The information in the short biography of Andrew Williams needs to be proved by you. As a historical detective on your first investigative assignment on Seneca Village, you need to probe through historical documents to find the evidence. For example, which document(s) would you look at to prove the geographical location of Seneca Village and of Williams's property? When searching for cultural, social, and anthropological information that helps shape your perception or view of who Andrew Williams was, what he did for a living, and other daily living experiences, you might end up looking at census or church records to help you along.

From the list of documents below, select the ones that could be used to show the accuracy of the data presented in the biographical sketch of Andrew Williams. Think, hypothesize, and write down why the documents you selected can help you in your research. Click on the actual documents for Andrew Williams. Read and analyze them carefully. Decide what information can be proved from the selection of historical records. What information requires more probing and further investigation? What other sources can be used to help you find the information?

Andrew Williams Documents