Special Family Event
Coyote’s Dance
Sun, April 28th, 2013 | 1:30 pm

Coyote is both a clown and a teacher on a humorous journey of deceit and adventure! The audience will be immersed in the culture and story of Coyote, whose exploits are recounted among many North American Indian Nations.

Coyote’s Dance, with music by Ulali and Roderick Jackson, is performed in native influenced costumes, headdresses and a lively mixture of movement styles. The dance-play expresses the remarkable vitality of the cultures to which these stories belong. Coyote’s Dance is excellent for all ages.

Treehouse Shakers is a dance-theater company committed to creating work that encourages people to experience their feelings and their connection to the greater community. Treehouse Shakers achieves this by creating humanistic stories, experimenting with narrative styles and exploring the story’s elements through the abstractions of modern dance.

Creative: Tronvig Group