Family Programs

Family Program
Little New-Yorkers
Friday, February 16th, 2018 | 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Every Tuesday and Friday. 3:30 - 4:15 pm. Free with Museum Admission. Ages 3-5.  

Each class includes time with historic toys, a special Little New-Yorkers hello song, story readings, and a related craft project


Little New-Yorkers in October

Stumpkin written by Lucy Ruth Cummins
Tuesday, October 30, 3:30 pm

Happy Halloween! After reading about a special little pumpkin in the book Stumpkin, Little New-Yorkers will use their creativity to craft a special Jack-O-Lantern of their own. Designs may be silly, spooky, or maybe just sweet!

Little New-Yorkers in November

Corduroy by Don Freeman
Friday, November 2, 3:30 pm

Have you ever visited a department store, fallen in love with an adorable teddy bear, and then felt he was meant to be yours? This week at Little New-Yorkers we will read Corduroy and learn how this little bear found someone to love him. Corduroy lived in a huge department store like Macy’s, which open opened around this time of year 160 years ago! As a craft, we will create Corduroy bears to take home to make our own.

Imagine! by Raul Colon
Friday, November 9, 3:30 pm

Visiting a museum for the first time is exciting! This week at Little New-Yorkers we will read Imagine and explore a child’s adventure inside the Museum of Modern Art, which opened for the first time in November 1927. Going to the Museum changes his experiences for the rest of his day. Some pieces of art may even join him for a picnic! To celebrate MoMA, we will create our own Pop Art project. 

The Gold Leaf by Kirsten Hall, illustrated by Matthew Forsythe
Tuesday, November 13, and Friday November 16, 3:30 pm​

In autumn, the leaves turn shades of red, yellow, and orange. But what about gold? This week at Little New-Yorkers we will read The Gold Leaf and find out about the special gold leaf treasured by all the animals in the forest. Afterwards, we will design our own fall foliage using all the colors imaginable—but with only one special gold leaf.

Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet
Tuesday, November 20

When anticipating Thanksgiving Day, we often think about family, food, and deep appreciation, but sometimes we also think about parades and balloons! This week at Little New-Yorkers we will read Balloons Over Broadway and create our own miniature parade float as a craft.

Brave Girl written by Michelle Markel, illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Tuesday, November 27, Friday, November 30 3:30 pm

In 1909 one of the largest female American strikes of that time took place in New York! This week at Little New-Yorkers we will read about a young woman named Clara in Brave Girl. She was not only brave but also strong, determined, and a leader! Afterwards, we’ll create a craft project.

Support for the Little New-Yorkers provided by the Macy's.

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