Weekend Hour Changes

On Friday, January 19 the Library will close at 2:30 pm and the Museum will close at 6 pm. On Saturday, January 20 the Museum will open at 3 pm.

Historical Artifacts


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Titlesort descending Date Object Number
Shoulder belt 1860-1870 INV.11398d
Shoulder belt 1900-1938 INV.8048
Shoulder belt 1865-1875 INV.11255
Shoulder belt (2) 1860-1870 1953.179ab
Shoulder knots (pair) ca. 1900 1849ab
Shoulder knots (pair) in box 1855-1865 Z.3097a-d
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.12266
Shoulder patches 1940-1950 INV.7462pp-qq
Shoulder patches 1940-1945 INV.1934ab
Shoulder patches 1940-1965 INV.7468uuu-zzzzzzzz


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