Reading into History: Ship of Souls

Reading into History: Ship of Souls
Sun, December 9th, 2018 |
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Free with Museum Admission
Recommended for ages 9-12

Meet author Zetta Elliott in person and share thoughts on this historical fantasy that takes kids on a journey to the African Burial Ground to help free a soul imprisoned by ghost soldiers from the American Revolution. After discussion, we’ll visit the Library to look at artifacts related to African Americans in early New York.

About Ship of Souls
After 11-year-old Dmitri is left orphaned by his beloved mother, he tries to live as the most perfect version of himself in his foster home and at school. His life takes another dramatic turn when he comes upon a mysterious bird in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park—a bird who calls itself Nuru, knows Dimitri’s thoughts, and claims to be a soul held hostage by soldiers during a battle in 1776! Nuru has chosen Dimitri because he’s alone in the world and therefore could be the key to freeing trapped souls. But is Dimitri really so alone? Or will his new friends Nyla and Keem change his fate? Earning multiple starred reviews, this novel blends historical fiction, urban fantasy, and contemporary reflections on race, politics, and religion. Readers will be engrossed in Dimitri’s story and his fantastical journey with Nuru through the history of African American slavery and the American Revolution.

Accessing the Book:
Ship of Souls  will be available from the NYHistory Store.

Creative: Tronvig Group