Museum Early Closure

The Museum will close ​early ​at 6​​pm on Fri, Jan 20​ and reopen at 3pm on Sat, Jan 21.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Purse 1800-1850 1942.312a-c
Purse 1800-1850 1941.672a-c
Purse 1800-1850 1938.245a-c
Purse 1800-1850 1949.291a-c
Eddie Cantor's New Game: Tell It to the Judge 1936 2000.485
Insignia 1890-1900 INV.11453z-aa
Buttons 1880-1900 INV.11453bb-gg
Sword blade excavated at a British and Hessian Revolutionary War fort and camp 1760-1783 INV.6318.95
Set of surgical instruments in case ca. 1776 1957.262a-k
Purse 1790-1840 INV.9855a-c


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