ 1911 1911 INV.10623
Badge pin: first assistant 1892-1920 INV.10648
Collection of 2 pins: Firemen insignia 1894-1896 INV.10649
Badge INV.11821
Button 1941.441
Pin: U.S. insignia 1910-1919 INV.10340
Pin: tank insignia INV.10339
Button: Willkie for President 1940.668
Sword belt w/slings;A.D. 1852-1870 1958.123k
Pin: Ten Years Long and Faithful Service INV.5568
Ribbon 1800-1900 INV.11721
Badge 1939.261
Badge 1939.257
Badge 1939.258
Badge 1939.262
Badge 1939.267
Badge in box INV.3464
Ribbon ca. 1911 1953.195s
Pin: Crdedre Obbedite... INV.5408
Badge 1941.468
Badge 1942.296
Pin w/tag: medal of Honor Legion 1953.195m
Badge INV.3668
Badge 1939.493
Willkie 1940.630
Button: F D R 1940.641
Button: Republicans and Democrats for Willkie 1940.953
Button: No Third Term 1940.838
Button: No Third Term 1940.635
Button: No Third Term 1940.691
Button: No Third Term 1940.765a
Button: We Want Willkie 1940.770
Wings for America 1940.837
Button: No Third Term... 1940.631
Button: Willkie 1940.498
Button: For President Wendell L. Willkie 1940.634
Vote Willkie Prosperity 1940 1940.565
Pin 1940.771
Button: Roosevelt? No No 1000 Times No 1940.615
Button: Roosevelt? No No 1000 Times No 1940.616
Button: Learn to say 1940.527
Button: No Royal Family 1940.573
Button: Dictator? Not For Us 1940.549
Button: Boy! Do We Need A Change 1940.772
Button 1904 INV.6987
Metal tag INV.6992
Button 1904 INV.6993
Campaign button/pin: Willkie for me 1940.862
Campaign Button: Willkie and McNasy 1940.815
Campaign button: I am a Willkie Democrat 1940.600
Campaign button: I'll Bet My ... On Wilkie INV.6390
Campaign button: Roosevelt for Ex-President 1940.547
Campaign button: Guard Our Peace INV.6386
Campaign button: No More Fireside Chats 1940.591
Roosevelt and Relief Wilkie and Work 1940.946
Campaign button: Wilkie Waker INV.6387
Campaign button: The Last Act 1940.755
Campaign button: Roosevelt 1940.834
Campaign button: My Friends - Goodbye 1940.582
Collection of campaign buttons: I'll Bet My ... On Willkie 1940.707
Button 1940 1940.550
Campaign button:Wilkie For Pres. At Commonwealth & Southern INV.6388
The American Way With Willkie 1940.611
Campaign button:Papa 1940.595
Campaign button:Papa 1940.529
Campaign button:Papa INV.6389
Pin: In Hoc Signo Vinces 1939.489
Badge 568b
Star badge: John S. Ellis from Templer Lodge...July 17, 1858 1939.488
Pendant 1939.494
Badge INV.1912
Raincoat ca. 1940 INV.11600
Button INV.3922
Button INV.3923
Button: Elect Morris INV.3924
LaFollette for President INV.3925
Pin: Roosevelt Memorial Assn. INV.3926
Lapel button: Dewey Bricker INV.3927
Button INV.3928
Badge INV.3930
Ribbon fragment: badge bar ca. 1900 INV.3932
Lapel button: F.D.R. INV.3933
Button: Lehaman for Senator INV.3934
Button INV.3936
Pin: Oval with center piece missing INV.3937
Badge INV.3938G
Pin: Rockerfeller for Governor INV.3940
Pin with ribbon: male portrait INV.3942
Badge 1932.131n
Badge 1941.253
Badge: Delegate 30 Annual ... ca.1902 1940.908
Badge w/document INV.3583
9 badges w/document in case INV.3584
Badge in Box INV.3791
Campaign buttons collection: Wilkie For President INV.6392
Campaign buttons collection: Wilkie For President INV.6393
Campaign button: Wilkie INV.6395
Badge: N.Y.F.D. 47 1890-1930 1938.225
Badge in Case 1942.336
Badge in Case INV.3796
Campaign ribbon 1901 INV.3900
Envelope 2330
Badge w/pin INV.3886
Badge on card INV.3907A
Envelope INV.3907B
Pin on Docu w/tag:Fasimile of the Lafayette Button 1923 INV.3909
Medal 1864 INV.3913
Medal: Fort Sumter 1863 1863 INV.3496
Badge INV.3915
Button ca. 1932-1944 1940.533
Button: No Royal Family 1940.554
Button: We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.493
Button: We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.662
Button: We Don't Want Eleanor Either 1940.545
Button: No Third Term 1940.491
Pin-back campaign button 1940 1940.717
Button: Roosevelt For Ex... 1940.490
Button: My Son Is Not A Captain 1940.702
Button: We Women Want Willkie 1940.607
Wendell Will For Prosperity 1940.585
Button: Roosevelt No More... 1940.575
Button: We Women Want Willkie 1940.604
Button: No Crown For Franklin 1940.601
Button: photo: Our Next President... 1940.715
Button: Eleanor Start Packing... 1940.706
Button: Our Next President...Willkie 1940.494
Button 1940 1940.542
No Franklin The First 1940.593
Button: I like Ike INV.6842
Ike One good term deserves another INV.6843
Pin on card: Ike INV.6847
Win With Willkie 1940.581
Campaign button: Win With Willkie 1940.580
Campaign button: Roosevelt For Ex-President 1940.761
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.606
Every buddy U.S for Willkie 1940.836
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.812
Red lapel button on paper INV.3945
Button INV.3946
Button INV.3947
Button: Grant Monument...April 27, 1897 INV.4054
Button 655
Button 1946.56
Button ca. 1896 1941.560
Button INV.4051
Buttons and pins INV.4052
Button INV.4059
Button 1941.559
Button 159
Button INV.4061
Button INV.4062
Button INV.4063
Button INV.4064
Button INV.4065
Button: United Behind the President INV.4066
Button INV.4068
Badge w/pin & ribbon 1935.96
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3880
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3882
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3887
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3888
Button INV.3897
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.3898
Button INV.3899
Button INV.4100
Button INV.4101
Button INV.4102
Medal INV.4119
Badge: N.Y.F.D. 47 1890-1930 1938.224
Badge w/pin & ribbon INV.4121
Medal ca. 1904 INV.4122
Ribbon fragment: badge bar ca. 1900 INV.6857
Fan 1870-1900 1937.7
Button: Stevenson, Kefauver, Wagner INV.6862
Button: Ike and Dick INV.6863
Button: Stevenson 1960 INV.6864
Button: Ike in '56 INV.6865
Button: Stevenson, Kefauver INV.6867
Button: Ike/Dick INV.6870
Button: Wagner, U.S. Senate INV.6871
Button: Javits... INV.6873
Button: Javits... INV.6874
We like Ike INV.6874[dup]
Collection of buttons: Ike and Dick INV.6877
Demorcrats for Dwight D. Eisenhower INV.6882
Button 1952 INV.6883
Button: I like Ike 1957.10a
Ike likes Me INV.6884
J'aime Ike INV.6885
Button: J'aime Ike INV.6886
Buttons INV.6891
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.822
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.827
Campaign button: Willkie and McNary 1940.818
Campaign button: No Third Term 1940.769
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.629
We The People Need Willkie 1940.955
Campaign button: Willkie 1940.766
Campaign button: Wilkie For President 1940.518
Campaign button: Willkie For President 1940.842
Campaign button: Willkie For President 1940.620
Campaign button: Willkie For President 1940.670
Campaign button: Willkie For President 1940.954
Badge 1889 1942.253e
Badge 1889 1942.253l
Button INV.4069
Button INV.4070
Button INV.4071
Pin: Roosevelt Memorial Assn. INV.4072
Button INV.4073
Badge with photo INV.4074
Ribbon ca. 1900 INV.4079
Button w/ribbon INV.4081
Pins INV.4085
Medal ca. 1895 1940.925
Badge INV.4087
Badge INV.4088
Document INV.4090
Ribbon 1888 INV.4099
Ribbon 1888 INV.4152
Ribbon 1883 INV.4158
Ribbon ca. 1884 INV.4159
Ribbon ca. 1888 INV.4160
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.4179
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.4180
Button: Rockefeller Keating INV.4182
Badge INV.4126
Medal ca. 1914 INV.4128
Pin: 1943.64
Pin in box: American Red Cross... 1949.18
Badge w/tag INV.4801
Badge w/tag INV.4802
Club pin 1878 INV.4804
Button INV.4812H
Badge 1945.90[dup]
Pin: Third Panel Sheriff Jury 1915 INV.4864I
Pin: eagle w/flag INV.4864F
Badge INV.4864G
Ribbon: With Malice Towards None... INV.4883H
Badge INV.4883I
Badge INV.4883J
Pin:American Flag INV.2039
Collection of buttons in envelope: Nixon 1968 INV.6898
Envelope INV.7064
Button: Together w/McGovern INV.7065
Veterans for McGovern 1972 INV.7068
Republicans for McGovern 1972 INV.7071
Button: Viva McGovern/Shriver ca. 1972 INV.7078
Button 1972 INV.7079
Collection of buttons: 1st time voter for McGovern INV.7080
Collection of buttons: McGovern/Shriver INV.7081
Collection of buttons: McGovern INV.7082
Collection of buttons: McGovern INV.7083
Collection of buttons: McGovern/Shriver INV.7084
Collection of campaign buttons in envelope: Rockefeller INV.7093
Badge INV.4238
Badge INV.4231
Badge 1889 1942.253o
Badge 1889 1942.253t
Badge 1889 1942.253u
Pins and ribbon ca. 1946 INV.7426
Pins and ribbon 1946 1946.5
buttons, badges, souvenir 1942.490
Plaque in case: Simon Bolivar 877
Badge 891
Badge in case 878
Badge in case 872
Ribbon in case: Order of Isabella of Spain 887
Badge in case 1870-1950 890
Badge in case 1808-1900 883
Citizens for Rockefeller ca. 1959 INV.4187ab
Nelson Rockefeller for Governor 1959-1973 INV.4188.1
Collection of political buttons and tokens INV.4189
Button: I Like Ike INV.4191
Ribbon ca. 1886 INV.4251
Ribbon After 1848 INV.4253
Badge INV.4264


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