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45 minutes 15 seconds

New-York Historical’s Chief Historian Valerie Paley and historian Harold Holzer discuss two items from Holzer’s book and New-York Historical's accompanying exhibition, The Civil War in 50 Objects. This episode features a half model of the Union's revolutionary ship, the USS Monitor, and a cipher key.

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What did the nation look like in the years following the end of the Civil War and the emancipation of African Americans? In a special conversation to celebrate Juneteenth, historians David W. Blight and Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. (moderator) delve into the life of one of the most important figures of the 19th century, writer, orator, and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and how his legacy continues to resonate today. 

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46 minutes

This episode features pivotal items from the 1863 Draft Riots in New York City: a draft wheel used in a lottery that touched off the riots and a scorched bible rescued from the Colored Orphan Asylum, which was attacked and burned down by a white mob.

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1 hour

The social unrest we are experiencing in New York and around the country today contains threads from events in the past that go all the way back to the Civil War and beyond. A panel of scholars—Harold Holzer, Randall Kennedy, and John Farrell—examine events like the 1863 New York Draft Riots and Vietnam War and civil rights movement protests. This program also explores how such struggles have impacted presidential elections and what they might mean for Election Day 2020.  

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44 minutes 52 seconds

New-York Historical’s Center for Women’s History is the first of its kind in the nation within the walls of a major museum. Opened in 2017, it places the women who have shaped and continue to shape the American experience at the center of historical inquiry. Valerie Paley, Center for Women's History founding director and New York Historical chief historian, discusses the evolution of the Center and its work contextualizing women's history in the age of COVID-19.


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