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Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Thimble/ laundry 1900-1940 2002.1.3022
Group of spinning tools 1750-1850 Z.1551.1-6ab
Chicken w/moveable parts 1850-1900 INV.8187
Autograph Authors 1886 2000.528
Cosmetic Jar 1880-1910 2002.1.2415
Doll's chemise 1870-1880 2004.47.9
Ike likes Me INV.6884
Bayonet and scabbard 1850-1870 1950.316ab
Brush 1890-1930 2002.1.2333
Myron T. Herrick Commemorative Medal 1914 INV.10241


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