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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Cardboard box 1870-1910 Z.1475.6ab
Pen nibs (14) in original box 1870-1900 Z.1475.8a-p
Needle case 1850-1890 INV.9830ab
Lorgnette 1900-1920 INV.7540
Spools 1750-1800 N-183ab
Needle case 1850-1875 INV.9771ab
Embroidered book mark 1850-1900 INV.11552
Stamp 1840-1870 INV.3652
Clay pipes (5) excavated at a British and Hessian Revolutionary War fort and cam 1760-1783 INV.6318.371-375
Pincushion 1840-1880 Z.1497


Creative: Tronvig Group