Two-handled cup and cover

Two-handled cup and cover
Two-handled cup and cover
Two-handled cup and cover
Two-handled cup and cover
Overall: 14 3/4 x 11 3/4 x 6 3/8 in. ( 37.5 x 29.8 x 16.2 cm ) Silver Weight: 73 oz (troy) 11 dwt (2288 g)
Wrought silver two-handled cup and cover; pear-shaped body covered in alternating repoussé chased spirals of fruit and leaves with scrolls and beading and foliage; seated on a raised circular foot with conforming decoration and a band of inscription below the joint, "Isaac & Elizabeth Gouverneur 1762. MEH 1899/ S.M.S. 177901835 G.R.H. 1808-1888 E.A.H. 1829-1902 S. V. H. 1866-1942" in script; high domed lid decorated with conforming decoration and surmounted by a cast pomegranate finial; two double-scroll handles with acanthus grips and tails applied to the sides of the body; cartouche on the front center engraved with three birds; maker's marks stamped on the base.
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Gift of Dr. Eugene Hoffman Walker in memory of Mai Elmendorf Hackstaff Walker
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Mark: stamped on the base and on the bezel: "FC" in a rectangle, lion passant in a cartouche, leopard's head crowned in a shield, gothic "G" in a cartouche Description: Date/letter "G" was London hallmark for year 1762-63 (see Wyler, p. 131, Tardy, p. 249). "F*C" mark consistent with one of two used by London maker Francis Crump (see Wyler, p. 163, Wees, p. 338). Inscription: engraved @ pedestal: "Isaac & Elizabeth Gouverneur 1762" in script. Description: Isaac Gouverneur was partners with his brother Joseph at the successful mercantile firm Gouverneur & Kemble located at 94 Front Street in themid 1790s. Isaac lived at 98 Front Street. In 1798, Isaac began building a new house at 121 Pearl Street (it was destroyed in the 1835 fire). Isaac did not survive the completion of this house. At that time, Gouverneur & Kemble was sued by a Frenchman named Le Guin over a sum of a hundred thousand dollars. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton represented Le Guin at the trial, which he won, and Isaac died in Albany shortly after the disappointing verdict (Scoville, vol. 2 pp. 200, 253-254). There is very little available information on Elizabeth Gouverneur. According to Scoville she lived at 121 Pearl Street until 1803. Her maiden name was either Peachman (according to donors) or Puech (from family tree). Inscription: engraved @ pedestal: "S.M.S 1799-1835" in script Description: The cup descended to Isaac and Elizabeth's daughter, Susan Matilda Gouverneur (born c. 1778), at her marriage to Samuel Murgatroyd on April 18, 1799. Samuel died in 1806 and Susan remairried the prosperous grocer Garrit Storm in 1808. Garrit ran his father's firm Thomas Storm & Son, located at No. 9 Coenties Slip, with his brother Stephen. Garrit retired in 1824. Susan died on October 31, 1835. Inscription: engraved @ pedestal: "G.R.H. 1801-1888" in script Description: Garrit and Susan had two daughters. The eldest, Louisa, married Robert J. Livingston (1811-1891) and the younger, Glorvina Russell (Rosil) married Samuel Verplank Hoffman (1802-1880) on April 15, 1828. G.R.H. is most likely Glorvina, though the life dates of 1801-1888 are not correct (it may be a typo since 1810 makes more sense). Recoreds on and give her birth date as July 21, 1808, which is most likely also incorrect considering her parents were married in September of 1808. Inscription: engraved @ pedestal: "E.A.H 1829-1902" and "S.V.H. 1866-1942" in script Description: The cup next descended to Eugene Augustus Hoffman, son of Samuel and Glorvina Hoffman, and then descended to Eugene's son Samuel Verplank Hoffman. Both Eugene and Samuel were presidents of the NYHS. Inscription: engraved @ pedestal: "M.E.H 1899" in script Description: M.E.H. may stand for Margaret Elmendorf Hoffman (born April 5, 1899 - 1974), daughter of Samuel Verplank Hoffman (1866-1942) and Louis Norwood Smith (1872-?). Engraving: Cup is engraved at center-front with asymmetrical rococo cartouche with arms depicting three birds at interior. Engraving: Body of cup and lid have extensive and deep repousse, chased and engraved alternating vertical spiral borders of coffee beans and foliage; grape leaves, vines, and grape bunches with rococo waves and scale engraving; (at sides) tendrils of apples, grapes, melons, pomegranates, corn, and strawberries with scrolling foliage. Foot of cup has similar repousse, chased, and engraved decoration of vertical alternating spiral panels of coffee beans; grapes, vines, leaves, and scrolls; and apples with scrolling foliage and scrolls. Lid also similarly ornamented with alternating vertical spiral panels of coffee beans; and arrangements of fruits and companion foliage, as well as trailing foliage from point of finial. Inscription: engraved at base band of foot, center front: "1759"
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Isaac Gouverneur (1749-1800), a New York City merchant, was presented this English cup at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Peacham in 1777. If the family history is correct, the cup's presenter must have acquired the gift in the second-hand market, as it was made fifteen years before the Gouverneurs' marriage. The cup descended through the Gouverneur family, with each generation recording its ownership by adding to the engraving above the foot until the last member donated it to the Society in 1984.
Isaac Gouverneur (1749-1800), who married Elizabeth Peachman (1760-1831); to their daughter Susan Matilda Gouverneur (1779-1835), who married (2nd) Garrit Storm (1778-1851); to their daughter Glorvina Rossell Storm (1808-1888), who married Samuel Verplanck Hoffman (1802-1880); to their son Eugene Augustus Hoffman (1829-1902), who married Mary Crooke Elmendorf (1829-1911); to their son Samuel Verplanck Hoffman (1866-1942), who married Louisa Norwood Smith (1872-1962); to their daughter Margaret Elmendorf Hoffman (1899-1974); to her cousin Dr. Eugene Hoffman Walker (1915-2002), the donor.
Hofer, Margaret K. "Seventeenth-and eighteenth-century family silver." The Magazine Antiques 167 (2005): 156-160.
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