Hotel Files

Overview of the George B. Corsa Hotel Collection

  • A

    Abbey Hotel
    143 - 151 West 51st Street

    Aberdeen Hotel
    17 - 23 West 32nd Street

    see Wilson

    Adams Hotel
    2 East 86th Street

    Addison Hall House
    451 - 461 West 57th Street

    Hotel Alabama
    13 - 15 East 11th Street

    Hotel Alamac
    (formerly St. Gerard)
    Broadway & 71st Street

    see Strand

    Hotel Alba
    (formerly Hotel Harding)
    205 West 54th Street

    Hotel Albany
    Broadway & 41st Street

    Albemarle Hotel
    203 West 54th Street
    see also Alba

    Hotel Albert
    University Place & 11th Street

         see Stanford

    Hotel Alden
    225 Central Park West

    Hotel Alexandria
    246 - 252 West 103rd Street

    Hotel Algonquin
    59 West 44th Street

    Allerton Houses
    various locations

    Alpine Hotel
    987 Eighth Avenue

    Hotel Alrae
    37 East 64th Street

    Alvin Hotel
    Broadway & 52nd Street

    Ambassador Hotel
    Park Avenue & 51st Street

    Hotel America
    (formerly Argonne; King Edward; Lexington;
    Ponciana; Pasadena; Ponce de Leon)
    145 - 155 West 47th Street

    American Hotel
    1 Eighth Street

    Americana Hotel
    Seventh Avenue & 52nd Street

    Hotel Anderson
    102 West 80th Street

    Ansonia Hotel
    Broadway & 73rd Street

         see Ledonia

         see America

    Hotel Arlington
    18 - 20 West 25th Street

    Arion Hotel
    2231 - 2237 Third Avenue

    Hotel Artiso
    Sixth Avenue & 44th Street

    Hotel Ashland
    429 - 431 Fourth Avenue

    Hotel Ashley
    157 West 47th Street

    Hotel Ashton
    Madison Avenue & 93rd Street

    Hotel Astor
    Times Square

    Astor House
    Broadway & Barclay Street

    Hotel Astoria
    Third Avenue & 86th Street

    Athens Hotel
    56 East 42nd Street

         see Stanford

  • B

    Bancroft Hotel
    40 West 72nd Street

    Barbizon Hotel
    140 East 63rd Street

    Barbizon-Plaza Hotel
    Sixth Avenue & 58th Street

    Barbour House Hotel
    330 West 36th Street

    Hotel Barclay
    111 East 48th Street

    Bartholdi Hotel
    Broadway & 23rd Street

    Beacon Hotel
    Broadway & 75th Street

    Beaux Arts Hotel Apartments
    1054 - 1056 Sixth Avenue

    Hotel Bedford
    118 East 40th Street

    Beckman Hotel
    575 Park Avenue

    Beekman Tower Hotel
    3 Mitchell Place

    Belleclaire Hotel
    Broadway & 77th Street

         see Alba

         see Peerless

    Hotel Belmont
    Park Avenue & 42nd Street

    Belmont Plaza Hotel
    (formerly Montclaire)
    Lexington & 49th Street

    Hotel Belmore
    61 Lexington Avenue

    Belvedere Hotel (old)
    Fourth Avenue & 18th Street

    Hotel Belvedere
    319 West 48th Street

    Hotel Beresford
    Central Park West & 81st Street

    Berkeley Hotel
    20 Fifth Avenue

    Berkley Hotel
    170 West 74th Street

    Berkshire Hotel
    21 East 52nd Street

    Beverly Hotel
    Lexington & 50th Street

         see Hilmont

         see Wales

    Hotel Biltmore
    Madison Avenue & 43rd Street

    Hotel Blackstone
    50 East 58th Street

    Hotel Bolivar
    230 Central Park West

    Bon Ray
         see Wales

    Hotel Bonta
    Broadway & 93rd Street

    Hotel Bossert (Brooklyn Heights)
    Montague-Hicks-Remsen Streets

    Hotel Braddock
    Eighth Avenue & 126th Street

    Hotel Bradford
    210 West 70th Street

    Brayton Apartment Hotel
    62 Madison Avenue

    Hotel Brent
    249 West 80th Street

    Hotel Breslin
    Broadway & 29th Street

    Hotel Bretton Hall
    2350 Broadway

    Hotel Brevoort
    Fifth Avenue at 8th Street

    Brewster Hotel
    21 West 86th Street

    Hotel Brierfield
    215 West 83rd Street

    Hotel Bristol
    122 West 49th Street

    Brittany Hotel
    55 East 10th Street

    Broadmoor Hotel
    Broadway & 102nd Street

    Broadway Central Hotel
    667 - 677 Broadway

    Broadway View
         see Regent

    Brower House
    22 West 28th Street at Broadway

    Hotel Broztell
    3 East 27th Street

    Brunswick Hotel
    17 - 19 East 27th Street

    Hotel Brunswick
    1236 Madison Avenue

    Hotel Bryant
    Broadway & 54th Street

    Buckingham Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 50th Street

    Buckingham Hotel
    101 West 57th Street

    Burlington Hotel (old)
    8 - 14 West 30th Street

    Butler Hall Apartment Hotel
    78 Morningside Drive West

    Byron Hotel
    106 West 47th Street

  • C

    Cadillac Hotel
    157 West 43rd Street

    Hotel Caledonia
    28 West 26th Street

    Carlton Terrace
         see Whitehall

         see Clintonia

    Hotel Calvert
    Broadway & 41st Street

    Hotel Cambridge
    60 West 68th Street

    Hotel Cameron
    39 - 41 West 86th Street

    Capitol Hotel
    834 - 836 Eighth Avenue

    Capitol Hall Hotel
    166 West 87th Street

    Hotel Cardinal
    West End Avenue & 71st Street

    Carlton House Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 62nd Street

    Carlton Terrace
         see Whitehall

    Hotel Carlyle
    Madison Avenue & 76th Street

    Carnegie Hill
         see Wales

    Carnegie Plaza Hotel
    Seventh Avenue & 56th Street

    Hotel Cartaret
    208 - 218 West 23rd Street

    Hotel Cecil
    St. Nicholas Avenue & 118th Street

         see Diplomat

    Central Hotel
    Third Avenue & 14th Street

    Hotel Century
    109 - 115 West 46th Street

         see Normandie 119 West 45th St.

    Chalfonte Hotel
    Amsterdam Avenue & 70th Street

    Hotel Charles
    Lexington Avenue & 124th Street

         see Wales

    Hotel Chatham
    Vanderbilt Avenue & 48th Street

    Chelsea Hotel
    222 West 23rd Street

    Hotel Chesterfield
    130 - 136 West 49th Street

    Hotel Churchill (old)
    Broadway & 14th Street

    Hotel Churchill
    252 West 76th Street

    Circle Hotel
    850 Eighth Avenue

    Circle Hotel
    22 West 60th Street

    City Hotel
    Broadway & Thames Street

    Claremont Inn
    Riverside Drive & 124th Street

    Claremont Residence Hotel
    140 Claremont Avenue

    Claredon Hotel (old)
    Fourth Avenue & 18th Street

    Claredon Hotel
    Park Avenue & 58th Street

    Claridge Hotel
    Broadway & 44th Street

    Hotel Clendening
    202 West 103rd Street

    Cliff Dwellings
    20 Riverside Drive

    Hotel Clifton
    125 - 133 West 79th Street

    Hotel Clinton
    19 - 21 West 31st Street

    Clintonia Hotel
    34 West 57th Street

    Clover Hotel
    312 - 314 The Bowery

    Coburg Hotel
    215 West 34th Street

    Coleman House
    Broadway & 27th Street

    Hotel Collingwood
    45 West 35th Street

    Colonial Hotel
    Eighth Avenue & 126th Street

    Hotel Colonial
    Columbus Avenue & 81st Street

    Columbia Apartment Hotel
    3120 Broadway

    Hotel Commander
    238 - 244 West 73rd Street

    Commodore Hotel
    (later New York Hyatt, which see)
    Lexington Avenue & 42nd Street

    Hotel Commonwealth (never built)
    Broadway & 55th Street

    Concord Hotel
    Lexington Avenue & 40th Street

    Hotel Congress
    19 West 69th Street

    Hotel Continental
    Broadway & 41st Street

    Hotel Coolidge
    (formerly St. Margaret)
    129 - 131 West 47th Street

    Copley Hotel Studios
    106 - 108 West 59th Street

    Cornish Arms Hotel
    311 West 23rd Street

    Cosmopolitan Hotel
    Chambers Street & West Broadway

    Cranston's Hotel (never built)
    Fifth Avenue bet. 59th & 60th Streets

    Hotel Creighton
    130 West 47th Street

    Crescent Hotel
    Lenox Avenue & 126th Street

    S. H. Crook's Hotel
    84 - 90 Chatham Street

    Crown Hotel
    135 West 44th Street

    Croydon Apartment Hotel
    12 East 86th Street

    Hotel Crystal
    165 - 167 The Bowery

    Cumberland Hotel
    Third Avenue & 24th Street

         see Bryant

  • D

    Hotel Dauphin
    Broadway & 67th Street

         see Diplomat

    Hotel Delmonico
    Park Avenue & 59th Street

    Hotel Des Artistes
    1 West 67th Street

    Hotel Devon
    70 West 55th Street

    Hotel Diplomat
    108 - 116 West 43rd Street

    Hotel Dixie
    250 West 43rd Street

    Hotel Don
    149 - 151 West 44th Street

    Dorilton Apartment Hotel
    Broadway & 71st Street

    Hotel Dorset
    30 West 54th Street

    Hotel Dover
    Lexington Avenue & 57th Street

    Drake Hotel
    440 Park Avenue

    Dryden Hotel
    150 East 39th Street

    Hotel Du Nord
    15 - 19 Irving Place

    Hotel Duane
    237 - 239 Madison Avenue

  • E

    Hotel Earle
    101 - 105 Waverly Place

    Earle's Hotel
    239 - 245 Canal Street

    Hotel Earlington
    49 West 27th Street

    Hotel Earlton
    118 West 72nd Street

    Eastern Hotel
    Whitehall & South Streets

    Edgewater Hotel
    650 West 125th Street

    Hotel Edison
    228 West 47th Street

    Eight South Street (Hotel)
    8 South Street

    Eighteen Gramercy Park South Hotel for Women
    18 Gramercy Park South

    El Dorado Apartment Hotel
    300 Central Park West

    Elk Hotel
    824 Seventh Avenue

    Elmwood Hotel
    108 - 114 West 49th Street

    Hotel Elton
    Fourth Avenue & 26th Street

    Hotel Elysee
    56 - 60 East 54th Street

    Embassy Hotel
    Broadway & 70th Street

    Emerson Hotel
    164 - 166 West 75th Street

    Hotel Empire
    Broadway & 63rd Street

    Endicott Hotel
    440 - 456 Columbus Avenue

    Hotel Ennis
    152 East 42nd Street

    Erie Hotel
    West Street between Chambers & Reade

    Esplanade Hotel
    305 West End Avenue

    Hotel Essex
    23 East 56th Street

    Essex House
    160 Central Park South

    Everett House Hotel
    Fourth Avenue & 17th Street

    see Standish Hall

    Executive Hotel
    237 - 239 Madison Avenue

  • F

    Hotel Fairfax
    116 East 56th Street

    see Remington

    Fifth Avenue Hotel (old)
    Fifth Avenue & 23rd Street

    Fifth Avenue Hotel
    24 Fifth Avenue

    Hotel Flanders
    133 - 137 West 47th Street

    Hotel Florence
    Fourth Avenue & 18th Street

    Hotel Forrest
    224 West 49th Street

    Forty-First Street Hotel (Joel's)
    206 West 41st Street

    Forty-Five Fifth Avenue Apartment Hotel
    45 Fifth Avenue

    Four Seasons Hotel
    57 East 57th Street

    Hotel Fourteen
    14 East 60th Street

    Fourth Avenue Hotel
    431 Fourth Avenue

    Franconia Hotel
    20 West 72nd Street

    Franklin Towers Apartment Hotel
    333 West 86th Street

    see Park View

    Hotel Fulton
    740 - 742 Eighth Avenue

  • G

         see St. Edward

    Geneva Hotel (old)
    102 West 52nd Street

    Hotel George Washington
    19 - 39 Lexington Avenue

    George Washington
         see Sussex

    Gilsey House Hotel
    Broadway & 23rd Street

    Hotel Gladstone
    114 - 122 East 52nd Street

    Glenn Island Hotel
    88 - 92 Cortlandt Street

    Glenmore Hotel
    Seventh Avenue & 55th Street

    Globe Hotel
    Eighth Avenue & 44th Street

    Goodhue House Hotel
    Madison Avenue

    Hotel Gorham
    136 West 55th Street

    Gotham Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 55th Street

    Hotel Governor Clinton
    Seventh Avenue & 31st Street

    Gramercy Family Hotel
    Gramercy Park & 20th Street

    Hotel Gramercy (old)
    Lexington Avenue & 24th Street

    Hotel Gramercy Park
    52 Gramercy Park North

    Hotel Grampion
    Broadway & 31st Street

    Broadway & 31st Street
         see also Milner

    Grand Central Hotel
    Third Avenue & 43rd Street

    Grand Union Hotel
    (formerly St. Louis; Regent)
    34 East 32nd Street

    Grand Union Hotel (old)
    Fourth Avenue & 42nd Street

    Hotel Grant
    431 Seventh Avenue

    Hotel Great Northern
    118 West 57th Street

    Hotel Greenwich
         see Mills Hotels

    Gregorian Hotel
    40 - 44 West 35th Street

    Grencourt Hotel
    Seventh Avenue & 50th Street

    Hotel Grenoble
    Seventh Avenue & 56th Street

    Greystone Residential Hotel
    Broadway & 91st Street

    Griffon Apartment Hotel
    77 Park Avenue

    Hotel Grosvenor
    Fifth Avenue & 11th Street

  • H

    Hamilton Hotel
    132 West 45th Street

    Hamilton Apartment Hotel
    141 West 73rd Street

    Hampshire House Hotel
    150 Central Park South

    Hotel Hampton
    Third Avenue & 122nd Street

    Hampton House Hotel
    28 East 70th Street

    see Alba

    Hotel Hargrave
    110 - 112 West 72nd Street

    Harmony Hotel
    544 Cathedral Parkway

    Hartford Hotel
    Pearl & Ferry Streets

    Hatfield House Hotel
    101 - 103 East 29th Street

    Hawthorne Hotel
    70 - 72 West 49th Street

    Hotel Henley
    42 West 72nd Street

    Henry Hudson Hotel
    353 West 57th Street

    Herald Square Hotel
    116 West 34th Street

    Hermitage Hotel
    Seventh Avenue & 42nd Street

    The Highlands Apartment Hotel
    Lexington & 91st Street

    Hotel Hilmont
    39 - 41 West 27th Street

    New York Hilton
    Sixth Avenue & 53rd Street

    Hoffman House Hotel
    Broadway & 24th Street

    Holiday Inn
    440 West 57th Street

    Hotel Holland
    351 - 359 West 42nd Street

    see Howard

    Holland House Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 30th Street

    Hotel Holly
    36 Washington Square West

    Hotel Hollywood
    42 - 46 East 28th Street

    Howard Hotel
    66 - 68 West 46th Street

    Hotel Huntington
    724 Sixth Avenue

    New York Hyatt Hotel
    (formerly The Commodore, which see)
    Park Avenue & 42nd Street

    Hyde Park Hotel
    25 East 77th Street

  • I

    Hotel Imperial
    Broadway & 32nd Street

    Hotel Intercontinental
    111 East 48th Street

    Hotel Iroquois
    47 - 53 West 44th Street

    Hotel Irving
    26 Gramercy Park

  • J

    Jackson Hotel
    139 West 45th Street

    Jeanne Marguerite
    see Sheldon

    Jefferson Hotel
    208 West 56th Street

    Hotel Joyce
    31 West 71st Street

    Judson Hotel
    52 - 54 Washington Square South

  • K

    Kenmore Hall Hotel
    145 East 23rd Street

    see Strand

    Kimberly Hotel
    (formerly Prisament)
    2120 - 2122 Broadway at 74th Street

    King Edward Hotel
    120 - 126 West 44th Street

    King Edward
    see America

    King James Hotel
    137 West 45th Street

    Hotel Kings Crown
    (formerly Westminster)
    420 West 116th Street

    Kitano Hotel
    Park Avenue at 38th Street

    Knickerbocker Hotel (old)
    Broadway & 42nd Street

    Knickerbocker Hotel
    120 West 45th Street

    Knickerbocker Apartment Hotel
    15 East 11th Street

  • L

    Laclede Hotel (old)
    102 - 106 East 15th Street

    La Estrella Hotel
    146 West 82nd Street

    Hotel Lafayette
    University Place & 9th Street

    Langdon Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 56th Street

    Hotel Langwell
    123 - 129 West 44th Street

    Hotel La Salle
    30 East 60th Street

    Hotel Latham
    4 - 8 East 28th Street

    Hotel Laurelton
    147 - 149 West 55th Street

    Hotel Ledonia
    42 East 28th Street

    Hotel Le Marquis
    12 - 16 East 31st Street

    Hotel Lenox
    149 West 44th Street

    Hotel Lenroy
    56 East 42nd Street

    Leonori Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 63rd Street

    Hotel Lexington
    Lexington Avenue & 48th Street

    see America

    Libby Hotel
    Delancey & Chrystie Streets

    Hotel Lido
    59 West 65th Street

    Life Apartment Hotel
    19 West 31st Street

    Hotel Lincoln
    Eighth Avenue & 44th Street
    see also Manhattan

    Little Hotel
    (formerly Rockefeller)
    33 West 51st Street

    Lombardy Hotel
    111 East 56th Street

    Hotel Longacre
    157 - 159 West 47th Street

    Longacre House
    317 West 45th Street

    Lorraine Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 45th Street

    Hotel Lowell
    28 East 63rd Street

    see Jackson

    Hotel Lucerne
    Amsterdam Avenue & 79th Street

    Luxor Hotel and Baths
    121 - 127 West 46th Street

  • M

    Madison Hotel
    21 East 27th Street

    Madison Apartment Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 58th Street

    Madison Square Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 26th Street

    Hotel Majestic
    Central Park West & 72nd Street

    see Taft

    Manhanset Hotel
    61 - 65 East 59th Street

    Hotel Manhattan (old)
    Madison Avenue & 42nd Street

    Hotel Manhattan
    157 West 47th Street

    Manhattan Hotel
    (formerly Hotel Lincoln)
    Eighth Avenue & 44th Street

    Manhattan Square
    see Park Plaza

    Manhattan Towers Hotel
    2162 - 2168 Broadway

    Mansfield Hotel
    12 West 44th Street

    Hotel Marbury Hall
    164 - 166 West 74th Street

    Hotel Marcy
    720 West End Avenue

    Marguery Apartment Hotel
    270 Park Avenue

    Hotel Marie Antoinette
    Broadway & 66th Street

    Hotel Markwell
    220 - 222 West 49th Street

    Marlborough Hotel
    Broadway & 36th Street

    Marlton Hotel
    3 - 5 West 8th Street

    Broadway & 45th Street

    Hotel Marseilles
    Broadway & 103rd Street

    Hotel Martinique
    Broadway & 32nd Street

    Martha Washington Hotel
    29 East 29th Street

    Marwood Hotel
    240 - 242 West 49th Street

    Hotel Maryland
    104 West 49th Street

    Masters Hotel
    Riverside Drive & 103rd Street

    Maurice Hotel
    116 West 45th Street

    Mayfair House Hotel
    Park Avenue & 65th Street

    Mayflower Hotel
    Central Park West & 61st Street

    McAlpin Hotel
    Broadway & 34th Street

    see Normandie 119 West 45th St.

    Hotel Metropole
    Broadway & 42nd Street
    see also Yates

    Metropolitan Hotel
    Broadway & Prince Street

    Hotel Meurice
    145 West 58th Street

    Meyer's Hotel
    Peck Slip & South Street

    Middletowne Apartment Hotel
    148 East 48th Street

    Midston Apartment Hotel
    22 East 38th Street

    see Prescot

    Milburn Hotel
    242 - 246 West 76th Street

    Mills Hotels
    Bleeker & Thompson Streets,
    Rivington and Chrystie Streets

    Hotel Milner
    (formerly Hotel Grand)
    Broadway & 31st Street

    Hotel Monroe
    Third Avenue & 24th Street

    see Belmont-Plaza

    see Woodrow

    Hotel Monterey
    Broadway & 94th Street

    see Woodrow

    Montrose Hotel
    Eighth Avenue & 123rd Street

    Morton House
    see Churchill (old)

    Murray Hotel
    Park Avenue & 38th Street

    Murray Hill Hotel
    Park Avenue & 40th Street

    Murray Hill East Suites
    149 East 39th Street

    Murray's Hotel
    228 West 42nd Street

  • N

    Hotel Naomi
    Park Avenue & 125th Street

    Hotel Narragansett
    Broadway & 93rd Street

    Hotel Nassau
    56 East 59th Street

    Hotel Navarre
    Seventh Avenue & 38th Street

    Hotel Navarro
    112 Central Park South

    Hotel Netherland
    (formerly New Netherland)
    Fifth Avenue & 59th Street

    Hotel New Weston
    Madison Avenue & 49th Street

    Hotel New Yorker
    Eighth Avenue & 34th Street

    Hotel Newton
    Broadway & 94th Street

    Nobleton Apartment Hotel
    118 West 72nd Street

    see Remington

    Hotel Normandie (old)
    Broadway & 38th Street

    Hotel Normandie
    (formerly Century; Media; Roxy; Sunset)
    119 West 45th Street

    Novotel New York
    52nd Street & Broadway

  • O

    Hotel Oakdale
    36 West 35th Street

    Ogden Apartment Hotel
    50 West 72nd Street

    Olcott Apartment Hotel
    27 West 72nd Street

    Hotel Oliver Cromwell
    12 - 18 West 72nd Street

    One Fifth Avenue Apartment Hotel
    1 Fifth Avenue

    Hotel Orleans
    Columbus Avenue & 80th Street

    see Embassy

    Hotel Oxford
    203 West 88th Street

  • P

    Hotel Pabst
    Broadway & 42nd Street

    Palace Hotel
    132 West 45th Street

    Hotel Paramount
    235 - 245 West 46th Street

    Parc Vendome Apartment Hotel
    Eighth Avenue & 57th Street

    Hotel Paris
    West End Avenue & 97th Street

    Park Avenue Hotel
    (formerly Stewart Hotel for Women)
    Park Avenue & 33rd Street

    Park Central
    see Park Sheraton

    Park Chambers Apartment Hotel
    Sixth Avenue & 58th Street

    Hotel Park Crescent
    150 Riverside Drive

    Park Lane Hotel
    Park Avenue & 48th Street

    Park Plaza Hotel
    (formerly Manhattan Square)
    50 West 77th Street

    Park Royal Hotel
    21 - 39 West 73rd Street

    Park Sheraton
    (formerly Park Central)
    Seventh Avenue & 55th Street

    Parkside Hotel
    18 Gramercy Park South

    Parkside Hotel
    31 West 71st Street

    Park View Hotel
    (formerly Stirling; Thorndyke)
    208 West 56th Street

    Park West Hotel
    Central Park West & 97th Street

    Hotel Parmer
    321 West 33rd Street

    see Prescot; America

    see Wentworth

    Pearl Hotel
    460 Pearl Street

    Hotel Peerless
    (formerly Belmont; Princeton)
    116 - 118 West 45th Street

    see Gotham

    Hotel Penn Post
    Eighth Avenue & 31st Street

    Hotel Pennsylvania
    see Statler

    Pershing Square Hotel
    152 East 42nd Street

    Hotel Peter Cooper
    120 East 39th Street

    Peter Stuyvesant Apartment Hotel
    Central Park West & 86th Street

    Hotel Philadelphia
    Seventh Avenue & 31st Street

    Phipps Hotel
    First Avenue & 56th Street

    Hotel Piccadilly
    227 - 237 West 45th Street

    Hotel Pickwick Arms
    230 - 238 East 51st Street

    Hotel Pierre
    Fifth Avenue & 61st Street

    Plaza Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 59th Street

    Hotel Plymouth (old)
    257 - 259 West 38th Street

    Hotel Plymouth
    127 - 143 West 49th Street

    Ponce de Leon
    see America

    see America

    see Wilson

    Hotel Portland
    132 - 134 West 47th Street

    see Remington

    Hotel Prescot
    (formerly Midtown; Pasadena)
    Broadway & 61st Street

    Hotel President
    244 West 48th Street

    Preston House
    see Holland 351-359 West 42nd Street

    Prince Hotel
    218 - 220 Bowery

    Prince George Hotel
    14 East 28th Street

    see Peerless

    see Kimberly

  • R

    Radio City Hotel
    109 West 49th Street

    Raleigh Apartment Hotel
    119 West 72nd Street

    Raleigh Hall
    see Rex

    Hotel Ransby
    324 West 84th Street

    Hotel Regent
    (formerly Broadway View)
    Broadway & 104th Street

    see Grand Union 34 East 32nd Street

    see Alpine

    Remington Hotel
    (formerly Norfolk; Portlandt; Felix-Portlandt)
    129 West 46th Street

    Renaissance Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 43rd Street

    Rex Hotel
    (formerly Raleigh Hall)
    Sixth Avenue & 47th Street

    Rhinelander Apartment Hotel
    12 Fifth Avenue

    Rialto Hotel
    159 West 34th Street

    Hotel Richard
    930 - 932 West End Avenue

    see St. Edward

    Rihga Royal Hotel
    151 West 54th Street

    Rio Apartment Hotel
    10 Fort Washington Avenue

    Ritz-Carlton Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 47th Street

    Ritz Tower Hotel
    Park Avenue & 57th Street

    Riverside House
    Riverside Drive & 156th Street

    Hotel Riverside Plaza
    253 West 73rd Street

    Riverside Towers Hotel
    80 Riverside Drive

    Hotel Robert Fulton
    228 West 71st Street

    see Little

    see Wilson

    Roger Smith Hotel
    (formerly Winthrop)
    Lexington Avenue & 47th Street

    Roger Williams Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 31st Street

    Roosevelt Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 45th Street

    see Normandie 119 West 45th St.

    see Yates

    Rossmore Hotel
    Broadway & 42nd Street
    see also Saranac

    Hotel Royal
    535 West 112th Street

    Royalton Hotal
    44 West 44th Street

    Royalton Apartment Hotel
    42 West 72nd Street

    Hotel Russell
    Park Avenue & 37th Street

    Rutledge Hotel For Women
    Lexington Avenue & 30th Street

    Ruxton Hotel
    50 West 72nd Street

  • S

    Sagamore Hotel
    Third Avenue & 8th Street

    Hotel St. Albans
    349 - 351 West 58th Street

    St. Andrew Hotel
    Broadway & 72nd Street

    St. Cloud Hotel
    1456 Broadway

    St. Denis Hotel
    Broadway & 11th Street

    Hotel St. Edward
    (formerly Gallatin; Richmond)
    70 -72 West 46th Street

    St. George Hotel
    825 Broadway

    St. Gerard
         see Alamac

    St. Hubert Hotel
    120 West 57th Street

    St. James Hotel
    109 - 113 West 45th Street

    St. James Hotel
    1133 Broadway

    St. Lorenz Hotel
    125 - 133 East 72nd Street

    St. Louis
         see Grand Union

    St. Margaret Hotel
    120 West 47th Street

    Hotel St. Moritz
    Sixth Avenue & Central Park South

    St. Nicholas Hotel
    Broadway & Spring Street

    Hotel St. Paul
    44 West 60th Street

    Hotel St. Regis
    Fifth Avenue & 55th Street

    Hotel Salisbury
    123 - 141 West 57th Street

    San Carlos Hotel
    148 - 156 East 50th Street

    San Jacinto
         see Versailles

    San Rafael Hotel
    65 West 45th Street

    Hotel San Remo
    Central Park West & 74th Street

    Hotel Saranac
    (formerly Rossmore)
    1457 - 1461 Broadway

    Hotel Savoy
    Fifth Avenue & 59th Street

    Savoy Plaza Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 59th Street

    Hotel Scarboro
    206 - 208 West 43rd Street
         see also Strand

    Hotel Schuyler
    57 - 63 West 45th Street

    Schuyler Arms Hotel
    305 - 311 West 98th Street

    Hotel Selkirk
    308 West 82nd Street

    Hotel Senton
    35 - 37 West 27th Street

    Sesrun Club
         see King's Crown

    Seven Park Avenue Hotel
    7 Park Avenue

    Seventy Park Avenue Hotel
    70 Park Avenue

    Hotel Sevilla
    117 West 58th Street

    Hotel Seville
    Madison Avenue & 28th Street

    Hotel Seymour
    50 West 45th Street

    Sharon Hotel
    227 West 46th Street

    Shaw Hotel
    2193 Seventh Avenue

    Shelburne Murray Hill
    303 Lexington Avenue

    Hotel Sheldon
    (formerly Jean Marguerite)
    778 Madison Avenue

    Shelton Hotel
    Lexington Avenue & 49th Street

    Hotel Sheraton
    (formerly White)
    Lexington Avenue & 37th Street

    Sherman Square Hotel
    Broadway & 70th, 71st Streets

    Sherry-Netherland Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 59th Street

    Sherwood House Hotel
    Broadway & 107th Street

    Hotel Shoreham
    33 West 55th Street

    Sidney Hotel
    Columbus Avenue & 65th Street

    Hotel Sinclair
    Park Avenue & 125th Street

    Sinclair House
    754 Broadway (at 8th Street)

    Smith and McNeil Hotel
    75 West Street

    Soho Grand Hotel
    310 West Broadway

    Hotel Somerset
    150 West 47th Street

         see Alba

    Spencer Arms Apartment Hotel
    140 West 69th Street

    Southgate Tower
    371 Seventh Avenue

    Spingler Hotel
    38 West 14th Street

    Standish Hall Hotel
    45 West 81st Street

    Hotel Stanford
    (formerly Alcazar; Austin)
    43 - 47 West 32nd Street

    Stanhope Hotel
    Fifth Avenue & 81st Street

    Hotel Stanley
    126 West 47th Street

    Hotel Statler
    (formerly Hotel Pennsylvania)
    Seventh Avenue & 32nd Street

    Stewart Hotel for Women
         see Park Avenue

         see Park View

    Hotel Strand
    (formerly Alamo; Kermac; Scarboro)
    206 West 43rd Street

    Hotel Stratford Arms
    115 West 70th Street

    Hotel Stratford
    11 - 13 East 32nd Street

    Hotel Sturtevant (old)
    147 - 151 West 35th Street

    Hotel Sulgrave
    Park Avenue & 67th Street

    Summit Hotel
    Lexington Avenue & 51st Street

         see Normandie 119 West 45th St.

    Hotel Surrey
    Madison Avenue & 76th Street

    Sussex Hotel
    (formerly George Washington)
    114 - 116 West 72nd Street

    Hotel Sutton
    330 East 56th Street

    Sweet's Hotel
    Opposite Fulton Ferry

  • T

    Hotel Taft
    (formerly Manger)
    Seventh Avenue & 50th Street

    Hotel Ten Park Avenue
    10 Park Avenue

    Hotel Theresa
    Seventh Avenue & 125th Street

    Thirty West 59th Street Apartment Hotel
    30 West 59th Street

    see Park View

    Tilford Arms Hotel
    245 West 72nd Street

    Times Square (old)
    206 West 43rd Street

    Times Square
    Eighth Avenue & 43rd Street

    Hotel Touraine
    9 - 11 East 39th Street

    Town House Hotel (old)
    Central Park West & 67th Street

    Town House Hotel
    108 East 38th Street

    Hotel Tudor (Tudor City)
    304 East 42nd Street

    Hotel Tuscany
    120 East 39th Street

    Twenty-Five East Sixty-Seventh Street Apartment Hotel
    25 East 67th Street

    Two Ten Madison Avenue
    210 Madison Avenue

  • U

    Union Square Hotel
    Union Square East & 15th Street

    United Nations Plaza
    First Avenue & 44th Street

    United States Hotel (old)
    Fulton & Pearl Streets

    University Hotel (old)
    see Rex

  • V

    Hotel Van Buren (old)
    153 East 26th Street

    Van Cortlandt Hotel
    142 - 146 West 49th Street

    Vanderbilt Hotel (old)
    Lexington Avenue & 42nd Street

    Vanderbilt Hotel
    Park Avenue & 34th Street

    Hotel Van Dorn
    148 - 150 West 58th Street

    Hotel Van Glahn
    Columbus Avenue & 59th Street

    Van Rensselaer Hotel
    15 - 19 East 11th Street

    Hotel Van Twiller (old)
    Lexington Avenue & 25th Street

    Versailles Hotel
    (formerly San Jacinto)
    649 Madison Avenue

    Hotel Victoria
    Seventh Avenue & 51st Street

    Virginia Apartment Hotel
    226 East 12th Street

    Vista International Hotel
    3 World Trade Center

    Volk's Hotel
    Third Avenue & 42nd Street

    Hotel Volney
    23 East 74th Street

  • W

    Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (old)
    Fifth Avenue & 34th Street

    Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
    Park Avenue & 50th Street

    Hotel Wales
    (formerly Bibo; Bon Ray; Carnegie Hill; Chastaigneray)
    Madison Avenue & 92nd Street

    Hotel Walton
    Columbus Avenue & 70th Street

    Hotel Warren
    146 West 82nd Street

    Warrington Hotel
    161 - 163 Madison Avenue

    Warwick Hotel
    65 West 54th Street

    Hotel Wayne
    309 West 86th Street

    Hotel Webster
    40 West 45th Street

    Webster Apartment Hotel
    415 West 34th Street

    Hotel Wellington
    Seventh Avenue & 55th Street

    Hotel Wentworth
    (formerly Patterson)
    58 West 47th Street

    West Shore Hotel
    649 West 42nd Street

    Westbury Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 69th Street

    Westminster Hotel
    109 East 16th Street

    see King's Crown

    Westover Apartment Hotel
    253 West 72nd Street

    Westpark Hotel
    308 West 58th Street

    Weylin Hotel
    Madison Avenue & 54th Street

    Whitby Apartment Hotel
    325 West 45th Street

    Hotel White
    Lexington Avenue & 37th Street
    see also Sheraton

    Hotel Whitehall
    (formerly Carlton Terrace)
    Broadway and 100th Street

    Hotel Willard
    252 West 76th Street

    Hotel Wilshire
    134 West 58th Street

    Wilson Hotel
    (formerly Acropolis; Pontchartrain;
    Roderick; Winton)
    308 West 58th Street

    Hotel Windemere
    West End Avenue & 92nd Street

    Windsor Hotel (old)
    Fifth Avenue & 46th Street

    Hotel Windsor
    100 West 58th Street

    Hotel Winslow
    Madison Avenue & 55th Street

    see Roger Smith

    Hotel Winton
    Park Avenue & 110th Street

    Hotel Wolcott
    Fifth Avenue & 31st Street

    Hotel Woodrow
    (formerly Montel; Monticello)
    35 West 64th Street

    Woodrow Wilson Hotel
    114 - 116 West 47th Street

    Hotel Woodstock
    127 West 43rd Street

    Hotel Woodward
    Broadway & 55th Street

    Wyndam Hotel
    42 West 58th Street

  • Y

    Yandis Court Hotel
    241 West 43rd Street

    Yates Hotel
    (formerly Metropole; Rosoff)
    147 West 43rd Street

    Hotel York
    Seventh Avenue & 36th Street