Museum Early Closure

The Museum will close ​early ​at 6​​pm on Fri, Jan 20​ and reopen at 3pm on Sat, Jan 21.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Framed set of musket and pistol balls (35) excavated at Revolutionary War sites 1760-1783 1947.282.1-35
Button 1960-1975 2002.70.31
Dollhouse table w/sticker: Tynie Toy 1920-1940 INV.7939
Bryan and Silver INV.7152
Paperweight ca. 1882 2002.1.143
Hard Times token 1841 INV.13718.9
Campaign ribbon 1844 INV.3082
Sail along with Harry 1948 2003.45.3
Trousers 1898 1933.79c
Watch Face 1880-1940 2002.1.1235


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