Pewterer's Banner

Silk, paint
New-York Historical Society Museum, Gift of James S. Haring, 1903.2

Each trade in the Federal Procession carried a flag that contained its mottoes and an illustration of its craft. One newspaper counted 51 flags in the procession. Noah Webster, in the Daily Advertiser, August 2) described the pewterers' banner this way: "Bearing an orange colored silk flag, on which was elegantly painted, the United States colors; underneath which, the Pewterer's arms, supported by two miners, holding burning lamps in their hands; motto, ‘Solid and pure,' in gold letters; on the front part of the flag, the words, Society of Pewterers, with the representation of a pewterer's workshop, in which the different branches were at work, and some of their work finished. Above this were the following lines:

The Federal plan most solid and secure,
Americans their freedom will ensure;
All arts shall flourish in Columbia's land,
And all her Sons join as one social band.
(The Pewterer's Banner can be seen in the N-YHS Luce Center on the fourth floor.)