​Museum and Library Hour Changes

On Wednesday, April 25, the Museum and Library will open at 2 pm. For a full list of gallery closures, click here.

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New York Like You’ve Never Seen It

History is not dry or dusty at the New-York Historical Society! It envelopes you with videos, photographs, touch screens, art, and objects. Look up to see bold graphic work by artist Keith Haring on the ceiling. Look down to see soul-stirring relics in cases beneath your feet.

You know the city—now hear the stories. Witness New York’s rise from remote outpost to city at the center of the world in our 18-minute destination film, New York Story, on a 75-foot screen in surround-sound. Then travel through time in visionary exhibitions that show why this city has always captivated hearts and minds.

Located opposite Central Park in the heart of Manhattan, the New York Historical Society offers you a complete, one-of-a-kind experience of history and art. Celebrate the city’s uniqueness and resilience in interactive exhibits from Washington’s inauguration to the days following 9/11. History will break free from the textbooks and into your life!

We recommend that all groups schedule their visit at least three weeks prior to the desired date. For more information, please contact Kathleen O’Connor at koconnor@nyhistory.org


Creative: Tronvig Group