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here is new york: remembering 9/11

September 11, 2007
December 13, 2007

The materials of September 11—a voice describing unforgettable memories, twisted girders, a melted safe deposit box, and a messenger's bicycle adorned with flowers—are a resonant and meaningful documentation and memorial of our shared recent history. These elements come together in here is new york: remembering 9/11.

here is new york: remembering 9/11, is an emotional recollection of the events of September 11 and of how New York started on the road to recovery. The exhibition takes its title and is primarily drawn from The Here is New York Collection, one of the largest photographic archives ever devoted to a single event. The 1,500 photos in the exhibition document the tragedy while depicting how New Yorkers came together and helped each other. The exhibition also employs powerful artifacts (now relics) from the New-York Historical Society—the landing gear from American Airlines Flight 11 or United Airlines Flight 175; wreckage from New York Fire Department’s Rescue Company #2 rig; and a crushed clock with the hands frozen at 9:04. Video/oral recordings of survivors, family members, recovery workers, volunteers, and others provide context and social meaning for the objects and images being preserved by the New-York Historical Society. Together, these register for posterity the historic significance and magnitude of the events of September 2001.

Creative: Tronvig Group