The Words of Remembering 9/11

On September 8, 2011, the New-York Historical Society opened its doors to our Remembering 9/11 installation. With photographs, newspaper clippings and audio accounts of the events of September 11, 2001, we wanted our gallery to be a place to remember and reflect on the events and the time that has passed. With that in mind, we’ve encouraged those who visit to share their thoughts in a guestbook or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So far, they’ve had a lot to say.

Below is a visual of the most common words and phrases shared by those who have left their thoughts with us; the collection straddles the line between painful and hopeful, with words like “tragedy” juxtaposed with “building” and “survivors.” It’s a testament to the pain felt in the city, and the country, but also our ability to endure and thrive as a nation of people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Here are a few reflections from the visitors so far:

“I had been resisting participating in 10th anniversary events but this feels just right. Thank you.”

“It’s so painful to revisit and yet so important to never forget all three thousand who died that day and all the others who have died of lung diseases because they helped clean up.”

“Memories sometimes fade away with time. A look at your exhibit, however, opens them up with such heart wrenching pain that Americans must never forget a tragedy of such magnitude.”

Remembering 9/11 is on display through April 2012, and is free now through November 10, 2011. here is new york @ 195 Broadway, a special memorial exhibition of more than 500 images on loan from the New-York Historical Society, is also on view in the historic lobby of 195 Broadway, presented by L&L Holding Company. We encourage visitors to leave their thoughts on both exhibits with us in our guestbook at Remembering 9/11, or on Facebook and Twitter

Creative: Tronvig Group