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The Museum will close ​early ​at 6​​pm on Fri, Jan 20​ and reopen at 3pm on Sat, Jan 21.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Door knob on base 1770-1850 1907.34
Box 1825-1875 INV.10826.1ab
Still bank 1870-1880 1937.1239
Stamp 1850-1870 INV.6309
Bird pin cushion w/clamp 1830-1880 INV.9849
Bleeding bowl 1840-1860 1920.128
Fragment of the equestrian statue of King George III 1770-1776 1878.5a
Buttons mounted on frame 1860-1898 1951.500a-y
Button 1820-1830 1942.612
Buckles (36) excavated at a British and Hessian Revolutionary War fort and camp 1760-1783 INV.6318.97-132


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