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The Chancellor at Home: Robert R. Livingston and Clermont


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Title Date Object Number
Chancellor Robert R. Livingston (1746-1813) 1804 1876.1
Napoleon's Authorization for the Sale of the Louisiana Territory April 24, 1803 MSS.Y1803
Tailcoat 1800-1805 1951.519
Waistcoat 1780-1810 1951.520
Breeches 1760-1800 1951.522
View of Clermont, Seat of Mrs. Livingston, Tivoli, New York 1796 1956.12
"The Chariot of Venus" mantel clock ca. 1803-1804 INV.235
Coffeepot 1775/76 1951.284
Dessert knives (12) in box ca. 1806 INV.14119a-m
Table forks (4) 1819 INV.14099a-d


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