[Albany Anti-Federal Committee Circular Letter]

To the Independent Electors, of the City and County of Albany

[Albany, N.Y.]: Printed by Charles R. Webster, [1788]
New-York Historical Society Library

This broadside, dated March 15, was issued by the Albany Anti-Federal Committee. It, too, was reprinted in the Albany Journal and the Albany Gazette. Antifederalists in Albany had worried that no printer would publish their circulars, all being Federalist-leaning. (Even in 1788 there was concern about media bias.) But an arrangement was made with Charles R. Webster, printer of the Albany Gazette, to publish their campaign literature. Note that the colophon reads: "Printed by Charles R. Webster, No. 36 State-Street, near the English Church, Albany." The broadside states the Antifederalist position that "the New Constitution [is] dangerous to the Liberties of the People," and their candidates would insist on making amendments to the Constitution a condition of ratification. All of the Albany Antifederalist candidates won election to the state Convention.