New York Convention, 1788

Circular Letter

Draft in John Jay's hand
[Poughkeepsie, N.Y., July 26, 1788]
New-York Historical Society Library, Department of Manuscripts, McKesson Papers

When the Convention voted 30 to 25 to ratify the Constitution on July 25, it also voted unanimously to prepare a circular letter to the other states, asking them to support a second general convention to consider amendments to the Constitution. After final ratification on July 26, by a vote of 30 to 27, the draft letter was reported by John Jay. It is in Jay's handwriting, with revisions by Alexander Hamilton and John Lansing, Jr. The insert, marked by an "X," is in Lansing's handwriting, with changes by Hamilton and by an unknown hand. The circular letter was adopted unanimously. It was sent to the other states, and it was printed in seven New York newspapers and in more than 30 newspapers in other states.