Reading into History Family Book Club: "The Great American Dust Bowl "

Reading into History Family Book Club: "The Great American Dust Bowl "
Don Brown
Sun, April 14th, 2019 |
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Free with Museum Admission
Recommended for ages 9

Join author and illustrator Don Brown to explore his stunning graphic novel about the 1930s ecological disaster that swept across the Great Plains and Midwest of the United States—the Dust Bowl. After discussion about The Great American Dust Bowl, we’ll visit our Library to look at objects related to the book and the history of this manmade environmental crisis.  

About The Great American Dust Bowl
“I thought it was the last day of the world!” a farmer cries while fleeing an ominous oncoming black cloud in one of Don Brown’s expressive illustrations. Brown’s graphic novel tells the story of how we got to this terrifying end-of-the-world moment on Sunday, April 14, 1935, when a “monster of dust” appeared on the United States’ plains—an event referred to today as Black Sunday. Through affecting illustration and language, Brown elegantly traces 100 million years of history that led to the Dust Bowl. The Great American Dust Bowl weaves together ecological history, the history of the Great Plains, and personal narratives to tell the story of this devastating event and its long-lasting consequences. 

Creative: Tronvig Group