The library staff at the New-York Historical Society is happy to announce the publication of When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green? And 101 Other Questions About New York City. For years, the librarians at the New-York Historical Society have kept a record of the questions posed to them by curious New Yorkers and visitors to the city. Who was the first woman to run for mayor of New York? Why are beavers featured on the city’s official seal? How did “Peg-Leg” Peter Stuyvesant lose his right leg? These questions involve people, places, buildings, monuments, rumors, and urban myths. Taken together, they attest to the infinite stories hidden within the most intriguing metropolis in the world.

In When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green, the staff of the New-York Historical Society Library answer more than a hundred of the most popular and compelling queries. Entries feature hard-to-find data and unforgettable profiles, sharing snapshots of New York’s secret history. Drawing on the library’s extensive collections, the staff reveal when the first book was printed in New York, whether the fantastic story of Harlem residents presenting rats to government officials is true, who exactly were the Collyer brothers and why were they famous, and how premature babies were once displayed in Coney Island. The book is for readers who love trivia, urban history, strange tales, and, of course, New York City.

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