Aristotle was known by his contemporaries as the “man who knew everything.”

In this special three-part podcast recorded on November 29, 2021, New-York Historical Trustee Martin J. Gross and Princeton Professor Benjamin Morison explore the depths and origins of that knowledge. Looking at everything from metaphysics, epistemology, and immortality, they dive deep into the legacy of a man who’s arguably the single most important philosopher in the western tradition and whose works dominated academia for centuries.

Listen below, then be sure to check out New-York Historical’s exhibition Aristotle: From Antiquity to the Modern Era soon before it closes on January 2, 2022.

Top image: Eorum quae Physica sequuntur sive Metaphysicorum, ut vocant, in libri tredecim. Paris: Thomas Richardus, 1564. Courtesy of Martin J. Gross