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The New-York Historical Society will close at 3pm on November 26 and remain closed through November 27. For details, please visit our calendar.

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Title Related People Date Object Number
" . . . and the Wolf chewed up the children,"
“Brassieres . . . A Vital Necessity to Women at War tear sheet,”
January 14, 1943
No. 2, Main Control Panel, Nerve Center of Ship
Don't miss your great opportunity— The Navy needs you in the WAVES
Embarkation—Prelude to Death (Year of Peril)
Jews at Nazi Protest Carrying Signs
November 15, 1938
We've Enlisted! There Will Be No Parade This Thanksgiving
New York, New York. Pennsylvania railroad station
August 1942
Physical education review
Target No. 1 New York City
Creative: Tronvig Group