Museum Early Closure

The Museum will close ​early ​at 6​​pm on Fri, Jan 20​ and reopen at 3pm on Sat, Jan 21.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Purse 1820-1850 1945.353a-c
Purse 1800-1850 1937.61a-c
Keepsake book 1875-1925 INV.11963ab
Purse 1800-1850 INV.1151a-c
Hose carriage 1890-1900 Z.240a-c
Snuff jar 1850-1900 1937.1543
Seals in cardboard box 1870-1910 Z.1475.3ab
Pince-nez 1870-1880 1941.1059
Sewing clamp with pincushion 1840-1880 INV.7926ab
Still bank 1790-1840 1937.1247


Creative: Tronvig Group