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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Ribbon with pin: red, white and blue INV.4256
Pin: U.S.M.A. Duty, Honor, Country ca. 1930 INV.4259
3 political buttons: Stevenson INV.4269
Ribbon ca. 1863 INV.4263
Ribbon: Red, white and blue INV.4266
Button with ribbon: Gen. Eisenhower INV.4267
Cradle W/mattress 1920-1940 INV.5241
6 political buttons: Halley...Robinson INV.4270
6 buttons, 1 pin: Liberty Loan, Victory, Wilkie INV.4274
Collection of political buttons: Elect Riegelman Mayor INV.4272
Pin-back buttons (3) ca. 1960 INV.4273
Pin-back campaign button 1896 INV.4283.4
3 lapel buttons INV.4276
Document INV.2040
Envelope INV.2041
Document INV.2042
Badge 1940.208
Button ca. 1950 INV.2045
Button: w/photograghs of Pres.Mckinley and his cabinet 1900 INV.2046
Button 1941.562
Button 1941.435
Button ca. 1900 1941.434
Button: Barton for US Senator 1940.786
Button 1942.42
Button 1941.437
Button 1941.442
Pin: eagle on canon, oval shaped INV.2047
Button 1941.1077
Badge INV.4652E
Button 1941.1087
Button: Simpson to Congress 1940.782
Button 1941.1091
Button: Kendll for Congressman 1940.784
Button: Palmer and Buckner 1941.556
Envelope INV.4240
Badge INV.4241
Badge in case INV.4245
Button 1936.499
Button 1936.500
Badge in case 1936.494
Badge in case 1936.493
Badge INV.4323
Badge in box INV.4329
Badge in box 1945.438
Badge in box INV.4330
Badge in box 2352
Pin: flag,HF INV.4332[dup]
Badge INV.4343
Badge: (2) INV.4344
Badge INV.4345
Badge (2) INV.4346
Badge: (2) INV.4347
Badge INV.4348
Badge INV.4349
Button 1936.495
Badges (2) INV.4340a
Badge 586[dup]
Badge in case 1850-1930 876
Pin: nut cross section ca. 1861 573
Badge in case 1939.270
Badge in case 888
Badge case 884
Badge & plaque in case 885
Badge case w/document INV.7422
Badge in case 879
Ribbon in case: Greece, Order of the Redeemer 875
Plaque in case: Royal Order George I (Greece) 1943.117a
Badge in case 1943.117b
Badge in case 873
Badge & plaque in case 893
Sash w/badge & plaque in case:Portugal,Grand Cross of the... 895
Plaque in case: Order of the Crown of Belgium early 20th Century 1943.116a
Sash w/badge in case: Order of the Crown of Belgium 1943.116b
Sash w/badge in case:Grand Cross, Order of Isabel the ... 894
Ribbon ca. 1872 INV.8278
Badge in case 832
Badge w/compass INV.4276B
Badge INV.4276C
Button INV.4279
Badge late 19th century 1935.24
Badge 1941.5
Badge 1941.8
Badge 1941.4
Badge 1935.22
Badge 1941.2
Badge 1941.3
Medal ca. 1899 1940.929
Badge 1940.931
Badge 739
Envelope ca. 1909 INV.4283.1
Ribbon pin ca. 1909 INV.4283.3
Badge INV.4283.9
Badge INV.4920C
Buttons and pins (23) INV.4288
Button 1942.43
Button: Vote for Philip Morris 1940.843
Button: Geo.B McClellan for Mayor 1941.510
Button 1941.436
Button 1940.736
Button 1940.744
Button 1941.561
Button: Vote La Guardia 1941.1079
Button 1940.740
Badge INV.4397
Badge INV.4398
Badge INV.4422
Medal: State of N.Y. INV.4425
Badge INV.4435
Badge INV.4436
Badge INV.4429
Medal: 12th Regiment INV.4432
Badge w/tag INV.4433
Badge INV.4437
Pin w/tag: Armory Sharp Shooter INV.4440
Badge INV.4443
Badge INV.5015
Badge 1942.547
Badge INV.4409
Badge 1941.1011
Pin: Hudson-Fulton INV.4410
Badge INV.4416
Badge INV.4418
Badge INV.4419
Campaign button: We Want Willkie 1940.648
Campaign buttons collection: Dewey -Warren INV.6437
Campaign buttons collection: I like Ike & Dick INV.6438
Campaign button collection: FDR INV.6440
Lapel tabs (3) 1956 INV.6441
Campaign tokens: Dewey - Warren INV.6442
Campaign buttons: Dewey INV.6443
Campaign button: Vote for Ike INV.6444
FDR INV.6445
Campaign button: Ike and Nixon INV.6446
Campaign button: ...Willkie 1940.760
Campaign button: JAVITS INV.6601
Campaign button: Willkie or bust 1940.536
Campaign button: Truman INV.6603
Campaign button: Humphrey Muskie INV.6610
Campaign buttons: All the way with Adalai INV.6607
Badge in case 874
Badge in case 830
Button: General Dwight D.Eisenhower INV.7454
Badge in case INV.7425
Button w/envelope 1970.52
Badge INV.8292
Badge INV.8280
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.5461e
Button INV.7455
Shoulder patch 1942-1945 INV.7493
Badge 1889 INV.7438
Buttons, pins, souvenirs 1951.438
Button: photo of Franklin D.Roosevelt INV.7456
Campaign button: photo of F.D Roosevelt INV.7451
Badge INV.7338
Button INV.2050
Button INV.2051
Button: Seth Lowe INV.2053
Button INV.2054
Box 1830-1890 INV.7326
Document INV.7327
Button: photo of Roosevelt w/red,white & blue trim INV.7457
Document INV.7328
Button INV.4286
Buttons INV.4195A
Pin: Second War Fund INV.4293[dup]
Button: Citizen for Rockefeller Keating INV.4297
Button INV.4298
Pin: Red Cross INV.4299
Button INV.4192
Buttons and badges INV.4193
Veterans lapel button: V.S...1917-1918 INV.4195C
Veterans lapel button: S. ...Sons of Veterans INV.4195D
Pin INV.4195E
Button INV.2058
Button INV.4196AB
Reception Ribbon 1800-1900 INV.4199
Florette with ribbon INV.4353
Framed medal: N.M.R. 1850-1900 INV.4351
Badges INV.4352AB
Badge INV.4709
Badge INV.4700
Badge INV.4702
Badge INV.4705
Badge INV.4718
Badge INV.4703
Pin:...9th Regiment INV.4711
Badge INV.4427
Badge INV.4715
Memorial Day Ribbon 1915 INV.4147
Pin: Marksman INV.4710
Badge INV.4719
Ribbon 1940-1945 INV.4138
Pin w/eagle INV.4139
Pin w/eagle INV.4140
Badge INV.4142
Ribbon ca. 1911 INV.4143
Ribbon ca. 1908 INV.4144
Badge INV.4148B
Badge INV.4148D
Ribbon INV.4149B
Pin-back campaign buttons 1952-1956 INV.6608
Campaign button: Nixon INV.6611
Campaign button: ...Humphrey INV.6615
Campaign button: Stevenson INV.6614
Campaign button: Humphrey - Muskie INV.6617
Button 1968 INV.6618
Collection of campaign lepal pins: IKE INV.6619
Campaign button: Adalai E. Stevenson for President INV.6622
Campaign button: I like Ike INV.6627
Campaign button:... Stevenson INV.6629
Campaign button: Adlai INV.6630
Pin: George Washington Bicentennial... INV.6764
Pendant ca. 1956 INV.6752
Bracelet 1968 or 1972 INV.6753
Button: Ike and Dick INV.6754
Button: ...Kefauver... INV.6755
Button INV.6756
Button: Stevenson INV.6760
Button ca. 1960 INV.6761
Buttons (3): Stevenson INV.6762
Buttons (6): Stevenson INV.6763
Button: Vote for Ike INV.6765
Ribbon ca. 1910 INV.7329
Second Premium NY Poultry & Pigeon Association Ribbon ca. 1913 INV.7336
Badge 1866 INV.7339
Badge INV.7342
Badge INV.7341
Badge INV.7343
Badge INV.7344
Badge INV.7345
Badge INV.7348
Badge INV.7352
Badge INV.7353
Badge 1880-1919 INV.7355
Medal INV.7356
Badge INV.7358
Badge INV.7359
USMS braids INV.1933B
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.1936
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.1938
Pin: eagle semder vigilins INV.1941
Ribbon ca. 1845 INV.4359
Ribbon 1885 INV.4361
4 ribbons INV.4364.1-.4
Badge 1935.142
Badge 1935.143
Pin: St. Andrew's Golf club 1935.141
Badge 1935.144
Badges INV.4369
Badges INV.4374
Badge INV.4377
Badge INV.4383
Medal 1943.266
Button w/ribbon:...Seth Low 1903 INV.4909
Belt plate 1860-1865 1954.192
Badge in case INV.4904
Badge INV.4910
Box top INV.4915
Badge INV.4920B
Badge INV.4920D
Ribbon INV.4149F
Letter INV.4161A
Ribbon INV.4165b
Badge in envelope 1946.382
Badge in envelope INV.4166AB
Badge INV.4165c
Envelope w/docu INV.4165D
Ribbon w/pin & photograph: of Grant INV.4169
Medal INV.4167
Medal ca. 1899 INV.4171
Badge 1941.514
Badge w/ medal INV.4579
Medal ca.1907 INV.4173
Medal ca. 1897 INV.4174
Medal ca. 1907 INV.4175
Badge 1940.213
Badge 1947.459
Railroad and Steamship Sound Money Club Badge 1900 INV.4572
Welcome Home 27th New York Division Ribbon 1850-1910 INV.4574
Badge w/ medal INV.4575
Badge w/ medal INV.4577
VETS/FOR/IKE 1952-1956 INV.6766
Buttons (6): Ike INV.6767
Buttons: Ike & Nixon INV.6768
Button INV.6770
Pin INV.6771
Button: Dewey INV.6772
I like Ike INV.6776
Pin-back button (16) ca. 1960 INV.6777
Badges (14) ca. 1960 INV.6779
Pin INV.6780
Button: Registrar and Vote INV.6781
Pin INV.6784
Buttons (2): Taft INV.6785
Let's back Ike INV.6788
Collection of buttons: Barkley INV.6789
I Like Ike INV.6790
Button: Ike & Dick INV.6791
More than Ever I Like Ike INV.6794
Button: Vote Adlai INV.6796
Button on card: Roosevelt - Wilkie 1940 INV.6719
Pin: Hero of Manila, Dewey INV.4635
Button: ...Seth Low INV.1943
Button INV.1944
Button INV.1945
Button: ...B.B. Odell INV.1947
Button INV.2059
Button INV.2060
Button w/ribbon INV.2061
Ribbon fragment ca. 1900 INV.2064
Purse w/fabric swatch inside 1725-1775 1950.139
Religious medal w/ribbon INV.2066
Lapel clip INV.2067
Lapel clip INV.2068
Bar pin INV.2069
Badge INV.2073
Badge INV.2074
Badge INV.2076
Badge w/ribbon ca. 1950 INV.2077
Badge w/portrait INV.2079
Fire helmet frontpiece: Hopkin's hose 1868-1900 INV.9081
Fire helmet frontpiece: image indistinguishable 1840-1880 INV.9088
Fire helmet frontpiece: Indep??dent 1850-1900 INV.9201
Fire helmet frontpiece: independent 1850-1900 INV.9221
Fire helmet frontpiece: ladder man 1850-1900 INV.9032
Fire helmet frontpiece: Jackson 4 1850-1900 INV.8906
Fire helmet frontpiece: John Decker 1850-1900 INV.9213
Fire helmet frontpiece: ladderman 1850-1900 INV.9105
Fire helmet frontpiece: Lady Washington 1850-1900 INV.9217
Fire helmet frontpiece: Liberty Hose 1850-1900 INV.9049
Fire helmet frontpiece: monitor 1850-1900 INV.9082
Fire helmet frontpiece: N.Y. Exempt 1854-1900 INV.8936
Fire helmet frontpiece: N.Y. Exempt Assn. chief engineer 1854-1880 INV.8890
Fire helmet frontpiece: N.Y. Exempt Association ? F 1854-1880 INV.8886
Framed set of objects (20) 1760-1783 INV.5608.123-142
Tobacco pipe fragment 1860-1864 INV.5867.1
Brick 1870-1875 1905.304a
Gooseneck pipe: carved hunt scene 1800-1900 INV.7985
Butter ladle ca. 1830-1870 1934.136
Meat or coffee grinder ca. 1850-1900 INV.35
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1016
Cake board 1800-1830 INV.1009
Butter mold (handle detached from mold) ca. 1825-1875 INV.1011
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1037
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1039
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1035
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1044
Sliding latch 1920-1942 1941.844
Badge on block in envelope: Metropolitan Fire Commissioner 1870-1910 INV.9250
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 20 1880-1910 1451
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 25 1839-1865 1447
Badge on block in envelope: N.Y.F.D. 9 0234d
Badge on block in envelope: President... 1870-1910 1943.402
Badge on block in envelope: Veteran Association, 1885 NY ca. 1885 1454
Badge on block in envelope: Volunteer Fireman's Assoc.... 234.l
Badge: M.F.D. 1 1880-1910 INV.12084
Badge: ...Engine Co. No. 2, Oct. 10, 1901 1901 INV.10378
Fire helmet frontpiece: 1st engineer 1850-1900 INV.9212
Badge w/button: N.Y. Exempt...Somerville, N.J...P. Hickey... 1912 INV.10485
Badge w/button: R.H.&L. Co. no.1 corfu, NY...Aug.19-24, 1901 1901 INV.10703
Fire helmet frontpiece: 23 1850-1900 INV.9096
Badge: ...order of American Firemen Hudson NY Sept. 1900 ca. 1900 INV.10626
Fire helmet frontpiece: N.Y. Volunteer Association, S.O.H. 1850-1900 INV.8924
Fire helmet frontpiece: Neptune 6 1850-1900 INV.8914
Fire helmet frontpiece: Niagara 1850-1900 INV.9138
Fire helmet frontpiece: NY exempt 1854-1900 INV.8944
Fire helmet frontpiece: ocean 2 truck 1850-1900 INV.8922
Fire helmet frontpiece: perserverance 13 engine 1850-1900 INV.8912
Fire helmet frontpiece: Pocohantas 1850-1900 INV.9200
Fire helmet frontpiece: pres. Westchester Fireman's Assn. P. S. 1850-1900 INV.8888
Fire helmet frontpiece: protection 5 1850-1900 INV.9066
Fire helmet frontpiece: Putnam 1850-1900 INV.9209
Fire helmet frontpiece: veteran 1885-1900 INV.8943
Fire helmet frontpiece: Victoria fire brigade 1850-1900 INV.9211
Fire helmet frontpiece: vigilant hose 1 M.?? 1850-1900 INV.8927
Fire helmet frontpiece: VIII 1850-1900 INV.9111
Match holder 1850-1875 INV.730
Metal fitting/ cap for pipe bowl 1800-1900 INV.8470
Pipe 1800-1900 1938.361
Model 1843 Hall-North Breech-Loading Percussion Carbine 1848 1922.134
Pipe 1750-1800 INV.1105
Pipe 1800-1900 1938.355
Butter mold 1825-1850 1942.143
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1024
Sliding latch 1939-1942 1941.847
Butter mold ca. 1825-1875 INV.1033
Mold: cookie board 1800-1850 INV.1029
Piece of molding 1850-1900 INV.932
Mortar 1800-1850 1960.86b
Mortar and pestle 1850-1900 1979.92cd
Die 1800-1838 1925.54
Walrus tusk 1900-1925 1943.247
Badge: ...the Veteran Firemen of New York & Kansas City 1880-1930 INV.10636
Badge: Delegate 34th Annual Conv., Jamestown, NY...1906 ca. 1906 INV.10454
Badge: 19 Annual Convention F.A. State of NY Aug. 18-21, '91 1891 INV.10396
Badge: 22nd Annual Convention...Vol. Firemen's Assn...1917 1917 INV.10467
Fireman's belt: Hudson hose 1850-1900 INV.9123
Badge: 56th Annual Convention...Ithaca August 1928 1928 INV.10583
Ribbon badge: Akron Volunteer Firemen 1832-1875 ca. 1875 INV.10483
Badge: ARRGMT. Protection No.2 INV.10390
Badge: Asst. Foreman 1880-1930 INV.10464
Badge: Centennial Inauguration...City of N.Y. 1889 INV.10394
Badge: Committee Man Yonkers N.Y. June 1933 1933 INV.10423
Badge: Complements Lewis Tompkins Hose Co. Oct. 1888 1888 INV.10510
Badge: Delegate 12th Annual Conv...Firemen's Assn....1907 ca. 1907 INV.10452
Badge: Delegate 13th Annual...S.N.Y.V.F. Hicksville, 1908 ca. 1908 INV.10461
Fire helmet frontpiece: III 1850-1900 INV.9033
Fire helmet: Chief ca. 1873 INV.8854
Fire helmet: chief engineer 1824-1828 1948.401
Fire helmet: eagle crest, NY exempt 1854-1880 INV.9012
Fire helmet: foreman 1830-1860 INV.9024
Fire helmet: N.Y. Exempt Assn. ca. 1862 INV.8892
Fire helmet: N.Y. Exempt Association V.D. 1854-1880 INV.8883
Fire helmet: NY Exempt Assn. WOS 1854-1880 INV.8877
Chapeau bras 1850-1870 1951.524
Fire helmet: NY Exempt Association, JW? 1854-1880 INV.8855
Fire helmet: tooled leather 1836-1868 INV.9010
Fire helmet: Hopkinson Hose Co. 1850-1880 INV.9008
Pipe 1880-1920 INV.10037
Pipe bowl 1850-1925 INV.8578
Pipe bowl 1800-1900 INV.7751
Pipe bowl 1800-1900 INV.8458
Pipe bowl 1850-1925 INV.8587
Pipe bowl in case: battle scene 1800-1900 INV.8478
Pipe bowl w/lid: Kovacs 1850-1925 INV.8589
Pipe bowl w/lid: Seres 1850-1925 INV.8590
Pipe bowl 1850-1900 INV.8568
Pipe bowl 1850-1900 INV.8566
Pipe bowl: cosmopolite 1900-1925 INV.8456
Pipe bowl: face on bowl 1850-1925 INV.8573
Pipe bowl: face on bowl 1800-1900 INV.8577
Pipe bowl: figure reliefs 1800-1900 INV.7696
Apple parer 1840-1870 1945.168
Coffee or spice grinder 1770-1830 1944.250
Stereoscope 1870-1880 INV.216
Dish (18) 1740-1800 1984.136a-s
grain or straw fork 1938.283
45-70 bayonet 1870-1900 1951.506g
Badge: Delegate 31st Annual Conv., F.A., N.Y.S...1903 1903 INV.10851
Badge: Delegate 31st Annual Conv., F.A., State of NY...1903 ca. 1903 INV.10457
Fire helmet frontpiece: 33 1850-1900 INV.9071
Fire helmet frontpiece: 41 1850-1900 INV.9092
Badge: delegate Alexandria Bay NY August 1926 INV.10502
Badge: Binghamton 49th Delegate Convention, 1921 1921 INV.10441
Ribbons 1880-1930 INV.10612a-c
Badge: delegate Coney Island, August 1893 1893 INV.10521
Fire helmet frontpiece: 41 1850-1900 INV.9054
Badge: delegate Flushing L.I. August 1917 INV.10512
Badge: delegate Freedonia, NY August 1924 ca. 1924 INV.10505
Badge: delegate Glens Falls, NY August 1920 INV.10439
Badge: delegate Greenport LI Oct. 1903 1903 INV.10584
Badge: delegate Hampstead NY, June 1915 1915 INV.10523
Badge: delegate Jamestown NY August 1906 1906 INV.10432
Badge: delegate Mt. Vernon, NY June 1922 INV.10500
Badge: delegate Newburgh, NY August 1912 1912 INV.10524
Fire helmet 1890-1920 INV.8860
Trumpet (fire horn) 1820-1870 INV.8026
Horn (fire horn) 1750-1850 INV.8821
Trumpet (fire horn) 1830-1880 INV.8021
Trumpet (fire horn) 1830-1880 INV.8022
Trumpet (fire horn) 1830-1880 INV.8023
Fire horn w/cord and tassel 1830-1880 INV.9238
Fire hose nozzle 1850-1900 INV.8966
Fire hose nozzle: E50 1850-1900 INV.8965
Hatchet: ? Ex. Firemen's Assoc. 23 ward...1901 1854-1880 INV.9013
Fireman's fatigue cap: President 1870-1900 INV.10306
Invitation:8th. annual ball... NY fire dept....1836 INV.9259
Frame for presentation shield 1850-1900 INV.162
Fire helmet 1850-1870 INV.202
Fire helmet 1854-1880 INV.205
Erie Canal Celebration Medal 1826 X.117
Group of sculptor's tools (13) 1900-1950 INV.796a-m
Fragments of wooden clamp (2) 1775-1795 1947.461q1-2
Trumpet 1830-1880 INV.6414
Coach horn 1850-1890 INV.7820
Coach horn 1850-1890 INV.7819
Mallet or pounding tool 1750-1850 INV.943
Apple parer ca. 1800-1830 1945.171ab
Wall rack 1800-1850 1937.1603
Foot warmer 1800-1850 1942.358
Rolling pin 1825-1875 INV.948
Badge on block in envelope: F.8.D. INV.9248
Badge: delegate Oneida NY August 1915 ca. 1915 INV.10440
Pin-back campaign button 1976 1997.6.77
Button 1997.6.78
Badge: delegate Oswego, 1908 1908 INV.10533
Badge: delegate Port Jefferson, June 1916 1916 INV.10509
Badge: delegate Poughkepsie NY 1909 1909 INV.10425
Badge: delegate Poughkepsie, NY Oct. 1909 1909 INV.10514
Badge: delegate Rochester, NY August 1911 1911 INV.10517
Badge: delegate Syracuse...NY, August 1900 1900 INV.10447
Badge: delegate Utica, NY, August 1913 1913 INV.10508
Badge: delegate Watertown, NY, August 1910 1910 INV.10507
Badge: delegate White Plains, August 1916 1916 INV.10428
Fire helmet frontpiece: 43 1850-1900 INV.9073
Badge: Delegate, 34th Annual Conv...F.A.S.N.Y., Aug.21, 1906 1906 INV.10739
Badge: Delegate, 35th Annual Conv., Fireman's Assn.,...NY... 1907 INV.10740
Fire helmet frontpiece: 44 1850-1900 INV.9113
Badge: Delegate, 39th Annual Conv., Aug.15-18, 1911., N.Y... INV.10742
Helmet: FDNY 1942 1945.341


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