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Hello, Little New-Yorkers! This whole month we are celebrating the opening of Black Dolls at the New-York Historical Society by reading stories and doing crafts about play, creativity, and amazing Black women! 

The doll makers featured in Black Dolls were experts in creativity and sewing. Our craft today is inspired by those skills and by the book I Had a Favorite Dress, written by Boni Ashburn and illustrated by Julia Denos. In the story, a girl and her mother turn a favorite dress into many new things with a little imagination and a lot of snipping and sewing. Today we will do the same with paper, markers, glue, and of course, our snip snipping scissors! Follow along with the steps below, and don’t forget to join us live at 3:30 pm every Tuesday via Zoom and Friday in-person for our Little New-Yorkers hello song, silly games and dances, a craft, and, of course, our reading!


  • Download and print the fabric and closet template.
  • Something to color with: markers, crayons, pencils, pastels, or a cool combo!
  • Scissors
  • Glue

* A note on supplies: If you don’t have exactly the supplies listed, improvise! These projects are designed to be versatile, so feel free to use whatever materials and tools you have at home. And if your final product looks different than what you see here, that’s wonderful!

STEP 1: Coloring

The first thing you need to do is decorate your fabric—that’s the sheet of paper with the big wiggly rectangle. In the story, the girl’s dress had pink stripes and ruffles. Maybe your favorite fabric will be filled with polka dots! Or robots! Or rainbows!

STEP 2: Cut Out Your Fabric

Next, cut your fabric out.

STEP 3: Snip Snip!

Now the fun can really begin! Cutting carefully, and with a grown-up’s help if you need it, use your scissors to turn your colorful fabric into anything you like! In the book the favorite dress became a skirt, a scarf, a hair bow, and lots more in between. What can you create? Could your fabric turn into a hat? Or a belt? Get creative, Little New-Yorkers!

STEP 4: Coloring, Part 2!

If you’d like, take some time now to color in your other template—your closet! You can use your imagination here, too. How many different colors can you use to decorate?

STEP 5: Gluing

Now it’s time to put your amazing outfits away! Use your glue stick to paste each creation into your closet.

Ta-da! Did you have any leftover paper scraps? What could those become? We hope to see you, and your creations, at Little New-Yorkers soon!

Written by Meagan Raker