Weekend Hour Changes

On Friday, January 19 the Library will close at 2:30 pm and the Museum will close at 6 pm. On Saturday, January 20 the Museum will open at 3 pm.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
The Game of Authors ca. 1890 2000.539
Game of Authors ca. 1890 2000.542
Demijohn or carboy bottle fragment 1770-1810 1921.24e
The London Game 1898 2000.362
Coll. of 3 coins: Nova Caesarea, 1787 (New Jersey) INV.13889
Andrew Jackson Indian Peace Medal Probably 1831 1966.101
Snuff box in box 1942.604
Vignette Authors 1874 2000.545
Snuffbox 1800-1850 INV.7676
Fire helmet 1870-1900 INV.8885


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