Museum Early Closure

The Museum will close ​early ​at 6​​pm on Fri, Jan 20​ and reopen at 3pm on Sat, Jan 21.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Table fork & knife 1775-1825 1937.1314cd
Miniature plates (6) 1900-1925 INV.10058
Baseball players (8) 1900-1935 INV.9157
Collection of barrels,crates,and bags 1800-1900 INV.4519
Collection of buildings: 3 1870-1910 INV.9177
Shoulder patch 1940-1965 INV.7465vvvvvvvv
Button: brown 1855-1886 INV.6838
Button: brown 1830-1890 INV.6836
Button: brown and white 1800-1850 INV.6832
Button: clear and green 1800-1840 INV.6831


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