Manuscript Collections Relating to Slavery
Funding for this project is supported by the Library of Congress.

Henry Raine, Head of Library Technical Services, served as project director.  Most of the collections were scanned from microfilm reels, and special thanks are due Toya Dubin, Marcy Hogan and Michael Macauley of Hudson Microimaging, Inc. for their considerable help and advice throughout this process.  Candace Stuart, volunteer, performed quality control for the scanned microfilm images.  The Slavery Collection, the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Records, the Joseph Goodwin diary, and Charles Sumner’s The Anti-Slavery Enterprise were scanned from the original manuscripts by Janet Lee, Conservation Assistant, and Alegria Barclay, Preservation Assistant, under the direction of Alan Balicki, Chief Conservator.

Catalogers Hi’ilei Dye and Alice Browne, interns John Joseph and Scott W. Young, and volunteer Ralitsa Radkova created metadata for all fourteen collections included as part of this project.

Ryan McCarthy, Web Services Associate, designed the web presentation.  Davis Lopez, Junior Network Administrator, and Drew Sterling, Director of Information Technology, provided technical support.  Edward O’Reilly, Manuscript Reference Librarian, Tammy Keiter, Manuscript Reference Assistant, and Maurita Baldock, Curator of Manuscripts also offered considerable assistance throughout the project.

We would especially like to express our thanks and gratitude to our project consultant, Jill Hurst-Wahl, President, Hurst Associates, Ltd. and Professor of Practice, Syracuse University School of Information Studies, for her help and guidance along the way.  We also received invaluable technical assistance from Jason Kucsma, Emerging Technologies Manager, Metropolitan New York Library Council, Pamela Carls, OCLC CONTENTdm Support, and Joyce L. Rambo, Reference & Digital Collections Librarian, Nylink. 

This project would not have been possible without the administrative support of Jean Ashton, Executive Vice President and Director of the Library, Nina Nazionale, Director of Library Operations, Heidi Wirth, Director of Foundation and Government Grants, Richard A. Shein, Chief Financial Officer, and Jennifer Schantz, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer.

  • 'Reduction of Vulgar Fractions,' Penmanship study by Andrew R. Smith. New-York African Free School records, c. 1820
  • Cover of the Town Book for Castletown For the Entry of Black Children, 1799-1827
  • Case detail concerning a slave's freedom upon the death of his master. Granville Sharp, May 11, 1773
  • Endpapers of Volume 3 of James F. Brown's diary from Fishkill Landing, New York. James F. Brown Papers, 1841
  • Letter from Gerrit Smith to Lysander Spooner, October 3, 1860. Lysander Spooner papers
  • Receipt for the purchase of a slave named Jack in Richmond, Va., 1860. Slavery Collection
  • Index page from Mahlon Day's journal of a voyage among the West India Islands, 1839-1840
  • Resolution arguing for the abolition of slavery. Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society records, 1850-1858
  • Detail from the trade book kept by the Sloop Rhode Island traveling from the coast of Africa to Sierra Leone, 1748-1749
  • Leaf one of the diary of Joseph Goodwin, a plantation manager in Cuba from Hudson, New York, 1820
  • Detail from the account book kept by the prominent slave trading firm of Bolton, Dickens & Co., 1865
  • Cover of Clarkson's Mission to America, 1791-1792
  • Leaf one of the first draft of Charles Sumner's famous speech, The Anti-Slavery Enterprise, 1855
  • Deed of manumission for a slave named Betsy, June 18, 1810. New-York Manumission Society records
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