Field Trips

Explore New-York Historical’s galleries in person with your students

Explore New-York Historical’s galleries in person with your students! Each inquiry-driven field trip is led by one of our highly trained educators who will ignite curiosity and engage students in critical conversations about our nation’s past. To learn more and to book, email

Permanent Collection History Programs
Available year-round to enrich and expand your classroom studies.

Civics for All (grades 2-12)
Study the many ways activists in the United States have affected change throughout American history.

Women & the American Story (grades 4-12)
Learn about the diverse women who shaped 400 years of American history.

Life in New Amsterdam (grades 2-12)
Learn what it was like to live in the Dutch settlement that laid the foundation for New York City.

Slavery in New York (grades 2-12)
Uncover the central roles enslaved people played in the history of New York.

New York, New Nation (grades 3-12)
Consider the challenges that New York and the United States faced in the early years of the republic.

New York and the Civil War (grades 4-12)
Students learn how to use artifacts, paintings, and documents to analyze New York’s conflicted history during the American Civil War and learn about Frederick Douglass' vision for a "Composite Nation" in the years afterwards.

Industrialization (grades 4-12)
Consider how life was transformed— for better or worse—by the innovations of the Industrial Age.

Immigrant City (grades 2-12)
Study immigration from 1609 through the 20th century to learn how newcomers helped create the city we know today.

NYC Then and Now (grades preK- 5)
Discover how the city of New York has changed over time and the infrastructure developed to keep it running.

Skills Building Programs
Give your students the skills they need to analyze the world around them.

Curious Curators (all grades)
Learn how museum curators assemble artifacts, images, and documents into an exhibition that tells a compelling story.

A Day at the Museum (grades PreK-2)
Tour the museum to learn what museums are, why they exist, and how museum staff keep them running.

Picturing the Past (all grades)
Practice analyzing and interpreting the symbols and themes in paintings for clues about the past.

Objects Tell Stories (all grades)
Learn to make inferences about life and people long ago from the artifacts they left behind.

Being a Historian (grades 3-12)
Get introduced to the basics of studying objects, works of art, and documents in this highlights tour of our collection.

History Detectives (grades K-5)
Play your way through DiMenna Children’s History Museum and learn how historians use the skills of a detective to uncover the past.

Special Exhibition Programs
Exciting new content from our award-winning curatorial team!

Black Dolls (grades 5-12)
Students are immersed in the world of well-loved dolls made primarily by African American women between 1850 and 1940. These dolls serve as a window into the formation of racial stereotypes as directed to young children and the persistence of racism in American history.

Picture the Dream (Grades 2-12)
Celebrate the civil rights movement through one of the most emotionally compelling forms of visual expression—the children’s picture book. Students will learn the legacy of social justice, a heritage built by the everyday heroes who came before and by the steadfast individuals who continue to carry equality’s message.

Generous support for school group visits provided by Con Edison, the Pine Tree Foundation of New York, and Maggie & Robert Boroujerdi.

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