[Route of the Federal Procession, July 23, 1788]
John McComb, Jr., engraved by Cornelius Tiebout (1773–1832)

Plan of the City of New York

New York: Hodge, Allen, and Campbell, 1789

Noah Webster described the procession route in the Daily Advertiser, August 2: "About ten o'clock 13 guns were fired from the Federal Ship Hamilton, being the signal for the Procession to move, the different bodies of which it was composed having already collected from their various places of meeting. It now set out from the Fields, proceeding down Broad-way to Great-Dock-street, thence through Hanover-Square, Queen, Chatham, Division, and Arundel-streets; and from thence through Bullock-street to [Nicholas] Bayard's house."