Family Program
At the Kids’ Table: Cornelia Van Varick’s Holiday Kitchen
Sarah Lohman
Sat, December 1st, 2012 |
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Cornelia Van Varick’s Holiday Kitchen

Saturday, December 1st 2-4 pm
Dutch families in New Amsterdam were known for their delicious holiday confections—can you imagine all the good smells that would have come out of their kitchens? You will smell some of them in this program, the first in the At the Kids' Table series led by "historic gastronomist"
Sarah Lohman. During this program, participants will take the place of Cornelia van Varick in her seventeenth-century kitchen as she prepares traditional food for the New Year. We'll handle objects and ingredients that Cornelia would have had, such as sugar cones and nippers, Dutch ovens, and mortar and pestles. Then we'll use them to make two Dutch holiday treats, orange caraway cookies and fried doughnuts, that participants can taste and take home.

RSVP required at; $10 materials fee, for ages 8 and up.


Sarah Lohman is an "historic gastronomist" featured on William Grimes' show Appetite City (NYC life, channel 25). Find episodes here. She is currently an educator at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Visit her blog on the history of food at


This is a series of three deep-dive, family programs on New York City's food history. Each two-hour program allows participants to experience historic foodways through an exploration of kitchen objects based on the New-York Historical Society's collection and cooking. The first program focuses on seventeenth-century Dutch food traditions, the second on how kitchen tools have changed since the early nineteenth
century, and the third on how food rationing affected families during WWII. Sign up for one or all programs in the series! 


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