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42 minutes 12 seconds

The Patricia D. Klingenstein Library houses the only surviving manuscript of John Winthrop’s 1638 sermon, A Modell of Christian Charity, one of America's founding documents and a reference point for "American exceptionalism." Dive into its legacy with Dr. Michael Ryan, the Sue Ann Weinberg Director of the Library.

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44 minutes 37 seconds

New-York Historical’s Chief Historian Valerie Paley and historian Harold Holzer discuss two items from Holzer’s book and New-York Historical's accompanying exhibition, The Civil War in 50 Objects. This episode features a petition to Abraham Lincoln for the recruitment of black troops, a broadside by Frederick Douglass, as well as a drawing by Frederick B. Schell and a wood engraving of slaves owned by Jefferson Davis from his plantation on the Mississippi.

14 minutes 32 seconds

Studies show that when it comes to political advertising, we feel first and think later. So the most impactful campaign ads aim for our hearts—fear, anger, hope and pride—and they run the gamut from stirring to downright dirty. I Approve This Message, an exhibition about the emotional impact of political advertising in a landscape altered by the internet, was to open at the New-York Historical Society in September 2020. 

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48 minutes 6 seconds

The History Hour is a weekly webinar series, running during the Museum's temporary closing, exclusive for Members to participate in live. The series features Harold Holzer and Valerie Paley discussing the history behind highlights from the book, The Civil War in 50 Objects

Programs and Events
38 minutes 19 seconds

In a timely conversation hosted by the New-York Historical Society, celebrated playwright and librettist David Henry Hwang and acclaimed composer Huang Ruo join New-York Historical Trustee Agnes Hsu-Tang to explore the ways they address anti-Asian and Asian American racism in their creative work.


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