Celebrations of New York Ratification

Newspapers reported on celebrations in New York of the Convention’s ratification of the Constitution. Spontaneous celebrations occurred in New York City and Newburgh on the evening of July 26, 1788, while planned celebrations occurred in the other places between July 30 and August 15. In Waterford, the women of the Half-Moon District and of Lansingburgh held a celebratory procession. The elaborate celebration in Albany mimicked the grand federal procession held in New York City on July 23.

News of New York's ratification spread throughout the country. Newspapers carried reports of nine out-of-state celebrations that occurred in Portsmouth, New Hampshire; in Boston, Plymouth, and Springfield, Massachusetts; in Newport and Providence, Rhode Island; in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; in New Brunswick, New Jersey; and in Wilmington, North Carolina. The celebrations involved flags and banners, illuminated houses, bonfires, cannon, musket and rocket firings, bell ringing, processions, militia parades, orations, and elegant dinners. Some newspapers also printed illustrations of the "great National dome," held up by pillars, with the 11th pillar erect and marked New York.