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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Shoulder patch 1940-1950 INV.12266
Shoulder patches 1940-1965 INV.7468uuu-zzzzzzzz
Shoulder patches 1941-1945 INV.4178a-cccccccccc
Shoulder patches 1940-1950 INV.7462pp-qq
Shoulder patches 1940-1945 INV.1934ab
Shoulder scale ca. 1862 1922.142
Shoulder strap ca. 1861 1936.444
Shoulder straps (4) 1863-1866 INV.8289a-d
Shoulder straps (pair) 1861-1870 INV.8295ab
Shoulder straps (pair) 1863-1865 1962.22g,h


Creative: Tronvig Group