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Library Collection Highlights

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Title Date Object Number
The Lost Cause 1871 PR.068.19
The Assassination of President Lincoln, at Ford's Theater, Washington D.C. April 14th 1865 1865 PR.052.60
At the Battle of Palo Alto 1846 PR.068.24
Bank of Newburgh Bank Notes 1823-1824 PR.221.3
Major Gen'l Z. Taylor Before Monterey 1848 PR.068.27
Invitation to Erie Canal Celebration 1825 PR.221.12
Broadway, A.T. Stewart Dry Goods Store 1851 PR.020.FF.28
The True Issue or "That's What's the Matter" 1864 PR.010.1864.35
Declaration of Independence 1820-1823 PR.221.44
Southern Chivalry - Argument versus Club's 1856 PR.010.1856.4
Our Indian Policy 1875 PR.029.1
Ma-Nuncue After 1826 PR.221.58
The Draft Riots in New York- The Battle in Second Avenue 1863 PR.020.100.4
Life studies of the Great Army 1876 PR.002.Album383
Geometrical Lathe-work Proof PR.221.63
Camp scene from photograph ca. 1861-1865 PR.022.4
The Rail Candidate 1860 PR.010.1860.Rail
Front View of St. Peter's Church with the intended steeple 1785 PR.McComb.4.70
Astor House ca.1853-1859 PR.020.65.1
Politicians measuring Lincoln's shoes March 5th 1864 PR.010.1864.Politicians
The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown PR.068.34
Manhattan Rifles! 1861-1865 PR.055.3.226
I Knew Him Horatio 1864 PR.010.1864.Horatio
Fraktur: Birth and Baptism certificate of Joseph Flor 1811 PR.022.13
Fete to Lafayette 1824 PR.022.9
Abraham Lincoln, the Martyr, Victorious PR.052.48
Artistic Houses: being a series of interior views of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated homes in the United States 1883 - 1884 PR.
President Lincoln at Home, Reading the scriptures to his son and wife 1865 PR.052.52
Minaret Turkish Cigarettes PR.031.111.AMER.MIN
We mourn our country's loss 1865 PR.052.55
Group of Chicago Zouave Cadets PR.049.FF.MIL.CHIZOU
Freedom to the Slaves ca. 1865 PR.052.58
N Amsterdam, ou N Iork in Ameriq ca. 1700 PR.020.FF.13
Come in, and Prevent a "Draft" ca. 1863 PR.055.3.105
"Columbia Demands Her Children" 1864 PR.010.1864.30
New York City Hall, front elevation 1802 PR.040.1
Fort Hamilton Polka Redowa 1852 PR.020.1.1
Corcoran Legion Fifth regiment. Col. William McEvily. A few good men are wanted to fill up Capt. Wm. L. Monegan's company. This is a splendid opportunity for young men to join a Crack Regiment. ca. 1862 PR.055.3.189
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